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2013's Top 12 'Must Read' Wedding, Style & Dress Blogs From OuterInner. (Part 1)

2013's Top 12 'MUST Read' OuterInner Blogs! (Part 1)

top 12 outerinner blogs of 2013 part1

Welcome to 2014! Here at OuterInner we all hope that you're settling into the new year well, and if you're lucky enough to be getting married this year ~ congratulations! With all of the promise that a new year brings it's easy to quickly forget the old one, but we've published some gems in our blog during 2013, and here's part 1 of our top 12 that you must read if you missed them last year!

1. Choosing & Using Your Wedding Colors Like A Boss!

A customer asked me about how to choose her wedding color-scheme on our OuterInner facebook page recently, so I thought I’d expand on what I was telling her in this blog. After all, we’re all about weddings here, so any way we can help is a pleasure!

Read this blog and see how to choose and use your wedding colors: http://www.outerinner.com/blog/2013/01/09/choosing-using-your-wedding-colors-like-a-boss/

[caption id="attachment_7404" align="aligncenter" width="350"]navy-and-cranberry-wedding This is just one of many color inspiration boards that you can use to choose your wedding colors.[/caption]

2. Black Tie Event Dresses: Wear The Oscars 2013 For Less

See how easy it was to get similar dresses to the biggest film stars at the Oscars in this blog: http://www.outerinner.com/blog/2013/02/26/black-tie-event-dresses-oscars-2013/


3. Real OuterInner Customer Reviews: Dawnette Joseph’s Wedding Gown

OuterInner bride Dawnette shared some amazing pictures of her wedding and OuterInner wedding dress that simply must be seen to be believed! Read it and see the lovely pictures here: http://www.outerinner.com/blog/2013/04/15/customer-reviews-dawnette-wedding-gown/ 


4. Why Modern Brides Should Wear Colorful Wedding Dresses

Who says that today's brides can't wear differently colored wedding gowns than just the traditional white? In this blog OuterInner take a look at some of your options: http://www.outerinner.com/blog/2013/03/21/why-to-wear-colorful-wedding-dresses/

colorful-wedding-dresses5. Countdown To Prom: Prom Dresses And Style Videos

OuterInner put together a list of useful prom advice in videos, including prom hairstyles, nails, makeup, and prom dresses. It's also a good resource for those of us attending prom in 2014 too!

Countdown To Prom: Prom Dresses And Style Videos

6. Spring Wedding Dresses And Color Newbie’s Guide

If you're planning a spring wedding then this resource from OuterInner will realy help to give you some ideas when it comes to choosing wedding dresses, flowers, wedding colors, bridesmaid dresses, and beauty.

Spring Wedding Dresses And Color Newbie’s Guide

If you liked these 6 OuterInner blogs, then take a look at part 2 of this series rounding up the last 6 'must read' blogs of 2013!

Need more ideas? Why not check out the OuterInner facebook page, tumblr, pinterest, and Google + pages? ;)


7 Winter Style Options To Keep You Looking Great Whatever The Weather!

The essential 7 Winter Style Options

By Adrian Leighton
winter style options
As the weather is getting cooler and wetter, it's time to start wearing your cold-weather, winter gear (if you're not already)! Here we're going to look at some of the winter trends you might like! :-) Let's layer up and check out these cool items:

1. Wellies

The ultimate wet-weather footwear, the rubber boot, or welly, can handle any amount of water and mud. 10 or 20 years ago they were only available in workmanlike colors such as green, or black, but now you can get them in all kinds of funky colors and patterns, which means that they're a legitimate style choice if looking good's also a priority! Don't forget to wear thick socks with these boots, as they're often not padded inside which can cause chilly toes, and chafing if you're on the move a lot.

2. Infinity Scarves

The ultimate snug accessory, an infinity scarf is both warm and stylish. The hardest problem you'll have is deciding what sort you'd prefer, because there are so many styles out there! We think infinity scarves like the one pictured are fun, and they suit almost every outfit and don't need to be adjusted and played around with like normal scarves! You can even pull it over your head as an emergency hood if necessary!

