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Go Green! The Fresh Color You Need For Formal Dresses In 2012

Green Formal Dresses Are A Top Choice For 2012

If you're looking for a hot color for your next formal dresses then you can't go far wrong with green this year! This is expertly demonstrated by the beautiful Angelina Jolie who wore an emerald green, long-sleeved Versace gown at the recent 'Golden Globes' where she was nominated for best actress.
angelina in emerald green formal dress
We love her classic style and at a time when strapless and sleeveless dresses are all the rage it is nice to see a big star trying something different and choosing a dress that's both glamorous and demure.  

What Shades Of Green Are Good For Formal Dresses?

green big selection of shades
As you can see with the slide above, there are many different shades of green that you could choose for your formal dresses, but it's important to remember that we'll usually wear them at formal events such as dinner parties, award ceremonies and work functions. These events are usually in the evening, hence darker shades of green will be more appropriate. As you can see with Angelina's dress, sparkly dresses are very 'in' right now, so look for sequins, rhinestones and shimmery metallic colors to be on trend.  

Green Formal Dresses From OuterInner.com

Luckily at OuterInner.com we've got you covered for green formal dresses in all sorts of styles! For instance, if you're looking for some red-carpet glamour of your own, then this Sleeveless Sheath Greens V-neck Black Tie Event Dress will be perfect!
green formal dresses The irridescent fabric of this sheath formal dress has a fantastic metallic tone that shimmers and changes in the light as you move. Best of all, it's just US$109.00! You can search for it on site too with its style code. (Style Code: 00873)  
On the other hand, if you're attending a party maybe you can try a classy cocktail dress in shimmery green, like this Strapless Short Greens Taffeta Cocktail Dress?
Strapless Short Greens Taffeta Cocktail Dress The taffeta of this dress shines under lights, so you'll certainly be noticed and you'll see that this dress is a lighter green as befits a slightly more 'light-hearted' event. This dress is a bargain at just US$74 and is style code: 01772 if you're searching on site.  
Loving green formal dresses? Well who can blame you? If they're good enough for Angelina, then they're good enough for us and we're told greens are going to really blow up in popularity this year, so be haead of the curve and choose green formal dresses next time you're looking to refresh your wardrobe!
green colorTell us if you like green and why in the comments below!  

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