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2014 Military Ball Fashion and Etiquette

As we all know that the military ball is designed to honor the service member and celebrate tradition. The military spouses will take the next couple of months to make a plan and prepare when walk through the door arm in arm with their loved one. And the others who are invited to the military ball are stressing over what to wear. If you’re on a strict budget for a dress, these simple tips from OuterInner will save money and make you fell like a princess and even more!

Military Ball Fashion

Dress Appropriate and Classy If your ball is considered formal, then it is appropriate to wear a formal gown. But what the formal dress really is. Formal used to mean floor-length dresses, but that doesn't really stand anymore. Fell free to wear a full-length or tea-length dress. Strapless dress is also fine. A shorter dress is right for a semi-formal affair, but a formal ball calls for a hemline at or below your knees. Moreover, Try to limit designs and decorations on the dress. But prom dresses make any woman look too young, no matter how great her body. Therefore, do avoid prom dresses at a military ball.  Don’t Show Too Much Skin Try to minimize the exposure of too much skin. This includes the back and cleavage design, and dresses that are opened from the sides. If you’re showing some leg either with a slit or with a shorter dress, cover up the cleavage and the back. If your dress has that beautiful low drape in the back, then cover up your upper assets and keep the dress long without a slit. If you simply must have that sexy slit up the side of your dress, leave them guessing about your torso both for the front and back. Avoid the Dress That’s Too Tight Wearing a fitted dress that accentuates your body, but isn't clingy. No one knows what the size you are wearing, but everyone knows if a dress is too tight. Besides, something tight will restrict you from dancing, sitting down and moving. You also don’t want people to see bulging seams. Since you're date is person of honor and respect. Try to cover up any tattoos, and wear your dress confidently. If you're not sure what to wear to a military ball, ask the base commander's wife about appropriate attire. Here are some gorgeous and elegant dresses from OuterInner.com that will be perfect for you. Oh, and your military men will love them too! Click on your favorite for more information. New In - Waist Embellished Ruching Details Military Ball Dress

Military Ball Dress

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Chiffon Evening Dress

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Straps Pleated Military Ball Dress

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Floor-Length Dress

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Floor-Length Military Ball Dress

Style Code: 18563 US$60.00 Think long, graceful, elegant, and a dress that will flatter your body frame and skin tone. Don't allow yourself to to limit the choices or purchasing a dress for a Military Ball Event. Just because its not prom, doesn't mean you should be completely dreary of your dress. Want more military ball dresses? Click this link: http://www.outerinner.com/military-ball-dresses-cg-62.html  

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As we head into military ball season, and also the time when many of us are thinking about which formal dresses to wear for these and our Thanksgiving and Christmas parties, it's the right time for another great OuterInner.com sale!

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Ordering on line is different to shopping locally, but easy! First register your free customer account, then our system will be able to give you shipping costs and info to your home. Register here. Then choose your ideal dress from our sale. This time click on the military ball dresses sale. Finally choose the color (there are many to suit your taste and event), and size (2 to 28 as standard, or made-to-measure for an extra $16). Then sit back, and we'll make and deliver your dress in about 5-6 weeks (can be less, our customer support team will update you accurate delivery information upon ordering).

"Got it! So, Show Me The Formal Dresses!"

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