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What Are Black Tie Weddings, And How Do I Host One?


All About Black Tie Weddings

[caption id="attachment_6427" align="aligncenter" width="300"]Beautiful black tie weddings This is the typical look of a wedding party from a black tie wedding. As you can see, the black tuxedos work so well against the lighter dresses of the girls.[/caption] If you’re looking to host a really glamorous and elegant wedding, then you could certainly try a trend that’s becoming more popular in recent years, “Black Tie Weddings.” If you’ve ever been to a black tie event you’ll know that they are formal as they take place in the evening, but what does that mean? For the boys the dress is strictly tuxedos, but for us girls the good thing is that we have the choice of wearing long and glamorous black tie gowns or very dressy cocktail dresses in any of a multitude of colors (except white of course!) and plenty of flattering accessories! Given the choice that you’ve got the choice of so many different black tie event dresses, this means that you can really have some fun putting together your outfit for a black tie wedding. What Should I Wear To Black Tie Weddings? The bride and female guests really are spoiled at this type of wedding, as it’s a rare chance to dress to the nines in glamorous, full-length evening gowns, and go crazy with beautiful accessories! Not sure what kind of dresses you can or should wear? Let’s look at some options:

Gorgeous Silk A-Line One-Shoulder Formal Dress with Lace & Beading

Style Code: 11118 / $169

[caption id="attachment_6435" align="aligncenter" width="195"]Gorgeous Silk A-Line One-Shoulder Formal Dress with Lace Beaded Style Code: 11118 Just $169 for a real silk dress? You bet![/caption]

Sleeveless Floor-length Chiffon A-line Black Tie Event Dress

Style Code: 00556 / $124

[caption id="attachment_6437" align="aligncenter" width="194"]Sleeveless Floor-length Chiffon A-line Black Tie Event Style Code: 00556 $124 Pretty, light, and stylish. This sweeping chiffon black tie dress is a great look for formal weddings in the summer time.[/caption]  

Halter Grays Taffeta Floor-length Black Tie Event Dress

Style Code: 00378 / $119

[caption id="attachment_6438" align="aligncenter" width="195"]Halter Grays Taffeta Floor-length Black Tie Event Style Code: 00378 $119 Taffeta black tie event dresses have sharp lines and lots of character. Metallic silver is a great color option for black tie weddings too.[/caption]  

Ruched V Neck Back Sash Cocktail Dress

Style Code: 10450 / $84

[caption id="attachment_6440" align="aligncenter" width="195"]Ruched V Neck Back Sash Cocktail Dress Style Code: 10450 $84 Even a dressy cocktail dress like this one is appropriate for black tie weddings, so you can truly take your pick of many styles![/caption] It doesn’t end with the dress though – you can really go to town with your makeup, and accessories. It’s best to get your hair and makeup done professionally before the wedding starts, as this will really complement your ‘red-carpet’ looks. As for accessories, think intricate beading, sparkly sequins, pearls, and bold metallic statement jewelry. The more bling, the better! [caption id="attachment_6433" align="aligncenter" width="300"]Sparkly black tie accessories Accessories like this clutch which have a lot of sparkle are perfect for black tie weddings.[/caption]   Black Tie Weddings Are Both Special And Fancy! [caption id="attachment_6441" align="aligncenter" width="166"]inspiration for black tie weddings Some of the colors and motifs you can expect at a black tie wedding.[/caption]

 When you think black tie weddings, you need to be thinking ‘classy.’ The details that you choose should be very formal, classy, and stylish. Every bride has different ideas about her wedding, but here are some ideas that are in keeping with the formal style you’re looking for which you could use to host a wonderful black tie wedding:

l   Roses, orchids, and lilies are perfect for an elegant evening reception.

rose wedding centrepiece

l   Try simple French food, beautifully plated, to add to the feeling of class.

haute cuisine for wedding

l   Champagne is the drink of choice, and waiters carrying around trays of champagne flutes for your guests will make everyone feel like they’re a star (sparkling wines can be used to get the same effect, but with a lower budget)!

tray of champagne

l   A black limo, complete with uniformed driver, will be the perfect exit for the newly-weds (a smaller sedan would also look good, and cost less).

black wedding limo

l   An ornately decorated black & white wedding cake would look unique, and in fitting with your formal occasion.

black and white wedding cake

l   Have your guests walk into the reception on a red carpet and take special shots of them arriving like at an awards ceremony.

red carpet for wedding guests

l   Having a band of DJ? Try a black & white checked Dance floor instead of the traditional plain one.

black and white checked dance floor

l   How about a string quartet for some calm and pleasant ambiance during dinner?

wedding string quartet

  What Should The Bride Wear?

