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Fabric Swatches: Choosing The Right Samples To Your Occasion Dresses

Fabric Swatches: Choosing The Right Samples To Your Occasion Dresses

Hello, OuterInner.com Fans! Our designers have added two new satin chiffon&light chiffon samples for our Fabric Swatches category. Here you will be find affordable prices to make it easy for you to shop just like at your local store.

Fabric Swatches


What do you think about the process to shop a dress on-line?

Most of people might take a look first at their measurements. In the previous blog called Formal Dresses Sizing Tips From OuterInner , we talked about customizing your dresses. Several advises were shown to give you an idea about the use of the standard size chart. After choosing the color and accessories, people might go directly to buy the dress. But what if you want to have more details about how your dress will look like? Fabric Swatches are a tool that help you to make easier when taking your decision when you are selecting a gown. These allow you to feel the texture, flow, weight among other characteristics that you might not be able to see or "feel" when you are purchasing a dress. By having the fabric swatches you will have a real idea about how your dress will look like when it's completely done. Fabrics variate according to different  occasion dresses  and selecting the correct fabric will benefit you  to make a good decision.  

Now, let's learn about our designer's tips for 8 samples of our fabric swatches

1. Satin Chffon Fabric Swatch For Bridesmaid Dresses


Fabric Swatches

The  satin chiffon fabric swatch is a new fabric and it has a high luster and great for evening gowns. 

 cheap turquoise bridesmaid dresses 08847Take a look at one of our hottest Satin Chiffon Style, you'll be elegant and charming all night  with this subtle beaded and diagonal tiered bridesmaid dress.


2. Light Chiffon Fabric Swatch For Prom Dress


Fabric Swatches

Light Chiffon Fabric Swatch, is very light, more sheer, and we can see through the luster of lining texture

latest formal dresses designs 11281

This front slit formal gown is  OuterInner latest formal dresses designs. And if you will have an up do hair style it will allow you to show your beautiful shoulders. You can also accessorize it with a pair of sparkling earrings or necklace that will go well with Light Chiffon dresses.

3.Chiffon Fabric Swatch For Wedding Gowns


Fabric Swatches

Extremely light weight,Soft, and Sheer. Chiffon Fabric Swatch is smoother and more lustrous than the similar fabric georgette.

 chiffon beach wedding dress 10419

Chiffon is one of the most popular choice for brides with a beach wedding themes.  The dress made by chiffon is feminine and gives the right kind of shape that most brides dream for their wedding venues.  Chiffon is popular because it is easy to carry and soft allowing you walk and dance freely. It's a great option not  just for wedding dresses but also for other formal dresses such as prom, party and homecoming dresses,etc.


4.Taffeta Fabric Swatch For Sweet 16 Dresses


Fabric Swatches

Taffeta Fabric Swatch is also known as a "chameleon" because it will change the color by the change of light. It is one of the most paper-like fabric and is thinner than other fabrics. This design is suitable for occasion dresses such as ball gown wedding gowns, sweet 16, Quinceanera dresses with pick-up, bubble or ruffles embellishment.

Sweet 16,Style Code:00364

Dress up yourself by this gorgeous Taffeta Sweet 16 Dress. Stunning, The strapless bodice boasts beautiful stones and beads around the neckline and is bedecked with ruffles details.

5. Elastic Silk-Like Satin Fabric Swatch & Elastic Woven Satin For Black Tie Event Dress


Fabric Swatches   Fabric Swatches

            Here I'd like to compare two fabrics which are perfect for black tie event. Both of them are bright, soft and give comfort. However, elastic silk-like satin fabric swatch is Softer and than elastic woven satin fabric swatch. And some bridesmaid dresses may be also made of elastic silk-like satin.

