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Here at OuterInner.com we try our best to 100% satisfy you with our high quality fashion and affordble wedding dress, occasions dresses, fashion clothes.

However if for any reason you are not satisfied with your purchase and would like to return your item for exchange or a refund we can help. Following is our ‘Returns & Exchanges’ policy, please read it carefully before you want a refund or replacement.

There are certain items that we can and cannot offer refunds and replacements on, please read on to check which items are covered by the return and refund policy:

Items That You May Return For Exchange Or Refund
In the following cases you may return the item to us for exchange for the correct item or a refund. We may ask for photo evidence to support your request:
1. If we have sent the wrong item to you
2. If we have sent the wrong color item to you
3. If we have sent the wrong size item to you
4. If the item is damaged, dirty or discolored
5. Quick delivery dresses that you change your mind about

As soon as you notice an error like this please contact us and give us your name, order number, explain the problem and ask for a ‘return request.’
You will then need to return the problem item to us.

Here’s How To Arrange A Return:
1. You must send us this email asking for a ‘return request’ within 7 days of receiving your order or we will not accept the return.
2. We will then send a ‘returning authorized number’ and our postage address to your registered email (the email address that you gave us when you registered as a customer). If you can’t see this email you may need to add ‘returns@outerinner.com’ to your safe-senders list as it could have gone into the spam / junk folder.
3. After you have received the ‘returning authorized number,’ please send your item to us by trackable mail. Please also email the item’s tracking number to us so we can locate the package (You must send your item back to us within 5 days of receiving the ‘returns authorized number’ from us by email (this time is based upon the date we sent your ‘returns authorized number’ to you, so please check your email!).

Please remember that any returned items must be returned in their original condition, unworn, unwashed, unaltered, undamaged and with tags attached or we cannot accept them. Once the returned item is received and thoroughly inspected, we will arrange thereplacement or refund.

• Please don’t ask for a ‘Return Request’ later than 7 days after receipt of the item, or send the item later than 5 days after receipt of the ‘Returning authorized number’ to your registered email. Unfortunately in these cases we cannot provide any replacement or refund.

• Items returned to us without a ‘Returning authorized number’ will not be dealt with and no replacement or refund will be issued.
It is necessary that you choose a trackable postal service as we must receive the item in order to offer exchange or refund. We cannot accept non-trackable packages as these may be lost and therefore we would be unable to offer you an exchange or return on the item.

• We ask you to pay the returned item’s shipping fee back to us in advance and provide us with its tracking number. We cannot accept packages in which the shipping expenses are to be paid by us upon our receipt of the package. Once we have confirmed that we are at fault for your issue then we will always repay you the return shipping fee as well as the refund (if replacement is not chosen).

• If the item does not match our ‘returns & exchanges’ policy, unfortunately we cannot offera refund or replacement. Such items include those that are: worn, damaged, dirty, smelly, without the original tags or items.
This also includes unwanted ‘items that we cannot accept for return or exchange’ that have no problems caused by us, including: customized dresses, lingerie, final clearance items and if your item is the size you ordered but does not fit (dresses or clothing that do not fit properly, but fit the specifications you ordered cannot be returned or exchanged).

After You Return An Item To Us You Have 2 options:
Exchange Or Refund

If you are choosing to exchange an item that fits the above criteria with another that is correct,we will immediately arrange the exchange within working hours upon receiving your email notifying us of the issue.
We will usually send out the replacement as soon as we receive the original dress, however if you need the replacement sooner we may be able to send it before receipt of your original but will need to discuss this case by case. In this case please contact us to discuss your case.
We will refund the return shipping fee that you paid to get the original problem item back to us and will pay the postage to get your correct item out to you, as we don’t want you to lose any money on postage for an exchange.
We thank you for your understanding and patiencedue to the extra time that it will take to get your item to you.Please help us to make sure that you get your exchanged item as fast as possible by contacting us to arrange the exchange and confirm a timescale and delivery address.
To avoid disappointment please check with us whether we have stock of the size and color of dress that you would like as an exchange. Our product stocks change every day, so we cannot assure that every color and every size you want are available all of the time.

