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OuterInner's Guide To Choosing Your Perfect Prom Dresses In 2014!

How To Choose Perfect Prom Dresses In 2014!

choosing your perfect prom dresses

Prom season is upon us and we know picking prom dresses that you'll love and stand out in is a difficult task, so we are giving some of our top tips on finding the perfect prom dresses here.

1. Focus On Your Best Features.

What are your best features? It could be your curves, legs, or bust. It doesn't matter, we're all different, but it will really help your look to choose prom dresses that highlight these features!

empire prom dresses

If you are curvaceous then empire prom dresses will taper in at your waist, accentuating your curves in all the right places. If you're petite then ankle length prom dresses won't swamp your small figure, but still allow you to wear a long dress. If you're lucky enough to be an hour glass, you'll look great with a defined waist or asymmetric prom dresses as they show off your silhouette.

2. Be Adventurous With Color.

A lot of girls choose black prom dresses, and although you can't really go wrong with black, why not go for a pop of color? A bold color, like turquoise or red, is a great way to stand out among your friends, and a fun way to enhance your look.

bright color prom dresses

Remember, you decide the color! Filter between the colors on the left hand side of our store until you find one that's just so.

3. Accessories Will Make Your Look.

Your prom outfit doesn't end with prom dresses alone, as accessories will help to complete it. Many prom dresses tend to be a little low cut, and this gives you license to wear eye-catching necklaces and earrings which won't be overlapping your dress and clashing. Stylish clutches are a great way to carry your phone and makeup, and they can be matched with your prom dress color too! Don't forget your corsage too! ;)

prom dresses and corsage

4. Have Some Fun!

Prom is your chance to really go to town and have fun with your friends, and choosing the right prom dresses will help you to enjoy yourself! Why? Because if you choose a prom dress that puts a smile on your face, and will make your friends go, "Wow!" You'll be walking on air all night! Try a fancy style like serious sparkle prom dresses for maximum effect!

serious sparkle prom dresses

See some of 2014's latest prom trends here.

5. Go With Short Prom Dresses For A Change.

Prom is all about looking a little different to everyone else, and most girls choose a classic long prom dress. You can stand out by choosing short prom dresses! No one said that skirts have to be long, and so you can have a fun and more comfortable look if you ditch the long skirt!

short prom dresses

Ready to shop for your perfect style? Buy your ideal prom dresses in your choice of size, color, and style from OuterInner here.

Get A Prom Dress Fast AND Save Money! Quick Delivery Prom Dress Guide.


“Help! Prom Is Coming And I Still Need A Prom Dress!”

Maybe you weren’t planning on attending prom this year and got a last minute invitation, or maybe you have been caught up in other things and left buying a prom dress a little late. Either way OuterInner.com can help! Most dresses from OuterInner will take around a month or a little more to make and deliver to you, so if your prom is approaching then unfortunately these prom dresses may not be the choice for you. But there are options…

Quick Delivery Prom Dresses

Our quick delivery prom dresses can be with you in around only 10 days or so, and if you need a prom dress you’ll be pleased to hear that there are plenty of styles available to you here! Starting from only around US$100 as standard, quick delivery prom dresses are still brilliant if you have a budget. After all, there is still the usual hair and jewelry to consider on top of the dress too! So you get the cost saving of internet shopping, but a better speed than with our regular dresses that are made from scratch.

Where Do I Find A Quick Delivery Prom Dress?

outerinner.com quick delivery prom dresses

Just go to the prom dress category as normal, and then select ‘quick delivery’ which you can see in this picture above! Alternatively, to see this kind of quick delivery prom dress just click here

What’s So Special About Quick Delivery Prom Dresses? 

These dresses are already made, unlike most of our standard dresses, which means that there is a very short waiting time of only several days while we check them for quality and pack them ready for shipping. You can’t order these dresses as a custom ‘made-to-measure’ size, as we only offer this service in dresses that we make from scratch to your specification (but these take a lot longer to arrive remember). However, there is a range of sizes for you that should suit the majority of prom-goers! In case you change your mind about your new dress when you have it, you can also return your quick delivery prom dress to us for a full refund of the dress costs - no questions asked as long as it's unworn and undamaged!

How To Select The Right Size Quick Delivery Prom Dress

Because you aren’t telling us which size to make your dress in you will need to check the sizes available for your chosen prom dress. In general our quick delivery prom dresses are available in the standard sizes S through XL, BUT you should order based upon the measurements given. Here’s an example:

how to see the size of the prom dress (style 03625)

As you can see above, an M is selected here, and you can see the measurements for bust, waist, and hips. Do these suit you?