 Fabric Swatches

What type of dress for black tie event  do you prefer? Want to know more, click here:

Elastic Woven Black Tie Event Dresses & Elastic Silk-Like Black Tie Event Dresses


6. Organza Fabric Swatches For Homecoming Dresses


Fabric Swatches 03615

Organza Fabric Swatch is the thinnest, plain weave and sheer fabric and always matches other fabrics such as satin. It is used as laying for veils or overlays with pick-up embellishment to cover full skirt. When you choose your wedding  and evening dresses such as short prom or homecoming dresses, it is a good choice to choose high quality Organza materials.

short strapless homecoming dresses 08327

Chic and girly, you'll turn heads when you are dancing at the party! The frothy skirt is made up of layer upon layer of Organza, while the draped bodice is wrapped with a matching satin band. All highlighted with a beautifully beaded applique.


7. Satin Fabric Swatch For Ball Gowns Wedding Dresses


Fabric Swatches

A satin fabric swatch tends to have a high luster due to the high number of floats on the fabric. It is commonly used for delicate design with embellishments such as embroidery which is good for wearing wedding gowns or bridesmaid dresses to hold or attend the Church Wedding.

ball gown white wedding gowns 05939

The Satin Ball Gown White Wedding Gown is a unique design with pick-up embellishment.


Do you like our designers' tips for choosing the right Fabric Swatches to your special occasion dresses?  Apart from the above 8 samples, we still have tulle, silk and lace, you can browse through OuterInner.com to find your favorite styles. Which Fabric Swatches do you prefer? Would you like to customize your occasion dresses? Please leave your important comment below! :-)  

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In Stock Sale From OuterInner.com: Up to 50% OFF Till March 15th

In Stock Sale Categories are hot selling dresses and now up to 50% OFF

In Stock Sale Welcome to OuterInner.com In Stock Sale! Our designers have picked up heaps of hot selling occasion dresses for sale, and they are ready to wear dresses which only take around 10 days for the dresses to arrive with you after you place your order. In stock selected items are best of the best and hot selling. And the good news for you now is that we've classified in stock dresses as a category and it is easier for you to find  and choose your favorite styles. Another good news for OuterInner.com fans is that we've reduced in stock dresses up to 50% OFF until March 15th. So you have enough time to browse through our hot styles and please DO NOT MISS our huge selection of in stock dresses.

Two kinds of Sale

1. In Stock 40% OFF Sale If you are looking for plus size wedding gowns, high fashion prom dresses and custom made bridesmaid dresses, you are at the right place. Now Let's glimpse at three of our hot selling dresses below:

[Plus Size] Chiffon Wedding Dress with Asymmetric Straps 05926,Style Code:10920, US$99.00

 Wedding dresses at a discount: US$59.40

Wedding dresses for plus size 10920

Amazing. This inexpensive beach wedding dresses is of high quality and cheaper than the former style code 05926. you may ask, why? Because it's plus size, that is to say, any belle will love this style in a wide range of custom size.

 [In Stock] Floor-length Beading Sleeveless Blues Black Tie Event,Style Code: 07559, US$109.00

dresses for a black-tie party 07559

This is a dress for black tie event and graduation prom. Check out this great evening wear, because the price is now reduced from $109.00 down to $65.40.

Halter Ribbon Detailed Knee-length Dress 01277, Style Code: 10884,US$64.00

Bridesmaid dresses for cheap 10884

How about this hot selling bridesmaid dress? Now this style is inexpensive and ready to ship and we offer orange color as you can see online. The halter chiffon ribbon bridesmaid dresses will make you elegant and gorgeous.

  So, have you got some ideas from our tips? Are you planning a wedding on Valentine's Day? Or do you like our In Stock Sale? If so, don't stop! let's continue browsing through our up to 50% OFF sale:

2. In Stock 50% OFF Sale

If you further click In Stock 50% OFF Sale and see one you like,click through and purchase before the stock runs out. Shop early, because these in stock dresses are hot styles and popular by OuterInner.com fans. Here' a few items for you to choose:

Midnight Blue A-line Tea-Length Chiffon Dress, Style Code: 10480, US$74.00

Bridesmaid Dresses under $75 Style Code:10480

Do you remember this dress? One of our customer had reviewed before and she really loved her custom-made pink bridesmaid dresses. So click this previous blog to see more details and make you decision to buy a gorgeous one.