black tie wedding bride and groom

This is quite a formal wedding, therefore for the wedding gown it’s important for the bride to really make an entrance and look memorable. Our suggestion is a very elegant and timeless style, perhaps a ball gown like these ones:

typical ball gown wedding dresses

Click here to see even more gorgeous ball gown wedding dresses.   Don’t forget that crystals or diamonds, as well as pearls, are the perfect wedding jewelry for the formal bride, as these can really accentuate her look. Since this is an evening wedding, look to maximise your sparkle from the lights, as this will guarantee all eyes on you! [caption id="attachment_6453" align="aligncenter" width="250"]Crystal-and-Pearl-Wedding-Jewelry Click this picture to see lots of low cost crystal and pearl wedding jewelry to go with your formal wedding outfit.[/caption]   A black & white wedding bouquet is also a daring and great-looking flower choice.

black and white wedding bouquet 

Your Turn…

How do you feel about really classy formal black tie weddings? Have you been to one? Is it something you’d like to try? Tell us by leaving a comment.
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OuterInner.com Star Style: Emmys 2012 Black Tie Event Dresses

Emmys 2012 Black Tie Event Dresses

By Adrian Leighton
black tie event dresses at the emmys
It's the time of year where stars of the small screen get together to discover whose TV shows are the winners and losers in the Emmys! I personally loved 'Breaking Bad,' 'Game Of Thrones,' and 'Homeland,' but hey, that's just me, and we're here to talk about dresses! This year we've seen some really dazzling outfits, and we're going to show you how you can recreate these star styles with our very own black tie event dresses! The difference is that their dresses cost perhaps thousands of dollars, whilst ours are very inexpensive :-) Let's look at a few of our favorite Emmys styles, and similar black tie event dresses from OuterInner that will help you get a similar style...

Bright Yellow Black Tie Event Dresses

There was a lot of bright yellow on show, and why not! It's a fun, cheerful colors that's always eye-catching. Our favorite was Claire Danes in her bright Lanvin gown:
clair danes lanvin
You can get this look by choosing this dress:
Floor-length A-line Sweetheart Sleeveless Black Tie Event Dress, Style Code: 00479, US$95.00 Floor-length A-line Sweetheart Sleeveless Black Tie Event Dresses, Style Code: 00479, US$95.00  

Mermaid Dresses

There's nothing quite like a mermaid style dress to show off your showbiz curves, and we often see stars embracing this look on the red carpet. The best in our opinion had to be the gorgeous Sophia Vergara in her Zuhair Murad gown here:
sophia vergara mermaid gown
If you want to flaunt your stuff like Sophia then maybe this black tie event dress could be the one?
Sweep/ Brush Train Mermaid Sleeveless Halter Black Tie Event, Style Code: 00143, US$145.00 Sweep/ Brush Train Mermaid Sleeveless Halter Black Tie Event, Style Code: 00143, US$145.00  

Layered Tulle Dresses

Layered tulle dresses have great volume given by the stiff tulle used in their skirts, and have real fairytale style. Zooey Deschanel's Reem Acra gown shows what I mean exactly:
Zooey deschanel reem acra tulle gown
The dress below isn't shown in a similar color, but you can see how it gives you the same voluminous skirt and princess look:
Ball Gown Sashes/ Ribbons Tulle Floor-length Black Tie Event, Style Code: 01211, US$134.00 Ball Gown Sashes/ Ribbons Tulle Floor-length Black Tie Event, Style Code: 01211, US$134.00  

Gray Dresses

There were so many different shades of gray last night it was hard to choose which dress looked best, but I think finally it has to be Emily Van Camp's illusion neckline J Mendel dress here:
Emily van camp J mendel gray dress
Gray's a really glamorous and versatile color, and we love the illusion neckline which you can also see here:
High Illusion Neck Draping Sash Formal Dress, Style Code: 09116, US$274.00 High Illusion Neck Draping Sash Formal Dress, Style Code: 09116, US$274.00  

One Shoulder Dresses

There's something so seductive about a one shouder dress, and this bright Tadashi Shoji example being worn by British star Kat Deeley, is a great look:
Here at OuterInner.com we have a lot of one shoulder dresses, and here's a nice red one that has similar red carpet glamour:
One Shoulder Floor-length Reds Sleeveless Black Tie Event, Style Code: 00697, US$119.00 One Shoulder Floor-length Reds Sleeveless Black Tie Event, Style Code: 00697, US$119.00  
Which of these styles is your thing? Want to see more styles? Click here to see all of our black tie event dresses :-)

OuterInner's Tips To Avoiding Order Delays This Chinese New Year

Avoid The Jams And Get Your OuterInner Order ASAP This Chinese New Year

traffic jam
Chinese new year is nearly here and this time of year can lead to some delays as everyone in China and Hong Kong take at least a week off. Chinese new year (CNY) is the Asian equivalent of Christmas and for many workers the only chance they have to see their family in their hometown every year. This means that our dressmaker won't be working and many postal service staff will also be off work too. This year Chinese new year is January 22nd to 28th 2012 although many employees work longer before and after to have a longer holiday.  

