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5 Reasons To Love One Shoulder Wedding Gowns


Let's Get Closer To One Shoulder Wedding Gowns

Here at OuterInner.com we’ve written about beach wedding dresses, colourful wedding dresses, and vintage wedding dresses, but in this blog we’re going to look at one shoulder wedding gowns.

one shoulder wedding gowns

Would YOU love to be wearing a look like this down the aisle?

Let’s look at why one shoulder wedding gowns are a great choice for any bride!

5 Reasons To Love One Shoulder Wedding Gowns


1. They have a unique style. We’re almost constantly seeing brides choose strapless and sweetheart wedding gowns these days, and that’s fine as they look great. However there’s nothing wrong with separating from the pack and trying something different.

origami one shoulder wedding gowns


2. They highlight your shoulders. The one shoulder still leaves your neckline peeking out, but really shows off your shoulders and gives more coverage than a strapless gown. This means that you can still wear pretty bridal jewelry and that your pretty neck and shoulders will be on display.
shoulders displayed by one shoulder wedding gowns 

3. They offer support for larger busts. The last thing you need is to be spilling out of your wedding gown on your special day, and a one shoulder wedding gown offers you the support of straps, without the cumbersome look of a strappy dress.

supportive one shoulder wedding gowns

4. They give an opportunity to have an amazing updo. Because you have the shoulder strap you don’t want your hair down and interfering with the look of the gown. Both gown and hair should look amazing, but not clash with each other. This means it’s updo time!

bride with updo wearing one shoulder wedding gowns

5. One shoulders can often be decorated. The shoulder strap of one shoulder wedding gowns is often made of extra decoration, such as fabric flowers or sparkly beading, adding to the overall pretty look of your look. decorated one shoulder wedding gown

Loving this style? Click here to see more one shoulder wedding gowns!

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12 Cool Wedding Trends You’ll Love Or Hate! (Part2)

12 Wedding Trends You'll Either Love Or Hate! (Part 2)

fancy dress wedding
As you might have seen in part 1 of this blog there are loads of cool trends that are starting to creep into modern weddings. So rather than having a very standard white wedding, many brides are choosing to jazz it up a little by including fun and unusual touches that certainly would never have been considered by our parents generation. For instance, would you consider having a 'fancy-dress' wedding like in the picture above? If that's too wild for you then how about these next 6 trends?

7. Dropped Waist Wedding Dresses

dropped waist wedding dresses
We're seeing a lot of dropped waist wedding dresses in modern weddings. As you can see from this picture, dropped waists just seem to continue on down to thigh level and they're very pretty. Do you like dropped waists?

8. Vintage Style Photography

Vintage Style Photography
Filtered, grainy and sepia colored photos are becoming derigeur for weddings, especially with the rise of apps like instagram. Old-style pictures are quite romantic and are a nice memento of the special day, so do these yellowish or black and white shots fit in with your idea of the perfect wedding pictures?

9. Differently Colored Bridesmaid Dresses

Differently Colored Bridesmaid Dresses
By differently colored I don't mean one bridesmaid dress with many colors, I mean that each bridesmaid is wearing a different colored dress making up a whole load of colors in one bridal party! Why is this trendy? Well, usually bridesmaids will wear one style of dress in one color, so by mixing up colors you're really going against tradition and having a unique wedding! Would you choose differently colored bridesmaid dresses?

10. Photobooths

It's quite trendy to give wedding guests their own opportunity to take pictures of your special day. In the past that would mean leaving disposable cams on their table, but those days are gone. A lot of modern brides are going one bigger and better by renting a full size photobooth that guests can nip into and get fun pictures printed while they wait! Cheap? certainly not! Fun? Absolutely!

11. Trash The Dress Photoshoots

Trash The Dress Photoshoots
The wish to outdo everyone else with your wedding pictures is escalating and an interesting trend of the moment is to get some really cool and edgy pictures after the wedding where you and your husband literally trash your wedding dress! This could be on a beach, in the forest, or even in disused buildings! Of course, wedding dresses don't usually survive this shoot, but you will have some amazing pics! Here's a trash the dress blog that we wrote earlier if you're considering doing one!

12. Colored Wedding Dresses

Colored Wedding Dresses
This could be the ultimate taboo-breaking trend; a colored wedding dress that is any other color than white (or hues of white)! This year we've seen big fish in the wedding gown world like Vera Wang release an entire collection of colored wedding dresses, so they must be getting more popular. In some cultures, such as China, it's important to wear red to your wedding, so would you take the risk and go colorful? Would you choose any of these funky trends for your wedding day? If these aren't your thing then how about the trends in part 1? Let us know if there are any trends we've missed that you think people need to know about please.  

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