Sheath Sweetheart Knee-length Jacket Mother's Dresses 05100, Style Code: 10900, US$129.00

Cheap mother of the bride dress 10900

You're sure to be noticed in this mother of the bride dresses with jackets design. Lace trimmed with contrast color jacket details will create your beauty of curve with our limited size only.

If you want to know more, click OuterInner.com In Stock Sale to see more hot selling dresses. And you'll love our classified in stock sale. But, hurry.......the in stock sale offers are all WHILE SUPPLIES LAST! So, do you like the above styles? Or do you browse through OuterInner.com In Stock Sale to see more fashion dresses? Have you got a question to ask?Just leave a comment below and follow with interest in Facebook and Pinterest.  
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2013 Prom Dresses Weekly Fab Five From OuterInner.com #9

Fabulous Five 2013 Prom Dresses #9

 Weekly Fab Five 2013 Prom Dresses #9
It's Friday again and wish you have a fantastic weekend. Do you still worry about what type of 2013 prom dresses you want to wear? Here I'd like to recommend you 5 latest trend of OuterInner.com 2013 prom dresses as well as stylish prom shoes for 2013.

Gorgeous One

Bateau Shirred V-Neck Back Sweep Train Formal Dress, Style Code:11025, US$450.00

Bateau Shirred V-Neck Back Sweep Train Formal Dress 11025

A blue color will look most amazing when the dress is decorated with beading and ruched details. what's more, the v neck back and sweep train is a really eye-catching design and spotlight for this dress.

Pleated Peep Toe High Heel   09068

With countless option for purchasing a gorgeous one, you may have no idea to choose a stylish shoe that will go well with your dresses, so why not pick up this shoe to shine on the prom night?

Twinkling Two

Glittering Y Neckline Beading A-Line Floor-Length Dress, Style Code: 11033, US$379.00

Glittering Y Neckline Beading A-Line Floor-Length Dress 11033

 Awesome!!! This fantastic red prom dresses will make sure that you are the belle who looks great in this twinkling beading Y neck evening wear.

Suede Rhinestone Platform Wedding Pump 06075

This black high heel prom shoe is one of the best choice to fit your glittering red formal dresses. And the rhinestones embellishment make this shoes perfect for your special events. 

Charming Three

Flossy One-Shoulder Beading A-Line Prom Dress, Style Code: 11007, US$345.00

Flossy One-Shoulder Beading A-Line Prom Dress 11007

 The one shoulder features a sexy and classy look with beading and sequins embellishment. 

Rhinestones Peep Toe Stiletto Pump  06159

Balance a sparkling pump with your own style formal gown

Elegant four

Georgette Contrast Color Asymmetric Beading Shoulder Prom Dress, Style Code: 11030, US$299.00

Georgette Contrast Color Asymmetric Beading Shoulder Prom Dress 11030

If you don't like a monotonous color, then you'll love this bicolor asymmetric top beading dress.

Classic Point Toe Count Shoe 06058

For something elegant and feminine look, you'll find your favorite shoe in OuterInner.com. And just make sure it goes with your prom dresses, and you choose a hue that will match up well with your skin tone.

 Glamorous Five

Rushed A-Line One Shoulder Quick Delivery Formal Dress, Style Code: 11013, US$299.00

Rushed A-Line One Shoulder Quick Delivery Formal Dress 11013

What a feminine and goddess look! The pink a-line ruffles one shoulder design features a beauty curve which will help you make a good impression on the prom night.

Ivory Back Flower Platform High Heel 09070

How about this elegant flower embellished stiletto? This is perfect for prom, wedding or any other occasion dresses.