How Do I Get My Order With A Minimum Of Delay?

OuterInner.com can help to eliminate delays if we're able to schedule orders coming in very strictly. In this way we can prioritize orders that are needed sooner and so if you tell us the date that you need your order by we can plan them and make sure that when they can be made, those that are needed soonest are at the head of the queue. So, don't forget:

Tell us the date that you need your order by so we can get it to you on time!

You will need to add this in the special instruction box at checkout.  

OuterInner's Chinese New Year Advice In Detail

Please kindly note that our purchasing department will be on holiday from Jan 16 -30. Thus, the delivery time of your order may get delayed and here is our schedule for Order Delivery Time.
  1. For orders that need to be made from scratch (orders of any occasions dresses EXCEPT "Quick Delivery" dresses).
A. If the order is placed & paid BEFORE JAN 8, it won't be delayed and you can expect to receive it in our normal delivery time, which is around 3 weeks plus international shipping time. B. If your order is placed & paid BETWEEN JAN 9-16, the delivery time would be 4-5 weeks plus international shipping time. (e.g. You place an order on Jan 13 and select UPS/DHL as shipping method, the earliest date you can expect to receive the order will be around Feb 16). C. If the order is placed & paid AFTER JAN 16, the total delivery time would be 6-7 weeks plus international shipping time. (e.g. An order is placed on Jan 23 and select UPS/DHL as shipping method, the earliest delivered date will be around March 5).  
  • For orders of Quick Delivery dresses or lingerie and costumes.
  A. If the order is placed & paid BEFORE JAN 8, you can expect to receive it under our normal delivery time, which is 3 working days for dispatching plus international shipping time. B. If the order is placed AFTER JAN 8, it will be sent out around 1st week of February the latest.  
  • If you need your order URGENTLY or expect to receive your order earlier, please see our recommendations as following:
  A. Make sure to plan and arrange your ordering time properly based on the dates we've given to avoid delays and disappointment. B. You can choose quick delivery dresses which is strongly recommended as the dispatching time will be only 3 business days after your payment clears. C. Leave your expected receiving date in 'Special Instruction' box on check out page, and we will do our best to arrange your order accordingly.   As ever we will be on hand to help as much as possible and our customer support will also be available to answer questions during CNY, although it may take a little longer to get an answer than normal, so thanks for your patience. You can also try contacting us on our facebook page too!  

Now Please Tell Us What You Think Of The New OuterInner.com

We've made a lot of changes to the site and we think it's much easier for you guys to shop with us as well as it just being a much nicer site! But it's what YOU think that matters. Your opinion really matters to us, so please, please could you help us out by taking our survey? This will only take a few moments and it will help us to make further changes to the site and really perfect it :-) Thank you!  
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Friday Roundup: What's Been Happening At OuterInner This Week?

OuterInner News

Friday comes around as quickly here in China as it does in the West so here we are again with OuterInner.com's news this week.

20% Off Quick Delivery Dresses

We know that party season is approaching starting with Halloween, so we've discounted our quick delivery dresses by 20% to make your choice easier this year! A quick delivery dress is a good idea because you will receive the dress in on average 10 days, which is far faster than if you have one made. So if you need a dress for a party that you're going to soon then these are the way forward and there are loads of different styles, from short cocktail dresses to long formal dresses.
20% off quick delivery dresses sale banner
Don't forget that you can also still get sexy adult costumes for your party too.  

We're In The Studio

You will soon see some big changes to our site as we're adding more detailed product descriptions to the dresses and more and better pictures. In a week's time we're heading into the studio with our lovely model July to take pictures of some of our best selling dresses, but until we've got more pics to share, here's a shot that we took of her when she called in for a fitting (please excuse the creased dress, it was just a fitting after all!):
outerinner model

Questions We've Been Asked This Week

Is The October National Holiday In China Going To Affect My Delivery Time? I mentioned this last week and unfortunately the answer is, yes, it may do. So if you're expecting your dress to arrive at the beginning of October then it may be delayed a little. Staff in China will typically be off until around the 4th or 5th and during this time post in and out of China will slow down and in the week afterwards it will stay slow thanks to the backlog that's built up. If you are ordering a dress now and it's critical that it reaches you before a certain date, for instance such as bridesmaid dresses, then please add a note telling our customer support staff when it must reach you by and they will confirm with you that it can make it in time. We hate to say no to an order, but we'd rather be honest than let you get disappointed. Click this link if you need to contact our customer support to ask them about yourorder.  

Give Me My Free Dress OuterInner!

That's what one of our competition winners, Heidi Abigail, cried on our facebook page and she has very kindly sent us a picture of her in her FREE new homecoming dress. Thanks Heidi! If you love her dress, just click on her picture below to go to its page where you can buy it too!
Heidi Abigail in her new homecoming dress
Do you have any questions for us? If so leave them as a comment and we'll try to help!
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