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Mens Wrist Watch Dual Quartz Movement Time Display Black Silicone Band Digital


Style code:GP76

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Silicone watch band, comfortable for wearing Quartz movement, digital and pointer dual display Great for outdoor sports and daily wear Dial size: 4.8 x 3.7 cm Dial thickness: 1.4 cm Band color: black Band material: silicone Band length: 24 cm Band width: 2.4 cm Instructions: there are above and below two buttons on the right side of the dial 1. Press the button below once, the screen will display the time; press twice to show the date; press three times to display the seconds. 2. If you need to modify the time, date, etc., firstly you need to press the button below once to let the screen display the number and then press the button above to adjust; press the button above once to adjust hour, press the button above twice to adjust minute, press the button above three times to adjust month, press four times to adjust the date, press five times to adjust the year, press six times to adjust hour mode, 12-hour mode or 24-hour mode. Package:1 x Watch