So, have you got an idea from our 2013 prom dresses as well as shoes tips? Which style of 2013 prom dresses is your favorite? What's your dream prom dresses? And which color do you prefer?  Comment below please. :-)
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Friday Update: 2013 New Released Quick Delivery Dresses

OuterInner.com 2013 New Released Styles

This week we’ve launched a large number of newest and trendiest Quick Delivery Dresses, and you'll see gorgeous floral styles, pink dresses and colorful dresses as they’re good-looking which we think are perfect for new season and other more special events like prom party or black tie event. If you pay close attention to our weekly update, you'll find what you're looking for in OuterInner.com. New 2013 quick delivery dresses just released Are you excited with our new fashion style? And prom season is approaching, would you like to pick them up early? If so, take at a look at our stunning and unique quick delivery dresses.

New In This Week We Have Quick Delivery Dresses 

As your occassion dresses specialists, OuterInner.com has published lots of fabulous and the hottest prom dresses, black tie event dresses and night out dresses this year. Now it's time to further keep focus on our new styles. Here are some new unique quick delivery dresses styles for your reference:

1. Omber Blue Halter Backless Beading Waist Prom Dress,Style Code: 11016, US$ 450.00

Omber Blue A-Line Prom Dress

Want to be a pure and fresh girl at prom party? This omber unique design is a good choice for your special event in Spring .

2. Omber Tencel One Shoulder Zigzag Beading Prom Dress,Style Code: 11011, US$ 368.00

 Omber Tencel One Shoulder Beading Prom Dress

How glamorous! The color combination of this prom dress is stunning. If you love brown color, this design is definitely fit for you.

3. All Over Beading A-Line One Shoulder Prom Dress, Style Code: 11014, US$ 350.00

Beading A-Line One-Shoulder Prom Dress

It's amazing!!! Black color never goes out of fashion and makes you more slinky and sexy all the night.

4. Illusion Beaded Neck Overskirted Prom Dress, Style Code: 11002, US$349.00


What about this girly and feminine quick delivery dresses design? It's so lightweight and absolutely elegant.

5. A-Line Bateau V-Neck Back Floor-Length Evening Wear, Style Code: 11028, US$ 299.00

 A-Line Bateau Floor-Length Evening Wear

This blue long prom dress is flattering on almost any skin color and a bit different than all the other prom dresses.

6. Beading A-line Jewel Ankle-length Quick Delivery, Style Code: 03629, US$159.00


This design will make you look just like a beautiful princess. The beading and waist corsage details add just the right amount of eye-catching. 

All of the above dresses are quick delivery dresses and these are a great option because it only takes around 10 days for the dress to arrive with you after you place your order! So, which are your favorite dresses? Do you love one of these 2013 new released styles? What color would you prefer for your prom dresses? Please  tell us which you prefer and comment below! :-)

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5 New Clutches That You Will Fall In Love With!

Take A Look at 5 of Our Cutest New Clutches!

Have you ever noticed that you've lacked something when you were hanging out with your friends? That is to say, there are many accessories whose addition will make you and your dresses exraordinary. So if you wanna to be a charismatic woman or girl, the point is to accessorize yourself with fashion clutches. Which color clutches do you prefer? The trend color for fashionable and irresistable clutches in Spring 2013 will be stronger and brighter. Adhering to the needs and good services of every fashion women, our clutches is always in fashion. Both bright reds and blues in OuterInner.com is popular color that you'll love. If you prefer to choose your favorite color, let's dig into our fifth sparkling clutches that you'll love:

1.  Purple Beading Bow Pleated Satin Clutch, Style Code: 10993, US$32.00

Purple Beading Bow Pleated Satin Clutch 10993

Pretty for the evening, bow embellishment is so cute and chic, and still remains fashion forward. It is a good choice for any occasion and varies in different colors so you can select your own favorite to your wardrobe.