If you're happy with the size then go ahead and order. If not then you may need another size. If you find a size that is similar to yours and you feel that it’s convenient to order it and then get some simple alterations made (usually cheap and fast) remember to order the size that’s a little bigger than you. This is because it’s a LOT easier to take dresses in (make them smaller) than to let them out (make them bigger).  

So Let’s Find A Nice Prom Dress!

I’m sticking to prom dresses that don’t exceed US$200 here, as these are the styles that offer you the greatest cost savings over buying in over-priced local prom stores. Let’s take a look:

Floral Applique Thigh Slit Trained Black Tie Event Dress

Style Code: 10736 / $194

[caption id="attachment_6203" align="aligncenter" width="300"]black tie event dress 10736 Gorgeous and glamorous, this two-tone slit prom dress is a great way to make a statement![/caption]

Straps ASYMMETRICAL A-line Sleeveless Quick Delivery Prom Dress

Style Code: 03759 / $114

[caption id="attachment_6206" align="aligncenter" width="300"]Straps Asymetrical A-line Sleeveless Quick Delivery Prom Dress Style Code: 03759 This trendy high-low prom dress is great value, and such a fun style![/caption]

Tucked V-Neck Beading Sweep Trained Evening Wear

Style Code: 11062 / $179

[caption id="attachment_6207" align="aligncenter" width="300"]Tucked V-Neck Beading Sweep Trained Evening Wear Style Code: 11062 A beautiful silk prom dress in a very popular color, turquoise! There aren't many silk dresses that you can buy for less than 200 dollars![/caption]

Applique Beading Omber Floor-Length Formal Dress

Style Code: 11061 / $154

[caption id="attachment_6208" align="aligncenter" width="300"]Applique Beading Omber Floor-Length Formal Dress Style Code: 11061 Not only does this special prom dress have a pretty illusion neckline, but it also has gorgeous floral appliqué decoration that'll make you stand out![/caption] So now you're ready to select from our quick delivery prom dresses and benefit from low costs and a very short delivery time of just about 10 days! Which of these styles do you like, or would you choose something completely different?


[caption id="attachment_6210" align="aligncenter" width="300"]exclusive facebook fan discount Click here to join the fun on the OuterInner club facebook page and get your exclusive VIP discount that you can use to get 10% OFF any order, including prom dresses![/caption]  
Click here for Princess Style Prom Dresses and Satin Prom Dress From OuterInner.

OuterInner.com Quick Delivery Dresses Save Christmas!

OuterInner.com Quick Delivery Dresses In Time For Christmas 2012

OuterInner.com Quick Delivery Dresses
By Adrian Leighton

"Can I order a dress from OuterInner.com today and get it in time for Christmas?"

This is a question we've been asked recently, and the answer is YES! You're able to choose from the hundreds of OuterInner.com Quick Delivery Dresses, all of whom will reach you in just about 10 days from the date you order, give or take a day or so. That means that ordering today, December 6th, will mean that your new dress arrives on about the 16th, leaving you time to spare before Christmas! This is perfect for those of us looking to treat friends and family to a new dress under the tree, or maybe if we're treating ourselves! Don't worry about the Christmas post slowing us down either, as the dresses are dispatched from base here in Hong Kong which isn't really affected by Christmas as it's in Asia where they don't celebrate it very much!

"Are OuterInner.com Quick Delivery Dresses only available in a limited number of styles though?"

To be honest not really! Whilst there are less styles than our custom-made dresses, there are still almost 500 styles to choose from! These include:
  • Long formal gowns
  • Cocktail dresses
  • Bodycon & bandage dresses
  • Little black dresses
  • Wedding dresses
  • Bridesmaid dresses
  • Dresses for people attending a wedding or other formal occasion
  Basically, there's a good mixture of long and short dresses that are either formal, or casual - so if you take the time to check them, there will be a dress that's suitable for your occasion :-)

Let's take a look at some examples...

