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Stainless Steel Wristband Round Dial LED Diving Sprots Quartz Watch Wristwatch


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Function Description:
Movement: original import digital quartz movement Dial: high strong thick glass Dial: high temperature oil copper enamel rotatable dial Five modes: timing function, second display function, month and date display function, week display picture and alarm function Display year, month, date, hour, minute and second.(Year range: 2000-2099) Display system of 12 hours or 24 hours Under any mode, press any key once to check time and illuminate LED for three seconds. Operating voltage: 3V

Function setting:
Key A: press key A to display date. Key B: Press key B to set time. Press key B and hold. When it is in flashing state, it means it has entered the setting interface. Now you can select items to be set accordingly (second, hour, minute, year, month, date, 12/24-hour mode) Key C: Firstly this is a key to press for displaying days of the week. Secondly, this is a key to assist key B when selecting numbers, as every pressing of the key C will add one digit. Key D: Quartz time settings. Pull it out to set time, and push back after finished in the case the time adjustment will not affect its waterproofness. Key E: To display alarm. ALM means the alarm mode. Under normal state, press key E twice to enter alarm state, press key E and hold to enter alarm setting mode. (AL OF) indicates the function is under close state. Meanwhile, press key C once, if ALM light illuminates, it means that alarm function has started and LED displays. (AL ON), re-press key D to select hour and minute, press key C to adjust, press key B or set a cycle to exit.
Note: There comes with user manual in package. Do not press those keys under water. Alamr duration is 10 seconds. Year range is from 2000 to 2099 Band color: silver Band material: stainless steel Battery type: CR2025 button battery Dial diameter: 4.4 cm Dial thickness: 1.7 cm Band dimension: -inner diameter: 7 cm, width: 2 cm Package:1 x Wristwatch 1 x User manual