If you are choosing to refund an item that fits the above criteria, please return the item to us following our usual return policy as explained above.
After we have received your item and checked that it is in an acceptable condition we will refund the order cost and your return shipping fee that you paid to send the item back to us as soon as possible, usually within one business week although this time can be longer depending on order traffic. We cannot refund the original shipping fee as this has already been paid to a third party logistics company.We thank you for your patience and understanding while waiting for us to handle your case.

Items that you may not return and exchange or refund
Here are the types of items that you may NOT return for an exchange or refund unless they have an issue caused by us:

1. Customized Item
All occasions dresses, except quick delivery dresses, are customized items.
Every customized item is made especially for you and based upon your own measurements, so please understand that we cannot offer any refund or exchange unless our mistake has led to your dissatisfaction.
Therefore, if you order a customized dress such as a wedding gown, please be sure that it’s what you want as we can’t arrange a refund or exchange if you simply change your mind and decide that you do not want it now. This is because these items are made only for you and OuterInner.com does not re-sell pre-owned items.

We will only accept a return for an exchange or refund of your customized item in the following cases and will require photo evidence:
1. The item is the wrong size and the size issue is OuterInner.com’s fault
2. The item is the wrong color (The settings of your computer screen may alter the color of the pictures shown on OuterInner.com. Slight color mismatches between the color of your item and the color shown on your screen may not mean that the item’s color is wrong. However, if you are confident that you have received the wrong color, please contact Customer Service to see if a return or refund is possible).
3. The item is dirty, discolored or damaged when you receive it
4. The item is the wrong style, for instance your ordered a prom dress and we shipped you a wedding dress

Here is the process of arranging an exchange or refund for a customised item:
1. Please email us at returns@outerinner.com and explain the issue – it will help us if you can provide accurate and thorough pictures of the issue.
2. We will check your issue (and pictures provided) against our own pictures and records of your item to see where things have gone wrong.
3. We will arrange a return for our QC department’s confirmation of the issue – the return will follow the same procedure as seen above in the ‘how to arrange a return section.’
4. When we have confirmed the issue and it is judged to be our fault then we will arrange your exchange or refund immediately with you. If we believe that we are not at fault then we will contact you to explain why and work out an alternative solution to your case.

Any customized items that are returned to us must be unworn and undamaged by the customer (except for the initial trying on for size).

2. Lingerie & Swimwear
Lingerie is sold as personal and intimate underclothing, therefore unfortunately we cannot offer any refund or exchange on these items.
If we have made a mistake which led to you receiving the wrong size, color or style, we will send a replacement item to you.We will cover all costs of the replacement item of lingerie and its shipping.
If you cannot accept a replacement we can discuss a different option case by case, please contact us if you need to discuss a different solution other than exchange item.We promise that we will try our best to solve the issue and give you a satisfying answer.
Please do not return lingerie to us as we cannot accept these items.

3. Final Sale & Clearance Item
Please do not return final sale and clearance items to us as we cannot accept these items.

4. Customized Item With Wrong Size / Color Details Provided By The Customer
Remember that ‘customized items’ are ANY dress, except ‘quick delivery dresses.’
We cannot take responsibility for mistakes that you make with your color or size, so please read the Color Chart & Size Guide carefully before you purchase your item.
You may also read this blog which explains how to check your size BEFORE you place an order:http://www.outerinner.com/blog/2012/06/14/how-to-check-your-size/

After ordering, if you think that you have made a mistake with any details for your customized dress please tell us immediately by sending an email to us and explaining the problem. You can change your details if you’ve made a mistake by telling us while your dress is being processed and made. If you tell us within the first couple of days it will be simple and free of charge to change size or color. If you tell us later than this then it may incur a charge for the dressmaker to do the extra work of changing size or color to a dress that has already started being made to the worng measurements; we will advise you of any charge.

We really want you to be satisified with your OuterInner customized dress, so even if you unfortunately gave us the wrong size, we will be happy to adjust your dress free-of-charge if you send it to us and give us the new, correct, measurements. However in this case we ask you to pay for the return shipping to us.