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Professional's Secrets To Storing Your Wedding Dresses Revealed!

Storing Your Wedding Dresses Like A Pro

By Adrian Leighton
storing wedding dresses
So you've spent a long time searching through wedding dresses and have found the perfect style! If you're a wise bride you won't have left it 'til the last minute, but what do you do with the dress in the months or weeks before the wedding? It's important to store your wedding dress securely and properly to keep it in tip-top condition so that when you finally wear it you look perfect; this means avoiding any creasing, dust, and grime!

Storing Wedding Dresses Step-By-Step

Maybe you don't know much about storing a wedding dress...why would you? So here are the steps the professionals recommend you follow to keep your wedding dresses looking brand new.
  1. Get the dress professionally dry-cleaned. This will mean that the dress is 100% crease free and sparkling clean, BUT make sure only to use a dry-cleaner who you trust to avoid mistakes! This step is especially important if you buy a dress from an on line store like OuterInner.com, because in transit wedding dresses can unfortunately become a little creased.
  • If your wedding is within a week or so of the cleaning then it will be OK to hang them carefully in a garment bag such as the one you can see below. This will keep the shape of the dress, help it to avoid creases, and keep any dirty fingers well away.
wedding dresses garment bag
But garment bags do have their drawbacks. If they're made of plastic this isn't the kindest material on delicate fabrics as it won't let them breathe, and if you have a wedding dress with a long skirt or train then this can become bunched in the bottom of the bag leading to creases. So consider garment bags a short-term solution only.  
  • If your wedding is several weeks or even months away, then you'll need to get creative to keep your wedding dress looking amazing! Our suggestion is to use the 'sandwich method' to store it. This is where you hang your pressed wedding dress between two large cotton sheets, pinning the edges of the sheet to make a kind of enclosed sandwich.
  With trains be sure to let the dress hang all the way down without dragging on the floor, so hanging from a high place such as a curtain rail would be ideal if it's in the home.

"What If I Want To Store My wedding Dress Long-Term After I'm Married?"

If you are planning on storing your wedding dress after your wedding, for instance to be handed down as an heirloom, then the same instructions apply except that you should store it flat, not hung up, as this can stretch the fabric over time mis-shaping the dress. If you are handling a very old,stored wedding dress then it's also advisable to wear gloves to protect the fabric from your skin's oil (no joke!), but you should certainly get it out to air it once every couple of years or so.
wear gloves when handling stored wedding dresses This lady has the right idea, as she's wearing white cotton gloves to handle stored wedding dresses.  
Will you be ordering wedding dresses in advance of your wedding day? If so, how will you store them? What are your tips? Let us know by commenting please :-)

See A New Range Of LDS Wedding Gowns Which Are Ideal For Modest Brides

LDS Wedding Gowns from OuterInner.com

If you're an LDS bride, or simply looking for a more modest wedding gown then you'll like this blog as we're looking in a little more detail at LDS wedding gowns. We'll cover what they are, their features and look at some of OuterInner.com's choices of appropriate gowns.
LDS wedding gowns example in action

Why are LDS wedding gowns for me?

If you're a Latter-day Saint bride then your beliefs will require you to wear a more modest LDS wedding gowns, especially if you're planning on wearing them throughout the ceremony and the sealing within the temple. On the other hand, perhaps you would just prefer a dress that doesn't show off a lot of skin? That's fine, as there are options that you'll find appealing. These gowns are typically more demure and less 'showy' than many modern wedding dresses. This is because Latter-day Saint believers have very strict rules on the types of dresses that may be worn for wedding ceremonies in their temples. A 'temple-ready' dress will be:
  • The gown needs to be white only, not variations of white such as ivory or champagne.
  • You will need a long-sleeved gown for the sealing.
  • Low-cut or backless gowns are not acceptable. They would need a neckline high enough to cover your collarbone.
  • The skirt must be floor-length and long enough to cover your shoes.
  • You can't wear a dress with a train.
  If you are an LDS bride and you're wondering if it might just be better to wear a temple gown for the ceremony inside the temple that's up to you, but you can still change into a suitable and pretty LDS wedding gown for pictures and greeting family and friends outside the temple. Also, if you are planning on wearing LDS wedding gowns outside the temple the rules aren't as strict and, although they still need to be modest, you can have short sleeves and a train for instance.

OK, I'm ready to see a range of modest LDS wedding gowns from OuterInner.com!

We have recently added a whole selection of LDS wedding gowns here on OuterInner.com, so click that blue link to see them all!
A-line Chapel Train Ivory Satin Wedding Gown As you can see, this A-line chapel wedding gown features sleeves, is fairly high-necked and isn't backless, so it's perfect for an LDS bride! It's $184 and is style code: 06999.  
Chapel Train A-line White Chiffon Chapel Train Wedding Gown This is a very lovely A-line White Chiffon Chapel Train Wedding Gown which has a very flattering and simple scoop neckline. Just $229 and style code: 07014.  
White A-line Chapel Train Sweetheart Neckline Wedding Gown Another very modest White A-line Chapel Train Sweetheart Neckline Wedding Gown which offers a lot of coverage which is great for brides who want to keep covered up more and would perhaps feel that they would benefit from covering the top of their arms. This dress is only $209 and is style code: 06987.  
Ivory Trumpet/ Mermaid Court Train V-neck Wedding Gown We love this Ivory Trumpet/ Mermaid Court Train V-neck Wedding Gown as it's quite an unusual style whilst still being pretty modest and lovely. The ruffled skirt is just fabulous! You can make this your own for just $214 and it's style code: 06988.  
You may find that these dresses aren't suitable for ceremonies within a temple if you're an LDS bride, however they will be fine for a photoshoot outside afterwards :-) If you love these more modest dresses and want to see more that are similar then you should click here to see more LDS wedding gowns that will be great for brides seeking a more modest wedding dress.  
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