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Sexy, But Unique: All About One Shoulder Dresses

The Unique One Sleeve One Shoulder Dresses Trend

By Adrian Leighton

We've all seen lots of thigh, or cleavage baring occasions dresses, and while there's nothing wrong with these, how do you get a unique style these days?

I just saw this cool dress from Dalia Macphee, a Canadian formal dress designer, and it's striking because it has one sleeve! Far from the usual one shoulder dresses, right?

one sleeve dress

What do you think of this dress? Would you dare to go with just the one sleeve?

One Shoulder Dresses

The one sleeve dress is, after all, just a variation of conventional one shoulder dresses, but just what is it about this dress style that keeps the celebrities coming back time after time?

One reason is that one shoulder dresses are a very versatile cut that looks good on most body types, so it has a wider appeal. After all, it's rare to find the woma who can't stand her shoulders, even if we don't quite feel like that about other areas!

They also give the wearer a way to, perhaps a little flirtatiously, show off some skin, but without predictably flashing your cleavage or thighs.

Finally, a one shoulder dress will naturally draw the eye upwards, which adds to the wearer's perceived height. So if you're a pocket rocket, then this style is for you!

Luckily, we have a wide range here at OuterInner.com, and you can see them all by clicking the pic below:

one shoulder dresses

Why do YOU choose one shoulder dresses?