Here you'll see why OuterInner.com Quick Delivery Dresses are a versatile choice for anyone in need of a quick boost to their closet! If you like any of these dresses just click on their picture or title and you'll go through to the store :-)   Sequins V-Neck A-Line Floor-length Quick Delivery Dress, Style Code: 07046, US$194.00 Sequins V-Neck A-Line Floor-length Quick Delivery Dress, Style Code: 07046, US$194.00 This long gown would be perfect for wedding guests, or those of us who are attending a formal event, such as a ball. The purple color is both elegant, and classy!   One Shouder Ombre Bandage Dress, Style Code: 10415, US$86.00 One Shouder Ombre Bandage Dress, Style Code: 10415, US$86.00 This bandage dress is great for parties, and also in a cool ombre color!   Sleeveless V-neck A-line Floor-length Quick Delivery Dresses, Style Code: 04855, US$239.00 Sleeveless V-neck A-line Floor-length Quick Delivery Dresses, Style Code: 04855, US$239.00 This wedding dress is modern, light-weight, and will flatter most brides as it's an A-line style. Available quickly, but a lot cheaper than in the boutiques! ;-)   Front Draping Lace Detail Dress with Cross Back, Style Code: 08788, US$106.00 Front Draping Lace Detail Dress with Cross Back, Style Code: 08788, US$106.00 This draped lace dress is a striking, pretty, party dress, and it's black which suits anyone!   Sheath V-Neck Twisted Floor-Length Ombre Prom Dress, Style Code: 10540, US$211.00 Sheath V-Neck Twisted Floor-Length Ombre Prom Dress, Style Code: 10540, US$211.00 Another cool ombre dress, but this time it's a long dress that'd be brilliant for a unique look at prom, or another fun event where a long skirt is a must! As you can see, if you're pushed for time it doesn't mean that you need to rush to the local mall and pay over the odds for a dress! It's still possible to get one on-line, along with the lower price that comes with it! These OuterInner.com Quick Delivery Dresses are about as close as we come to "off-the-peg" dresses, and our jewelry, shoes, and accessories (such as veils, clutches, etc) also benefit from the same short delivery time too ;-)

Dear OuterInner, If I Order Prom Dresses Now Can I Get Them In Time?

Can I Get Prom Dresses From You In Time?

girl rushing to order prom dresses
If you're attending prom soon then you're probably working hard to find prom dresses that you love! You may be aware that we offer more than 2000 different types of prom dress, but another important question is, "If I order a prom dress now, can I get it before my prom date?" As we come towards mid-March prom season is most certainly approaching, so it's important to know IF a prom dress is going to reach you on time. This is what we're going to look at in this informative blog:  

Visit our range of fashionable prom dresses today!

prom dresses  

Understand OuterInner's Delivery Policy

delivery time
When you shop with OuterInner.com you're ordering a dress which is going to be made especially for you from scratch. All of our dresses are crafted by hand for you because we don't keep a load of boring, generic dresses in a large warehouse somewhere. We're also in South China, so there is also the distance to consider. This means that it will take a little time to make and deliver your dress. Typically the delivery time will take processing (making) time + delivery (shipping) time.  

Processing Time

Your order will be in 'Processing' within 1 business day after the order payment's cleared. Please note that processing times may vary depending on what type of dress you order. For instance, a simple dress will almost certainly be faster to make than one that's very complex. Here are the typical processing (making) times for our different dresses & items:
  1. Standard occasions dresses
15-20 business days* to tailor your dresses by our professional dressmakers.  
  • Occasions Dresses with a 'Quick Delivery' label
  3-5 working days* to do the quality control and packing.  
  • Sexy Lingerie
  usually sent out in 3-5 working days*. *The actual processing time may extend if there are order details we need to confirm with you before/when we arrange your order.  

Delivery Time

This is the length of time that your dress will take to be delivered to you from us. The specific delivery time would be variable from your destination and the shipping method you choose. We will send you an email about estimated delivery time to your address right after we send out your order.
  • DHL Express: 5-7 post days (very often faster)
  • UPS: 5-7 post days (very often faster)
  • EMS: 10-15 post days
  • Standard Mail Post: 15-30 post days (this is the cheapest option, but also the slowest and least secure).
  1. DHL Express, UPS and standard mail post DO NOT support military and P.O. boxes as shipping addresses.
  • For return and replacement please understand that the shipping fee is charged by the third party logistic company, so we may not refund you the shipping cost for your order.
  So imagine if you are ordering a prom dress and choosing DHL as delivery service, it'll take up to 20 days to make and up to 7 days to deliver. Therefore total delivery time COULD be up to 27 days. However, it's rare that it takes this long - the vast majority of our deliveries are much faster than that! But of course we have to give an approximate time that takes into account every scenario, such as postal delays etc.  

