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Friday Update: 2013 New Released Quick Delivery Dresses

OuterInner.com 2013 New Released Styles

This week we’ve launched a large number of newest and trendiest Quick Delivery Dresses, and you'll see gorgeous floral styles, pink dresses and colorful dresses as they’re good-looking which we think are perfect for new season and other more special events like prom party or black tie event. If you pay close attention to our weekly update, you'll find what you're looking for in OuterInner.com. New 2013 quick delivery dresses just released Are you excited with our new fashion style? And prom season is approaching, would you like to pick them up early? If so, take at a look at our stunning and unique quick delivery dresses.

New In This Week We Have Quick Delivery Dresses 

As your occassion dresses specialists, OuterInner.com has published lots of fabulous and the hottest prom dresses, black tie event dresses and night out dresses this year. Now it's time to further keep focus on our new styles. Here are some new unique quick delivery dresses styles for your reference:

1. Omber Blue Halter Backless Beading Waist Prom Dress,Style Code: 11016, US$ 450.00

Omber Blue A-Line Prom Dress

Want to be a pure and fresh girl at prom party? This omber unique design is a good choice for your special event in Spring .

2. Omber Tencel One Shoulder Zigzag Beading Prom Dress,Style Code: 11011, US$ 368.00

 Omber Tencel One Shoulder Beading Prom Dress

How glamorous! The color combination of this prom dress is stunning. If you love brown color, this design is definitely fit for you.

3. All Over Beading A-Line One Shoulder Prom Dress, Style Code: 11014, US$ 350.00

Beading A-Line One-Shoulder Prom Dress

It's amazing!!! Black color never goes out of fashion and makes you more slinky and sexy all the night.

4. Illusion Beaded Neck Overskirted Prom Dress, Style Code: 11002, US$349.00


What about this girly and feminine quick delivery dresses design? It's so lightweight and absolutely elegant.

5. A-Line Bateau V-Neck Back Floor-Length Evening Wear, Style Code: 11028, US$ 299.00

 A-Line Bateau Floor-Length Evening Wear

This blue long prom dress is flattering on almost any skin color and a bit different than all the other prom dresses.

6. Beading A-line Jewel Ankle-length Quick Delivery, Style Code: 03629, US$159.00


This design will make you look just like a beautiful princess. The beading and waist corsage details add just the right amount of eye-catching. 

All of the above dresses are quick delivery dresses and these are a great option because it only takes around 10 days for the dress to arrive with you after you place your order! So, which are your favorite dresses? Do you love one of these 2013 new released styles? What color would you prefer for your prom dresses? Please  tell us which you prefer and comment below! :-)

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