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Could Snacking At Work Be Wrecking Your Waistline?

Avoid Falling Into The Snack Trap At Work!

snacking at work
A recent survey of 1,947 female office workers' eating habits at work (by MyVoucherCodes.co.uk) shown in this daily mail article has turned up some alarming results! If you're an office worker then you could be falling into the same trap as the women polled; a trap that could lead to you ruining your weight-loss goals and all that hard work you put in to eat healthily! Here at OuterInner.com we want to help you stay in shape, so read on to see how to avoid snack disaster when you're at work:  

How many calories?!

If you've managed to eat a healthy breakfast, lunch and dinner then you may be lulled into a false sense of security where your diet is concerned. However, many women seemingly forget to consider the snacks they've been grazing on throughout the day with their co-workers! Have you had a cookie with your coffee? Perhaps a muffin? This survey revealed that the average female office worker eats a whopping 650 calories every day when she's at her desk! That's a third of your daily allowance of 2000 calories! The guilty parties are popular snacks like chocolate, chips and the less-naughty fruit. Sound familiar?
unhealthy snacks
To be precise:
  • 51% replied that they eat 650 to 750 cals per day.
  • 2% said they eat a huge 850 to 950 cals per day in snacks alone!
  • 9% were well-behaved and said they only eat 150 to 250 cals.
  So unless you're one of the careful 9% it looks like you may need to re-think your snack strategy!  

Why do we do snack?

Believe it or not, this snacking isn't through hunger. In fact we're snacking mainly because we're bored and some others also said that they snack socially with colleagues. Perhaps snacking together is the new 'chatting around the water-cooler?' Given that two thirds of the women polled said that they snack more in the office than at home, it's fair to assume that the boredom or social aspect is pushing them to do this. After all, it's not everyone who can (truthfully) claim to be 100% busy and not distracted when they're at work!
eating choc
Nooo! Step away from the chocolate!  

What can we do to avoid too many calories when snacking?

Let me get this straight out there, snacks are good for you! There, I said it! It's normal and indeed healthy to eat small snacks between meals. In fact, humans evolved to be animals who eat 'on-the-go,' which means little and often. So if you're only eating 3 meals daily then you're starving yourself for hours between them which can leave you feeling tired and unable to concentrate! So snack, but eat the right things!
nuts and berries
Try more fruit, a handful of nuts and dried berries and some humus and vegetable sticks. But leave behind the candies, chips, cookies and cakes! You can then indulge and feel smug that you're not piling on the pounds unlike your co-workers! Are you a serial snacker? What are your weaknesses? How have you taken steps to cut out bad snacks? What kinds of foods did you swap your naughty snacks for? Let us know by commenting below please!  
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