"Dear OuterInner, Can I Get My Prom Dress By A Certain Date?"

can we deliver by a certain date?
YES, we can be sure to deliver your prom dress by a certain date. This is an important question and if you're considering ordering prom dresses from us today there are a few things you need to do. 1. Tell us the date you MUST receive the prom dress by when you order. You can do this by adding the date at checkout in the 'special instructions box.' 2. Order as EARLY as you can. This gives you plenty of time to get the prom dresses and avoid any last-minute hiccups. 3. If you're short on time use our RUSH ORDER service. You can speed up your prom dresses order by paying an extra $25. This will speed up total delivery time to approximately 15 to 20 days.  

Don't Miss This Useful Tip!

If you are shopping for prom dresses now we want to hear from you! The very best advice we can give you if you are at all unsure about IF your dress will reach you on time is to email our customer support team! They will also be able to advise you IF you need to choose the 'rush order' option.
This is because actually most prom dresses will take different amounts of time to 'process' (or make) and our customer support team can give you a more accurate timescale than our standard time given above (and it will probably be faster than you thought too!).  

Visit our range of fashionable prom dresses today!

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OuterInner's Tips To Avoiding Order Delays This Chinese New Year

Avoid The Jams And Get Your OuterInner Order ASAP This Chinese New Year

traffic jam
Chinese new year is nearly here and this time of year can lead to some delays as everyone in China and Hong Kong take at least a week off. Chinese new year (CNY) is the Asian equivalent of Christmas and for many workers the only chance they have to see their family in their hometown every year. This means that our dressmaker won't be working and many postal service staff will also be off work too. This year Chinese new year is January 22nd to 28th 2012 although many employees work longer before and after to have a longer holiday.  

How Do I Get My Order With A Minimum Of Delay?

OuterInner.com can help to eliminate delays if we're able to schedule orders coming in very strictly. In this way we can prioritize orders that are needed sooner and so if you tell us the date that you need your order by we can plan them and make sure that when they can be made, those that are needed soonest are at the head of the queue. So, don't forget:

Tell us the date that you need your order by so we can get it to you on time!

You will need to add this in the special instruction box at checkout.  

OuterInner's Chinese New Year Advice In Detail

Please kindly note that our purchasing department will be on holiday from Jan 16 -30. Thus, the delivery time of your order may get delayed and here is our schedule for Order Delivery Time.
  1. For orders that need to be made from scratch (orders of any occasions dresses EXCEPT "Quick Delivery" dresses).
A. If the order is placed & paid BEFORE JAN 8, it won't be delayed and you can expect to receive it in our normal delivery time, which is around 3 weeks plus international shipping time. B. If your order is placed & paid BETWEEN JAN 9-16, the delivery time would be 4-5 weeks plus international shipping time. (e.g. You place an order on Jan 13 and select UPS/DHL as shipping method, the earliest date you can expect to receive the order will be around Feb 16). C. If the order is placed & paid AFTER JAN 16, the total delivery time would be 6-7 weeks plus international shipping time. (e.g. An order is placed on Jan 23 and select UPS/DHL as shipping method, the earliest delivered date will be around March 5).  
  • For orders of Quick Delivery dresses or lingerie and costumes.
  A. If the order is placed & paid BEFORE JAN 8, you can expect to receive it under our normal delivery time, which is 3 working days for dispatching plus international shipping time. B. If the order is placed AFTER JAN 8, it will be sent out around 1st week of February the latest.  
  • If you need your order URGENTLY or expect to receive your order earlier, please see our recommendations as following:
  A. Make sure to plan and arrange your ordering time properly based on the dates we've given to avoid delays and disappointment. B. You can choose quick delivery dresses which is strongly recommended as the dispatching time will be only 3 business days after your payment clears. C. Leave your expected receiving date in 'Special Instruction' box on check out page, and we will do our best to arrange your order accordingly.   As ever we will be on hand to help as much as possible and our customer support will also be available to answer questions during CNY, although it may take a little longer to get an answer than normal, so thanks for your patience. You can also try contacting us on our facebook page too!  

Now Please Tell Us What You Think Of The New OuterInner.com

We've made a lot of changes to the site and we think it's much easier for you guys to shop with us as well as it just being a much nicer site! But it's what YOU think that matters. Your opinion really matters to us, so please, please could you help us out by taking our survey? This will only take a few moments and it will help us to make further changes to the site and really perfect it :-) Thank you!  
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Friday Roundup: What's Been Happening At OuterInner This Week?

