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The OuterInner.com Lottery On Pinterest!

Still Sore About Not Winning The Mega Millions Lottery? Cushion The Blow By Entering The OuterInner.com Lottery On Pinterest!

The OuterInner.com Lottery
If you weren't lucky enough to be one of the winners of the amazing $640 Million Mega Millions lottery recently in the States then you'll love our new 'OuterInner.com Lottery!' We're offering you the chance to win some great, OuterInner.com-related, prizes over the next month! It's going to be easier to win than the Mega Millions, in fact all you need is a Pinterest account and to keep an eye on our facebook page to see if your numbers come up!  

The OuterInner.com Lottery On Pinterest

OuterInner.com Lottery
We love Pinterest here at OuterInner.com, and if you haven't already, you really should start following our offical Pinterest boards for the latest dress pics, offers and videos which you can then share and add to your own boards easily. It's fun too! After all of the news about the big lottery jackpot in the States recently we decided to combine our love of the lottery and Pinterest together to bring you the OuterInner.com Pinterest Lottery!  

How Does The OuterInner.com Lottery On Pinterest Work?

you won't need a lottery ticket like this to enter the outerinner.com pinterest lottery!
It's just like any lottery. You need to choose your numbers and then wait for the lottery draw. If you're lucky then you'll win a prize! But unlike a traditional lottery you don't need to buy a ticket. Simply go and choose your numbers from our Pinterest board of numbers and then pin the numbers to your own board (which is kind of like your own virtual lottery ticket, so don't lose it!). Here's what to do to enter:

Choose Your Numbers And Add Them To A Pinterest Board

  1. Sign up for a Pinterest account by visiting Pinterest here. It's FREE! You might need an invite. If you do, we can send you one - so just send a request to us via email at MKT@OUTERINNER.COM, or a private message through our FB page.
  • Visit our Pinterest page where you can choose your 5 numbers! Go to the OuterInner lottery board. You'll see 53 pictures of our lovely dresses, each numbered, and you must choose 5 of them which will remain the same for the period of the contest. You need to repin these to your own account in a new board called...
  • Set up a board called OUTERINNER.COM LOTTERY DRESSES and pin your 5 numbers to it.
  • Email us the link to your finished board complete with its 5 pins to MKT@OUTERINNER.COM so we know you have entered, which numbers you chose and can check to see if you're a winner!
  That's it, you're now ready to play! So, you have your 5 numbers and now you need to keep an eye on our facebook page as it's here that we will announce the winning numbers weekly! Here's how the draw works:

Check The Draw And See If You've Won

fingers crossed that you can win the outerinner.com lottery
  1. Every Monday for a month we will draw 3 numbers at random from the 53 and post them on Facebook at 12pm Hong Kong time.
  • If you have 1 of these numbers then you will win a 30% OFF voucher which you can use on ANY OuterInner.com dress! The voucher will be added to your OuterInner account and must be used within 6 months and can only be used on one purchase.

But wait, there's more! You Can Also Win A FREE Dress!

you could win a beautiful dress like this for free!
Yes, that's right. One lucky winner per week will be chosen at random and will win a FREE custom sized dress of their choice (up to the value of $150). In the normal lottery you either win or you don't, but in our lottery you can also win a bonus prize! So if you don't enter, you definitely won't be able to win the free dress! Again, we'll contact the winner by email and our decision is final! Good luck everybody!  

When Does The Lottery Run For?

remember to check the date of the draw to see if you won
The lottery is running between the 9th of April to the 7th of May. We'll do the draw and post the winning numbers on our facebook page at 12pm HK time each Monday, so that's the 16th, 23rd, 30th of April and 7th of May.   Don't forget that if you need any help such as a Pinterest invite, please send us a message on facebook or to MKT@OUTERINNER.COM. Good luck!  
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