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How To Choose The Right Petticoat For Your Wedding Dress

How To Choose The Right Petticoat For Your Wedding Dress

Petticoat at outerinner

So you finally have chosen the wedding dress. Yes! you now feel relieve and happy for your choice, but have you realized about the way to highlight the beauty of this wedding dress?

The bridal petticoat, is a wedding accessory that many brides may neglect. But here is the fact that a good petticoat can add an elegant and full appearance to the bridal dress. It can even make a normal simple wedding dress look noble and classy.

Why should you use a petticoat?

Aside from workmanship and embellishment, petticoat also acts as an important role in wedding dress stylizing. It is used to adjust the shape of wedding dress and can hold the wedding dress out in a domed shape and give the impression of a smaller waist.

A petticoat has the function of giving you comfort when walking or simply managing the wedding dress because it is adjusted to your shape and the shape of the dress.

Different petticoats can be used to give dress different looking. Don’t forget, wedding dress with long train also needs a petticoat.

There are various types of underskirts available at Outerinner.com. And the most common ones are naturally shaped petticoat and petticoat with hoops.

Let's see a beautiful OuterInner selection!

Nylon Floor-length Wedding Petticoats (0003) Style Code: 05587 US$12.90 Nylon Floor-length Wedding Petticoats (0003) Style Code: 05587 US$12.90

Petticoats not only give you support but also can make you reduce some centimeters on your waist ;-)

This nylon underskirt is suitable for this A-line type of wedding dress. It goes from the middle part and ends with a sweep train.

Without Train With Hoops Petticoat. Style Code: 08020. US$11.90

Without Train With Hoops Petticoat. Style Code: 08020. US$11.90

This petticoat with hoops will definitely help your wedding dress to get more volume and elegance. Is made in chiffon so you will feel fresh and comfortable when wearing it. It goes well with this type of A-line wedding dress.

I would like to know, are you thinking about wearing a wedding dress with ruffles? Well, take a look at the following item to get the perfect one for you!

Without Train Without Hoops Petticoat. Style Code: 08024. US$28.90

Without Train Without Hoops Petticoat. Style Code: 08024. US$28.90

For this Organza Mermaid Pleated Ruffles Wedding Gownthis underskirt is the best option. As you can see the wedding dress has no train and it falls naturally from the waist allowing the middle of your body to be the center to be prominent. 

Nylon Floor-length Wedding Petticoats (0001) Style Code: 05585 US$14.90

Nylon Floor-length Wedding Petticoats (0001) Style Code: 05585 US$14.90

This is other style of petticoat for this wedding dress. It has 3 hoops that allow the wedding dress to be and show more wideness or simply to hold the shape and keep the layers away from your legs. The Nylon Floor-length Wedding Petticoats is less than U$15! You can not refuse to have a useful tool at such a low price.

And last but not least, a wedding dress with a long tail requires an extra support.

Nylon / Tulle Floor-length Wedding Petticoats (0006). Style Code: 05590. US$24.90

Nylon / Tulle Floor-length Wedding Petticoats (0006). Style Code: 05590. US$24.90

This Nylon / Tulle Floor-length Wedding Petticoats is a must when talking about Chapel Train Wedding Gowns. This underskirt has the exact shape for a  trumpet/mermaid silhouette just like for this weeding dress.

If you want to check more wedding dresses, check this video.

Discover more petticoats or look at more wedding dresses.

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Here at OuterInner.com we're all about weddings! But did you know that we're not just a wedding dress store?

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No wedding is complete without your girls wearing their bridesmaid dresses. The great thing is that you can have all the fun you had of choosing your wedding gown's color and style all over again with bridesmaid dresses! Maybe you can get together and enjoy shopping as a group with a glass of wine or two?

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You can use the same search filter to find specific styles of bridesmaid dresses that would fit your theme, so you can have that color throughour your special day!

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This is a category of specially selected mother of the bride dresses that are styled specifically to suit more mature tastes. They're not mumsy or frumpy, rather allowing the wearer to look classy and elegant. After all, which mothers wouldn't want to look their best when they're celebrating such a proud and lovely day?

OuterInner.com Jewelry


We've recently launched a jewelry category which has a lot of different types of costume jewelry as well as hair ornaments, like fascinators, that are really great for both brides and wedding guests!

We do nice wedding necklace/earrings sets which will complete brides' wedding looks. Here's one:

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If you're attending a wedding you might also like to wear a fascinator like this:

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All of these items are reasonably small and cheap, so why not add them to a dress order as then you won't need to pay another shipping fee for such a small package?

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we also now have a range of special wedding shoes that are great value and ideally matched to wedding dresses. Shoes are always an outfit's best finishing touch, and your wedding outfit is no different!

OuterInner.com Veils, Petticoats & Gloves

Each of these items comes within OuterInner.com's accessories category, but as a bride you may need only one or two.

If you're going for a traditional wedding then veils are a perfect complement to your wedding dress. Here's one of our veils:


Our elegant gloves can also be a very lovely finishing touch to your wedding outfit:


Finally you may choose to wear a beautiful petticoat underneath your wedding dress. This is because these petticoats are hoop reinforced and will give your dress that beautiful, princess look as they give your skirt a lot of body and volume:


OuterInner.com Bridal Lingerie

Finally we reach the last, but not least item you need to consider if you're a bride, your bridal lingerie. It's easy to let your wedding dress overshadow everything else on your big day, but in fact what's underneath is also important from a comfort and image point of view. Imagine your new husband's face as he peels off your wedding gown only to find that you're wearing a beautiful corset beneath for example?

bridal lingerie

So, if you're a bride you know that there is very little you can't find at OuterInner.com and what's more is that by buying different items together, for instance a wedding dress, veil and shoes, you'll save money on shipping!

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So that's it, you're all set for your wedding! All that's left for us here at Outerinner.com to say is good luck and congratulations! We hope to hear from you soon :-D

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