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Friday Update: News, Special Festive Offers And FAQs

OuterInner News

Hello everyone! Here's this week's news from OuterInner.com! Everyone celebrated 'Thanksgiving' in the USA yesterday, so best wishes from all of us here and hope you had a lovely turkey day!
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Pre-Holiday Sale: Occasions Dresses From Just $39!

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The holiday season is in full swing now and with that in mind we're keeping the promotions coming to save you money before Christmas. After all, why should being careful with money mean that you can't treat yourself or loved-ones to gorgeous new occasions dresses? This offer ends on the 30th of November, so you have about a week left to take a look and see which dresses you like in our pre-holiday sale! Check it today!  

Christmas Sexy Wear

Christmas sexy wear
This week we've launched our new Christmas sexy wear category, which is fun and sexy at the same time. If you're going to any Christmas parties and need a sexy costume or just want to have some festive fun with your guy at home then this category will make you smile. Take a look now :-)  

Don't Miss The 'Holiday Group On Offer'

holiday group on offer
Team up with your friends to get a crazy 65% off any occasions dresses from OuterInner! You have 2 options:
  1. To get the biggest savings, buy as a group! First get your group on code here and remember to give it to lots of friends, then everyone place their order using this code and pay with PayPal. Then we'll give you each a discount on the dresses that you order from between 25% to 65%!
  • It's also possible to get a smaller 15% discount if you get your code and then post it on our facebook page wall along with the words 'holiday group on offer' and then place your order using it. OK, it's a smaller discount, but we're giving you 15% off for doing nothing more than posting your code on our wall! Easy!
  Here's the Group On Page, so go here to read more about this exciting offer and get your all-important group on code! Just click the button to get your code and follow the instruction, it's easy! Team up and go for the 65%!

Look Out For The 'Clearance Sale' Coming Soon

Keep an eye on the sale section of the site, as at the beginning of December we're doing a clearance sale which will include many of our quick delivery dresses. These are some of our more expensive dresses and most beautiful dresses, so if you've had your eye on one, but were put off by the price then this sale will be for you!  

Questions We've Been Asked This Week

I am having trouble placing orders on your website! I have tried many times, but it didn't go through. What can I do? Please help. Please call or email us to let us know the exact problem, you can copy and paste the webpage where there is a window popping up describing the technical problem that you have encountered, and send this in the email to us. Our IT department will help to identify the problem and try to solve it. If still it cannot be solved, our customer support staff will help you place the order using our internal account. Please have all your information written down in the email about the products that you plan to order and your personal contact information, such as delivery address and phone number. Our staff can always help you to place an order if you're unsure about anything!   If I order a standard sized dress, but I have a plus sized bust, and all my other measurements fit in the standard size, would the dress still fit me well? If you have a plus size bust, no matter if you are ordering a standard sized dress or custom sized dress, you need to provide the detailed measurements of your bust, for example, your cup size, upper bust circumference, full bust circumference and lower bust circumference. Then we will check and feed back to you if any changes are needed. At most we will adjust the size of your dress to make sure that it fits.   Is it possible for delivery to the Netherlands be paid COD (Cash On Delivery)? No, we do not allow delivery to be paid COD, ie., paying after you have received the parcel, whether it is to the Netherlands or any country. All the goods price and parcel charges need to be paid right after you have placed the order, as we cannot start to process your order until then. Plus, we have a special agreement with Express Delivery companies on price terms, therefore we're able to offer you a specially discounted price, which is generally considerably cheaper than you paying it by yourself. Do you have any questions for us? If so leave them as a comment and we'll try to help!
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