OuterInner News

Friday comes around as quickly here in China as it does in the West so here we are again with OuterInner.com's news this week.

20% Off Quick Delivery Dresses

We know that party season is approaching starting with Halloween, so we've discounted our quick delivery dresses by 20% to make your choice easier this year! A quick delivery dress is a good idea because you will receive the dress in on average 10 days, which is far faster than if you have one made. So if you need a dress for a party that you're going to soon then these are the way forward and there are loads of different styles, from short cocktail dresses to long formal dresses.
20% off quick delivery dresses sale banner
Don't forget that you can also still get sexy adult costumes for your party too.  

We're In The Studio

You will soon see some big changes to our site as we're adding more detailed product descriptions to the dresses and more and better pictures. In a week's time we're heading into the studio with our lovely model July to take pictures of some of our best selling dresses, but until we've got more pics to share, here's a shot that we took of her when she called in for a fitting (please excuse the creased dress, it was just a fitting after all!):
outerinner model

Questions We've Been Asked This Week

Is The October National Holiday In China Going To Affect My Delivery Time? I mentioned this last week and unfortunately the answer is, yes, it may do. So if you're expecting your dress to arrive at the beginning of October then it may be delayed a little. Staff in China will typically be off until around the 4th or 5th and during this time post in and out of China will slow down and in the week afterwards it will stay slow thanks to the backlog that's built up. If you are ordering a dress now and it's critical that it reaches you before a certain date, for instance such as bridesmaid dresses, then please add a note telling our customer support staff when it must reach you by and they will confirm with you that it can make it in time. We hate to say no to an order, but we'd rather be honest than let you get disappointed. Click this link if you need to contact our customer support to ask them about yourorder.  

Give Me My Free Dress OuterInner!

That's what one of our competition winners, Heidi Abigail, cried on our facebook page and she has very kindly sent us a picture of her in her FREE new homecoming dress. Thanks Heidi! If you love her dress, just click on her picture below to go to its page where you can buy it too!
Heidi Abigail in her new homecoming dress
Do you have any questions for us? If so leave them as a comment and we'll try to help!
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Formal Dresses In Record Time. Read On To See How To Avoid Frustration.

By Adrian

Formal Dresses Can Be A Source Of Frustration If You're In A Rush

Online dress shopping isn't always known for speed. There can sometimes be a bit of a wait between ordering and receiving your formal dresses thanks to the delivery time. After all, you're saving money by ordering abroad where costs are lower, but your dress has still got to get to you! This can cause frustration and boredom, but realistically it's important to get your formal dresses in good time for the event that you're attending in case you need to have some minor alterations made or if there is an issue that you need to resolve (such as a mistake has been made with your order).
bored woman at computer
Image courtesy of Stuart Miles

What Can We Do To Get Our Dresses Faster?

There are a few things to consider that will help speed things up when ordering formal dresses from OuterInner.com.
  1. Choose an express courier like DHL, UPS or EMS. These companies ship a lot faster, usually 5 to 7 days and are fully trackable.
  • Choose a plainer dress. The more decoration on your dress, the longer it will take. So if you're in a rush perhaps you could consider something a little plainer?
  • Rush the order. The production time for your dress is reduced to around 8 to 10 working days (rather than 15 to 20) at an extra charge of US$25.
  • Shop from our Quick Delivery Dresses category. These dresses are kept in stock and so can be shipped out to you in just 3 to 5 days (all the time it takes to do quality control), meaning that you could have these dresses at your door in just over a week!

Quick Delivery Dresses From OuterInner

If you think that 'in stock' means inferior quality or less choice then think again. We have a mighty 245 styles set aside that can get a formal dress to you at top speed and with maximum convenience Here's a sample of the breath-taking formal dresses that you can find there:
cute short prom dressesfloor length prom dresses with sleeves 06277Beading Princess Square Sweep/ Brush Train Quick Delivery
Floor-length A-line V-neck Ruffles Beading Quick Delivery Dresses Beading A-line Spaghetti Straps Short Quick Delivery Floor-length A-line Off-the-shoulder Chiffon Quick Delivery Dresses So as you can see in the outerinner quick delivery dress category, there are many choices of formal dresses from longer dresses that are most suitable for the most formal events, to shorter party dresses, so what are you waiting for? Take a look today and you'll see that there is a quicker way to get your new dress! ;-)   Have you bought a dress from our quick delivery category? Is it a new discovery for you? Do you have your eye on one of the dresses? Please let us know in the comments below!
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