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Wedding Colors & Bridesmaid Dresses: Top 10 Of 2013 (Part 2)

By Adrian Leighton

Top 10 Bridesmaid Dresses & Wedding Colors Of 2013 (Part 2)

If you're a bride who's still looking for the perfect wedding colors or bridesmaid dresses then you'll enjoy part 1 of our top 10 bridesmaid dresses and wedding colors, but let's continue to look at the final 5 right now! After all, we all hope to have the perfect wedding, so by choosing wedding colors that you love it'll help you to feel great on your wedding day! :)

Top 10 Wedding Colors In 2013

6. Grays

Gray is not a new color for weddings. It's fairly routine for the groomsmen to wear gray (after all, how many colors are there for suits? But it's actually a really great 'base' color for brides to work with. For instance, did you know that gray goes so well with yellow, one of our earlier top 10 entries? Even if you don't choose gray bridesmaid dresses, it's also great for your decorations, or even silver jewelry.

Here are some gray bridesmaid dresses. What do you think?:

gray wedding colors in bridesmaid dresses

7. Pink

Do you remember how much you loved pink when you were a kid? Well unleash your inner princess, as pink is back in a big way for weddings in 2013! It's not just in bridesmaid dresses and flowers either! The more adventurous brides may well choose a gorgeous pink wedding dress (gasp!) just like Anne Hathaway did!

anne hathaway pink wedding dress

If you love pink then there are heaps of ways to use it in your wedding, here are a few, oh, and the pink wedding dress and pink bridesmaid dress are from OuterInner! ;-)

different uses of pink in weddings

8. Blue

Blue is for boys, right? Wrong! This versatile option is a great choice for wedding colors, as it simply has so many shades! Darker blues have a sense of elegance and gravity, whereas lighter pastel shades have a fun, more whimsical quality. It can be used in flowers (they even have blue roses), your place settings, and of course the dresses. I've never seen many blue weddings either, so it's quite a unique choice! Take a look...

blue wedding colors

A good starting point with blue would be to choose blue bridesmaid dresses like these:

blue bridesmaid dresses

9. Orange

Orange is a bright color that everyone has been going crazy over for a year or two. It may not be the easiest color to wear for casual occasions, but it really comes into its own as a cheery and fun color for weddings! Don't forget that orange also goes well with pinks, nudes, and reds, so it can be combined to make a color explosion that's especially effective in fall weddings.

So, how is orange used in weddings? Here are some examples collected just for you from our Pinterest boards:

orange wedding colors

There are a lot of fun orange bridesmaid dresses at OuterInner too, and like this pretty style, they'd often make a good party dress that your maids can wear again and again in the future:

Pleated Top Asymmetric Hemline A-line Chiffon Dress, Style Code: 11364, $79

Pleated Top Asymmetric Hemline A-line Chiffon Dress, Style Code: 11364, $79

10. Rainbow

OK, so 'rainbow' isn't really a color as such, but there are so many great wedding colors to choose from that many brides could be forgiven for wanting more than one. In fact, why settle for one when you could just have them all? ;-)

rainbow wedding colors bridesmaid dresses

Remember, click here for OuterInner.com's range of bridesmaid dresses are available in more than 18 different colors, and even more shades of those colors, so there's a dress there for any bride's wedding! They're also hand-made just for you, in your choice of size, and delivered to your door!

So these are OuterInner.com's top 10 wedding colors for 2013, which do you like? Don't forget to look out for part 1 of this wedding colors blog for even more ideas!

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