 2. Ribbon Belt Beading Clutch, Style Code: 10998, US$24.00

Ribbon Belt Beading Cltch 10998

This rhinestones trimed style also comes in a variety color of gold and blue. Well, you'll catch more eyes than usual only if you clasp this clutch with buckle to the cocktail party or special party.

3. Leaf Shape Beading Elongated Clutch, Style Code: 10990, US$25.00

Leaf Shape Beading Elongated Clutch 10990

It's unique and full of artistic. If you love printed or omber formal dresses, this leaf shape design will give you a personality look.

4. Ivory Pearls Embellished Clutch, Style Code: 10995, US$36.00

Ivory Pearls Embellished Clutch 10995

Lustrous ivory satin clutch, which will get as elegant as you want to your occasion dresses.

5. Pearls Clutch with Beaded Closure details, Style Code:10989, US$34.00 

Pearls Clutch with Beaded Closure details 10989

One of the best part which you'll love this design is that it will be roomy enough to carry your mobile phone or every other electronic device.

As you know, different clutches will match different formal or semi-formal dresses.So,which color do you prefer? What is your favorite style of our clutches? Will you add sparkling clutches to your occasion dresses? Why not have a look at the above 5 clutches to get inspired and then comment below?

How To Get Unique Colored Bridesmaid Dresses For Fall Weddings

I'm Looking For Unique Fall Bridesmaid Dresses!

By Adrian Leighton
fall wedding
As we move into fall it's a great time to have an outdoor wedding amongst the changing trees and lovely autumnal landscapes and weather. If you're a bride or bridesmaid then you may wish to get bridesmaid dresses that fit then occasion and season very well, but what are your options? Of course oranges, browns, and reds are a popular choice, as these naturally echo the fall colors around us. A good color-scheme would be like this:
popular colors for fall bridesmaid dresses
Beautiful though this look is, many folks like you are looking for something that's in keeping with the season, but not the same as the very popular (and some might say, overdone) color-scheme of oranges, reds, etc

What Other Colors Are Good For Fall Bridesmaid Dresses Then?

First of all you need to be brave enough to say, "I don't need to choose colors based on the season!" After all, it's your wedding, and just because it's fall, that doesn't mean that you need to choose colors that are synonymous with the season. There are some other colors that also work really well in fall, and it's these colors that you need to consider in order to get unique bridesmaid dresses. Colors like olives, dark reds, grays, dark blues, and rich purples are all going to work with fall as a backdrop. Let's look at them here, as you need to see the colors to really get inspired:   Rich Purple Flounce Tiered Flower Belt Cocktail Dress, Style Code: 10447, US$86.00 Flounce Tiered Flower Belt Cocktail Dress, Style Code: 10447, US$86.00 Gray Sweetheart A-line Ruffles Knee-length Sleeveless Bridesmaid Dresses, Style Code: 05171, US$74.00 Sweetheart A-line Ruffles Knee-length Sleeveless Bridesmaid Dresses, Style Code: 05171, US$74.00 Dark Blue Chiffon Ruched Top Halter Bridesmaid Dress, Style Code: 08095, US$79.00 Dark Blue Chiffon Ruched Top Halter Bridesmaid Dress, Style Code: 08095, US$79.00 Dark Red Chiffon A-line Floor-length Sleeveless Reds One Shoulder Bridesmaid Dresses, Style Code: 07429, US$89.00 Dark Red Chiffon A-line Floor-length Sleeveless Reds One Shoulder Bridesmaid Dresses, Style Code: 07429, US$89.00 Olive Greens Sashes/ Ribbons Strapless Sleeveless Bridesmaid Dresses, Style Code: 01049, US$64.00 Olive Greens Sashes/ Ribbons Strapless Sleeveless Bridesmaid Dresses, Style Code: 01049, US$64.00   So which of these colors would you choose in order to have unique bridesmaid dresses at your fall wedding? Remember that our wide ranges of wedding dresses and bridesmaid dresses are available on site 24/7 :-)