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Formal Dresses From OuterInner.com On Sale Until Nov 30th

OuterInner.com Formal Dresses ON SALE!

formal dresses sale

As we head into military ball season, and also the time when many of us are thinking about which formal dresses to wear for these and our Thanksgiving and Christmas parties, it's the right time for another great OuterInner.com sale!

During the remainder of October and all of November we're offering 25% OFF a range of formal dresses that are suited to many formal events, such as military balls.

"Where Can I Wear These Formal Dresses That Are On Offer?"

As mentioned, these flattering formal dresses could be worn at:
  • Military Balls
  • Black Tie Events
  • Thanksgiving Parties
  • Christmas Parties
  • Work Events
  • Prize-Giving Events
  • School or College Reunions
So the only thing you need to do is choose the style that fits you, and then save money!

"How Do I Get One Of These Dresses?"

Ordering on line is different to shopping locally, but easy! First register your free customer account, then our system will be able to give you shipping costs and info to your home. Register here. Then choose your ideal dress from our sale. This time click on the military ball dresses sale. Finally choose the color (there are many to suit your taste and event), and size (2 to 28 as standard, or made-to-measure for an extra $16). Then sit back, and we'll make and deliver your dress in about 5-6 weeks (can be less, our customer support team will update you accurate delivery information upon ordering).

"Got it! So, Show Me The Formal Dresses!"

Without further ado, let's get into the formal dresses that are on offer! Click here to see our: MILITARY BALL & FORMAL DRESSES SALE.    

OuterInner Recommends: Military Ball Dresses

Military Ball Dresses

military ball dresses from outerinner

When you have a large number of styles to choose from, how do you find suitable military ball dresses? This is the question we're going to answer in this blog:

"My Partner Is In The Military. Which Military Ball Dresses Are Appropriate?"

It's important to remember that a military ball is a work event, much like an office dinner for civilians. This means that you'll need to go formal when choosing a dress. It will also affect how you behave, and things like drinking, because you're going to be surrounded by people that your partner works with. In general many partners prefer to keep reasonably covered up, ignoring very low cut dresses, and those with overly short skirts. That said, cocktail dresses are fine, but try to keep them sensible. Colors are OK, and in fact you'll want to avoid turning an event into a sea of black, so sequins, bright colors, and decorative beading are all things that are welcome in military ball dresses.

"Show Me Some Military Ball Dresses That I Might Like..."

OuterInner.com have just launched our new military ball dresses category, so let's look at a few styles to get you started.

1. A-line Ankle-length Strapless Sleeveless Prom Dresses

Style Code: 06625 $109

A-line Ankle-length Strapless Sleeveless Prom Dresses Style Code: 06625

2. Sweetheart Neck Ruched Bodice Trumpet Prom Dress

Style Code: 05433 $124

Sweetheart Neck Ruched Bodice Trumpet Prom Dress Style Code: 05433

3. A-Line Ruched Halter Floor-length Prom Dress

Style Code: 06609 $99

A-Line Ruched Halter Floor-length Prom Dress Style Code: 06609

4. Chiffon Applique One Shoulder Graduation Prom

Style Code: 05667 $179

Chiffon Applique One Shoulder Graduation Prom Style Code: 05667

5. Asymmetrical Strap Keyhole Beaded Waist Prom Dress

Style Code: 05659 $129

Asymmetrical Strap Keyhole Beaded Waist Prom Dress Style Code: 05659

These are just a taster of our full range, so click here to see more: military ball dresses.

Your Turn...

If you had to choose, which of the above dresses would you wear to a military ball? Do you have any tips about which styles of dresses work well at a military ball? When you last attended a ball, what kind of dress did you wear? Let us know please!

How To Look Like A Million Bucks In Formal Dresses


OuterInner.com Guide To Wearing Formal Dresses

black & white tie formal dresses

So you've been invited to a formal party, and you want to look amazing wearing formal dresses. If you're like most people you probably don't wear high-class formal dresses all of the time, so you may be thinking: "But what kind of dress should you wear, and how about shoes, and accessories?" Don't worry! The chance to wear something really special, and treat yourself to a really glamorous night out only comes along so often, so grasp it with both hands! There are a few points to consider, and if you do you'll look like a star, so let's check out what you need to know in this guide.

What Kind Of Party Is It?

In general there are 2 dress codes for formal parties: "White Tie," and "Black Tie."

White Tie Parties & Formal Dresses

White tie parties are occasions such as formal dinners, state banquets, ballroom parties, nights at the opera, and ballet, etc. When you're invited to a party with a 'white tie' dress code, you need to think 'elegant' when it comes to formal dresses! It's an evening dress code, so you'll be attending this party after 6pm.
  • Elegant styles only.
  • Long skirts are needed.
  • Many colors are appropriate, but you could vary them depending on the season.
  • Modest style (avoid very low cut necklines).
  • Ball gowns are a good choice.
  • White long gloves & scarf or shawl make good accessories.
  • Match your bag with the color of your formal dress.
Here's an example of a wonderful ball gown you may like for white tie parties:

Sleeveless Organza Applique Black Black Tie Event Style Code: 01003 $184

This elegant one-shoulder gown would look so great at a formal party:

One-Shoulder Pleated Floor-Length Evening Formal Dress Style Code: 08838 $129

This glittering sequin gown below is a great formal dress option, as it's elegant, and modest as well as being striking!

