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Einstein's Advice On Finding Unique Homecoming Dresses

By Adrian As homecoming approaches let's tackle a thorny issue that many girls are facing; the horror of turning up at the party wearing the same homecoming dresses as someone else! Although not normally associated with homecoming, legendary German physicist Albert Einstein once stated:
Insanity: doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results.
Einstein...a source of good homecoming advice as well as physics   This led me to think that for years many girls have been literally insane when it comes to choosing their homecoming dresses, as they're going for the same style that they always wear! No wonder they find that they've got on the same dress as someone else! The search for a unique dress is a yearly pilgrimage for girls attending their homecoming parties as they, panic rising, search the local boutiques and malls trying to find that dress that will make them stand out in front of their friends, dates and peers, but is also in the style that they find comfortable. So we learn from Einstein not to be crazy and to do something different!

Get Out Of Your Comfort Zone This Homecoming

People are creatures of habit and just as people will always read the same newspaper, drink the same coffee and wear the same brands; many women will often always wear the same style of dresses, as they are comfortable with them. This is very convenient, but actually it's not going to help you find a unique homecoming dress, and so to guarantee you'll make a splash this homecoming you need to try something different and perhaps a little new! If you're usually a bit of a wall-flower then choose bright colours!
Strapless A-line Mini Sleeveless Cocktail Dresses 05536
Bright colours will get you noticed!   Lover of long dresses? Go short!
White Strapless Ruffles Sleeveless Cocktail Dresses
A short skirt will be so much fun, especially if you're dancing!   More common styles of homecoming dresses, like strapless dresses, are pretty commonplace, therefore you could try something a little different like a one-shoulder dress.
A-line Reds Organza One Shoulder Homecoming Dresses 06023
One-shoulder dresses are unusual and cool!   In order to get a unique dress then you need to do more than just look for a dress that's just gorgeous. You should also be brave and change from your usual style as well, because this will also shock your friends and peers into thinking, "She looks so fantastic and different!"   So this homecoming why not try something different. By doing this you can not only be sure that you're sane, but you'll also be more likely to find a unique homecoming dress that delights and impresses your friends! ;-)   What are you going to be wearing this homecoming? We'd love to hear your ideas below, so please leave us a comment!


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