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Real OuterInner Customer Reviews: Brittany's Wedding Dress

Brittany Yedlowski's Wedding Dress

We always love to hear from our customers and it's especially lovely when we're lucky enough that some of you guys choose us to supply your wedding dress and bridesmaid dresses. One of our customers, Brittany, kindly sent us this review and a couple of pictures, so let's get into it...  

Brittany's Comments About Her Wedding Dress:

These are some pictures from my wedding 9-17-11. My wedding dress was Champagne lace and beautiful. The guests at my wedding gasped when I started to walk the aisle :) All three of my bridesmaids wore dresses from Outer Inner too! They were gorgeous! All four dresses fit like a dream! Thank you so much for being such a big part of my special day!
Brittany wedding dress and bridesmaid dresses

 Here's Brittany with her bridesmaids...so gorgeous!

Britanny wedding dress

 A second shot that shows the girls looking great in the dresses

  Do you like the dresses that Brittany chose? Good news! You can get your hands on them by following these links:     So, a MASSIVE thanks to Brittany for her review and beautiful pictures that surely bring her good memories and hopefully a smile to your face! We rewarded her with a $20 gift voucher as a thanks for sharing, and you can get in on the action too by emailing us your review to 'marketing@outerinner.com.' Do you like these dresses? Let us know by leaving a comment!

Want to see more wedding dresses? Click that link!

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