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Don’t forget you can learn more about your delivery options by reading our delivery policy here.

If there is a holiday in my country or in China will my order be delayed?
During holiday periods unfortunately it could take longer to make your item and postage could also take longer.
We will try to inform you in advance if we anticipate any delay to you order at the China end, but if there are holidays in your country which could cause delay around the time that you place your order then you should check this and build this time into your timeframe.
Therefore, if you need your item within a month, perhaps order it a week or so earlier than you were going to in order to give yourself extra time.

These are the regular Chinese holidays. We probably won’t be in the office to answer emails or phone calls during these days, so we thank you for your patience. We promise to answer your as fast as possible when we return!

Holidays2011 Dates2012 Dates
Spring Festival Feb 2 to 8 Jan 22 to 28
May Day April 30 to May 2 May 1 to 3
National Day October 1 to 7 October 1 to 7

Bear in mind that ‘Spring Festival’ and ‘National Day’ are the two big holidays in China, very similar to Easter and Christmas in the West.
Orders placed during this time could be delayed, so please make sure to leave extra time if you need an item then –especially during Spring festival when the dressmaker will close for around 1 month.

Do you ship to my country?
Yes, we will ship to any country and the only exceptions are PO boxes and military post codes.
Depending on which country you live in there may be different postage costs and services available, so please double check this when you are at checkout so you can choose the most suitable service and cost for yourself.

Can I track my package?
Sure you can, but you will need to choose a courier like DHL, UPS or EMS. These services allow you to track your package throughout its journey on their website by entering your tracking number which we give you by email. Airmail however will only allow you to know that the package has departed from China.
We strongly recommend that you choose a courier service rather than airmail in order for your items to arrive quickly and safely.

Can I get my item BEFORE the estimated time of arrival? I’m really in a rush!
We want to help everyone and we understand that stress that our customers are under in the case of weddings and other important occasions that are coming up. If you are in a rush we may be able to help speed up the order, but we need to consider each case and it depends upon many factors such as the item/s you’re ordering, your location and your timeframe.
Please contact us as soon as you can if you are in a rush, explain your issue and then we will offer you which ever assistance that we can.

I chose one delivery method at check out, but now I want to change to another faster method so I can get my order sooner. Can I do this?
If you have chosen airmail for instance, but now you’d like to change to a courier which would cut the time it takes for your order to come to you because you need to get your order sooner then we CAN help you to do this.
Please contact us as soon as possible and explain what you want to do and give us your order number.
We will need to charge you the extra money to pay for your new delivery method and then we will confirm by email that your delivery method has been changed. If you are now using a courier you’ll be sent your tracking number automatically so you can track your order.
Please note that if your order has been dispatched and is already on the way then we’re afraid you can’t change your delivery method!
Please tell us as soon as possible as changing you order method near to the time when your order is likely to be dispatched could actually lead to delays as we need to process the charge for the different delivery method.