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The 8 Tips Every Petite Girl Needs To Wear Occasions Dresses Perfectly

The Pocket-Sized Girl's Guide To Wearing Occasions Dresses

The Pocket-Sized Girl's Guide To Wearing Occasions Dresses
If you're a pocket princess it can sometimes be tough to find occasions dresses that fit you well and suit you too! Everyone knows that mainstream dresses don't always suit women who are at the ends of the normal size spectrum very well, so that includes plus sizes, tall girls and petite girls like you. You may not be able to control what clothing companies are making, but you can control what you wear; furthermore there are some tips you can follow to make the best of your size and look great when you're planning on wearing dresses!  

I'm Petite, So What Should I Look Out For When I'm Wearing Occasions Dresses?

A common issue that petite girls have is of course looking too short and wider than they actually are. You want your occasions dresses to work for you and help you to look taller and slimmer. Wouldn't it just be great if it were possible to get some advice on how to look great if you're petite? The team here at OuterInner.com are coming to your rescue! Here are some tips that can help petites to look great:

1. Try To Stick To One Color

crazy mixed colors aren't going to help your height
Looking like a bag of pic 'n' mix candies isn't going to do you any favors, as too many colors mixed together will detract from your height and can make you look dumpy. Instead try to stick to a dress that's one color and match it with your shoes and accessories.

2. Dark Colors Are Slimming

an LBD like this Sweetheart Sheath Short Sleeveless Ruffles Little Black Dress will be ideal
Just because you're petite does not mean you're overweight at all, however in the wrong dress your diminutive size can cause you to look dumpy. Therefore our trusty friend 'darks' can rescue you as they will always help you to look slender.

3. Vertical Lines Are Your Ally

horizontal lined dresses are far from flattering
Did you know that vertical lines are excellent for petite girls? This is because they naturally draw the eye up and along your profile making you seem taller. You don't need a dress that's totally striped, just one or two lines are OK; even seams will do as long as they're visible.

4. Don't Wear Bulky Occasions Dresses

don't get swamped in bulky occasions dresses like this ball gown prom dress
You don't want to make yourself seem wider or be swamped, so you should try to stick to slender dresses rather than occasions dresses with voluminous skirts for instance. This will ensure that you're wearing the dress and not swallowed up in it! Lighter weight fabrics such as chiffon or organza will be less bulky than satin for example.

5. Get Into Wearing Heels

these pumps would be perfect for giving you a height boost
Heels are a petite girl's best friend as they can add precious inches to your overall height taking you from tiny to average in one fell swoop. Pumps are always a nice, stream-lined choice, and if you usually don't wear heals you can get really cool gel inserts that go under the ball of your feet. These are cheap and keep you really comfy, even if you're walking or standing for a long time.

6. Choose Knee-Length Skirts Or Longer

There is nothing wrong with mini-skirts, but they actually aren't great for shorter girls. They're good at showing off legs, but if you're petite the hem will be falling right across the thickest part of your thigh which makes you...look shorter. Don't believe me? Check out this pic. See what I mean?
snooki in unflattering mini

7. V Necklines Are Great

the plunging V neckline of this dress can help you look taller
You'll find that V neckline dresses work in the same way that vertical lines by helping you look taller by pulling the eye up and along your profile. They're also a really sexy bombshell look that's brilliant for formal occasions!

8. Choose Reasonably Sized Accessories

don't overdo it with massive accessories
You're tiny, that's fine. Do yourself a favor, don't swamp yourself with a large handbag or epic chunky bracelets, rings and necklaces. These will only serve to make you look smaller. There must be more occasions dresses tips out there for petite girls, would you care to share them? Are you petite and have benefited from these tips before? Leave us a comment below :-)  
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