V-Neck Bishop Sequins Sweep/Brush Train Prom Dress Style Code: 10771 $399

Black Tie Parties & Formal Dresses

Black tie parties are still formal, but less so than the very formal white tie. You definitely have more options in terms of formal dresses, as you can choose to wear either an evening gown, or cocktail dress.
  • Shorter skirts are acceptable, but long skirts are the most formal and safest option.
  • Strapless formal dresses are currently popular.
  • Once again, you can choose from almost any color.
  • A little black dress would be a good choice for an evening drinks party.
  • Sparkly necklace, earrings, or bracelet would work well.
If you were to choose an LBD for your black tie party then this elegant style is nice:

Sweetheart Knee-length Sleeveless Lace Little Black Dresses Style Code: 00779 $114

You have a little more freedom to go for a more risque style like this slinky gown:

Sleeveless Elastic Silk-Like Satin Sweep/ Brush Train Sheath Black Tie Event Style Code: 00426 $132

Finally, how about choosing a unique asymmetric skirt, which is both high and low:

Gentle Sweetheart Empire Waist Asymmetrical Hem Evening Wear Style Code: 05477 $114

Accessories To Go With Formal Dresses

Shoes: Match your shoes with your dress color, and wear lower heels or flats if you're planning on dancing a lot. Jewelry: Choose jewelry that is sparkly, pretty, but not so bold as to overshadow your dress which should be the star of the show.
Shawls and Hand Gloves: You must wear these to white tie parties as mentioned earlier. How about silk gloves and shawl for that extra bit of elegance and glamour?

Your Turn...

Have you attended a formal party recently? What kind of dress did you wear? Do you have any tips about choosing formal dresses? Let us know by leaving a comment :)  
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Military Ball Gowns: What To Wear In 2013


Which Military Ball Gowns Should You Be Wearing In 2013?

choosing military ball gowns

 Military ball season is an exciting time as all of the military branches hosts balls that spouses can attend. It's exciting to get together with like-minded friends, comrades, and communities, but many a military wife or partner feels nervous when it comes to choosing military ball gowns.

You are representing your partner who's in the forces, so the gown you wear takes on special significance. Basically, you want to look your best for them, and yourself.

You'll be greeted, have dinner, toasting, and finally dancing. It's a fun, but busy celebration, so an appropriate and comfortable ball gown is key.

Tips When Choosing Military Ball Gowns

Military ball gowns are basically black tie event dresses, and many consider them to be similar to prom dresses too (although some prom styles can be pretty 'poofy' and wild, which is not what you want). The keyword is formal. Here are some tips to help you better understand the do's and don't when choosing military ball gowns:
  • Military ball gowns are often long, or even with a short train. However they can be knee-length (like a cocktail dresses) depending on the style.
  • Very bright colors are not advised. It's a formal occasion, and although guests can wear any color, something too bright isn't befitting the event.
  • Highly decorative gowns, such as those with lots of crystals, sequins, or heavy patterns, are to be avoided. Some sparkle is OK, but it's always better to choose something a little more sedate if in doubt.
  • Think, "Pretty and elegant," Not, "Hot and sexy."
  • Long gloves may be worn if that's something that you'd like as part of your outfit.
[caption id="attachment_6734" align="aligncenter" width="300"]military ball gowns As you can see here, military ball gowns are pretty, but not too wild.[/caption]
Let's look at some appropriate styles that you can choose as military ball gowns based on 2013's trends. 

Glitter Tulle Cross Sequin Waist Deep V-Neck Evening Dress

Style Code: 11450 | $208

Glitter Tulle Cross Sequin Waist Deep V-Neck Evening Dress Style Code: 11450 $208This beautiful military ball gown features a sheer layer in the skirt which is so stylish when paired with the sequins and darker color below. The V neckline also opens up many options when it comes to wearing a beautiful necklace too.

Asymmetric Capped Sleeves Beading Floor-length Quick Delivery Dress

Style Code: 11449 | $129

Asymmetric Capped Sleeves Beading Floor-length Quick Delivery Dress  Style Code: 11449 | $129Love the beautiful red color of this gown, and the unusual asymmetrical capped sleeves are pretty. It's also a great price for a silk and satin gown!

Ruched Low Cut V Neck Formal Dress

Style Code: 08695 | $108

Ruched Low Cut V Neck Formal Dress  Style Code: 08695 | $108Emerald green is such an important color in 2013 that it makes this gown irresistible!

Straps Beading Sleeveless Floor-length Black Tie Event

Style Code: 01138 | $134

Straps Beading Sleeveless Floor-length Black Tie Event  Style Code: 01138 | $134A high neckline has so much poise, it's a lovely option for those of us attending very formal events like a military ball. Gold and white looks great too!

Red A-line V-neck Floor-length Mother of The Bride Dress

Style Code: 06040 | $119

Red A-line V-neck Floor-length Mother of The Bride Dress  Style Code: 06040 | $119If you're looking for a gown with sleeves then this style will give you the coverage you need for your arms, and the half sleeves also have an air of elegance that'd be perfect at a military ball.

These are just a taste of our range of military ball gowns, and remember that our gowns are available in many different colors (can be chosen on each dress page in our store), in a US2 to 28 as standard, or can be made-to-measure. Just click on the dress you like to go to its page :)

Your Turn...

Have you been to a military ball before? What kind of ball gown did you wear? What kinds of styles do you think make good military ball gowns? Let us know by leaving a comment!

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