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What is "white-list"?
A white list is a list of email addresses or domains that you can set up in your email system, to accept incoming emails from.

How could I do to whitelist OuterInner emails?
OuterInner.com uses several email addresses for communication with our customers. So the most effective way is to whitelist the entire domain. Depending on the exact email service or program you are using, whitelisting a domain may be done by entering something like one of the following:


If your email system cannot whitelist entire domains, we would suggest you add the following individual addresses to your white-list:

this email address is using to send you the emails about your account, like register information, password retriever, coupon/voucher sender, etc.

very important email address, it's using to send you the order following-up emails, notify you the order status and do the order details confirmation (if necessary)

OuterInner newsletters, great deals, special sales information will be sent via this email address

the general customer service email address, you can get contact with us at this email address

Besides, you may receive email reply from inquery@outerinner.com when you send us a product inquiry, and may get email reply from returns@outerinner.com when you send us a returning/exchanging request.