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Countdown To Prom: Prom Dresses And Style Videos

By Adrian Leighton

Prom Dresses And Style Videos

prom dresses and more

As prom approaches it's time to get ready and that means choosing the kinds of makeup, hair style, and nails you're going to be wearing, as well as your prom dresses of course!

In this blog I've collected some great styles and videos that hopefully you'll love!

Prom Hairstyles

Some say, "It's all about the prom dress," And whilst your dress is very important and the focal point of your outfit, your hairstyle is also very important as it needs to complement your dress and help you to really sparkle at prom. But what do you choose to do? What kinds of styles are popular? Let's look at some videos:

3 Easy To Do Prom Hairstyles For Medium To Long Hair

These styles are great as they feature both updos and down styles, all with beautiful curls. Since many of have long or medium length hair this will be sure to give you some inspiration, and I have to say that my favorite style of the three is the first updo.

Curly Updo For Short Hair

If you have short hair then you still have many options, but I think the best has to be an updo! In this video you see how to do a realy cute curled updo, and it's just so easy!

Mermaid Tail Braid

On the other hand, for those of us with longer hair a braid can be an amazing look, and I think that this mermaid braid is just stunning and would look great with most prom dresses!

Just be aware that depending on your prom dress you may want to have your hair up or down. Updos seem to be the overwhelmingly popular choice these days, and are great for showing off your face, neck, and cleavage! But wearing your hair down will work well with mermaid dresses for instance. After all, who's seen a mermaid with an updo, right?

Prom Makeup

Choosing the right makeup to go well with your dress is also important. Here are some options and why i chose them:

Natural Looking Makeup Tutorial

While it may seem right to go with really heavy, wild, makeup at prom, if you've chosen prom dresses in a lighter or pastel color then you don't want to over-power them with makeup that's too bright. Also you want your makeup to complement your dress, not clash with the color! So this natural look is beautiful, but quite subtle and features a fun pop of color to emphasize your eyes.

Soft Smokey Eye Shadow Tutorial

A smokey eye is brilliant for formal occasions and prom, so if you can pull it off it's a MUST! This tutorial is easy to follow and results in a smokey eye that's not too heavy, but looks great!

Picture Perfect Prom Makeup

This excellent tutorial shows how to do prom makeup that looks amazing and will have you really standing out in pictures. It's still quite natural, so in my view is a good choice!

Nails For Prom

To be honest, there are so many nail styles out there to choose from that it's going to be difficult to choose styles that everyone loves! My tips would be to either go with something that matches your prom dress color or at least shade of color, or a quite neutral style that is pretty, but doesn't take away from the rest of your outfit. Let's take a look at a few nail ideas that I loved...

Gold Glitter Gradient Prom Nails

These gold glitter nails are so gorgeous! They're quite subtle, and the good thing is that you could also substitute the gold for a different color that'd match your prom dress better.

Pink & White Acrylic Nails

If you want to go long, then these acrylic pink and white nails are great and easy to accessorize with different nail art or colors that you require!

Glittery Starry Night Nails

Continuing on with the love for glitter we're looking at some gradient 'starry night' nails. They're more than just glitter though, they really look like a dusk scene, and you could use other colors instead and have an ombre glitter look.

Prom Dresses

Finally, if you haven't decided on your prom dresses yet we move on to the dress itself!

OuterInner Prom Dresses On YouTube

We've made quite a few videos of our prom dresses, and in them you can see them in the flesh and get an even better idea about their fit and if they'd suit you!

If you want to read more and get info about a bunch of prom dresses then take a look at our blogs about prom dresses where you'll see a lot of dress styles!

In our store you can filter your dress search, being able to find hottest styles very quickly. Simply click on your favorite styles, and you'll only see the prom dresses you like!

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