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5 Reasons To Love One Shoulder Wedding Gowns


Let's Get Closer To One Shoulder Wedding Gowns

Here at OuterInner.com we’ve written about beach wedding dresses, colourful wedding dresses, and vintage wedding dresses, but in this blog we’re going to look at one shoulder wedding gowns.

one shoulder wedding gowns

Would YOU love to be wearing a look like this down the aisle?

Let’s look at why one shoulder wedding gowns are a great choice for any bride!

5 Reasons To Love One Shoulder Wedding Gowns


1. They have a unique style. We’re almost constantly seeing brides choose strapless and sweetheart wedding gowns these days, and that’s fine as they look great. However there’s nothing wrong with separating from the pack and trying something different.

origami one shoulder wedding gowns


2. They highlight your shoulders. The one shoulder still leaves your neckline peeking out, but really shows off your shoulders and gives more coverage than a strapless gown. This means that you can still wear pretty bridal jewelry and that your pretty neck and shoulders will be on display.
shoulders displayed by one shoulder wedding gowns 

3. They offer support for larger busts. The last thing you need is to be spilling out of your wedding gown on your special day, and a one shoulder wedding gown offers you the support of straps, without the cumbersome look of a strappy dress.

supportive one shoulder wedding gowns

4. They give an opportunity to have an amazing updo. Because you have the shoulder strap you don’t want your hair down and interfering with the look of the gown. Both gown and hair should look amazing, but not clash with each other. This means it’s updo time!

bride with updo wearing one shoulder wedding gowns

5. One shoulders can often be decorated. The shoulder strap of one shoulder wedding gowns is often made of extra decoration, such as fabric flowers or sparkly beading, adding to the overall pretty look of your look. decorated one shoulder wedding gown

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