3. High-Necked Dresses

Black High Neck Lace Detailed Skinny Dress, Style Code: 08176, US$14.99
What do you wear when it's cold out, and your flimsy cocktail dress is leaving you feeling blue (with cold)? High necked dresses are a great party option, as they give a lot more coverage than other styles. Just wear some fun, patterned tights, and throw on your favorite boots or heels and you'll be good to go in the perfect winter party outfit!

4. Patterned Umbrellas

leopard print umbrella
Who says that umbrellas have got to be boring, functional, items? Even if leopard print isn't for you, there are tons of patterned and colored brollies out there that you can use to add spice to your outfit :-)

5. Leggings

Thicker than tights, leggings are your friend if you're wearing a dress this winter! Available in many colors, patterns, and styles, you can wear leggings under any length of skirt without them looking out of place, or even as a thermal layer beneath jeans for extra warmth!

6. Trench Coats

trench coat
The trench coat is a winter favorite that always looks great! It's warm, it's weather proof, and it looks so much better than other jackets such as puffer jackets! This kind of coat will also look perfect with your trusty jeans and boots.

7. Brightly Colored Handbags

Brightly Colored Handbags
Winter is traditionally all about dark and muted colors, but this doesn't mean that your outfit needs to be drab. If you are wearing dark colors, why not accessorize with a brightly colored handbag? It's a cheerful pop of color, that can take you from soggy to smiley in seconds. What are your cold and wet weather staples? Tell us the classic looks you rely on by leaving a comment below :-)

Awesome Makeup Ideas To Make Your Little Black Dresses Pop!

Makeup to go with little black dresses

By Adrian Leighton

makeup for little black dresses

We don't need to tell you how appealing the classic little black dress look is, but your outfit doesn't stop with the dress as you know! The question is, what's the best kind of makeup to match little black dresses?

Actually there is no one style to choose from, and different makeup will serve to dress up or down your look. So let's look at soem different black dresses, and the type of makeup that you might like to wear with those...

Black Formal Event Dresses For Balls

Let's say you're going to a ball, or similar, and wearing black. Like this dress below:

Sequins Halter Wide Ruched Waist Front Slip Black Tie Event Dress, Style Code: 00144, US$159.00

Sequins Halter Wide Ruched Waist Front Slip Black Tie Event Dress, Style Code: 00144, US$159.00

Because this is a formal event you'll want to go to town and choose full makeup. That means thick lashes, blush, and colored eye shadow. Try a mixture of darker, yet lively colors, like purples and blues, as well as heavy liner. Add also some rose blush to your cheeks for a lively glow.Finally rich colors will work well for lips too, as black's quite a strong color. How about a bold crimson, because reds have really been popular this year!

Strapless Little Black Dresses For A Sunny Day

This is one of the more casual styles of little black dresses and so it calls for its own kind of lighter makeup.

Strapless Column Knee-length Sleeveless Ruffles Little Black Dresses, Style Code: 05199, US$69.00

Strapless Column Knee-length Sleeveless Ruffles Little Black Dresses, Style Code: 05199, US$69.00

You're strapless, so you need to take attention to your collarbone and face by wearing natural-looking makeup with subtle hints of color. Wear light makeup such as light pink metallic eyes, and don't go overboard with the mascara! A touch of gloss on your lips, and some light bronzer will make you glow. Sometimes, less is more!

Stretch LBD For Nights Out

If you're on a date or partying with friends at the club, then this style of body con LBD will make you irresistible, but you need to maximize your 'Wow-factor' by adding the right make up.

Sheath Short Sleeveless High Neck Little Black Dresses, Style Code: 01790, US$74.00

Sheath Short Sleeveless High Neck Little Black Dresses, Style Code: 01790, US$74.00

The trick here is to really sex up your look! Smoky eyes (think Kim Kardashian) are the order of the day here, so use a blend of dark colors, such as green, gray, or blue, and some glitter. Finish off the look with a touch of white metallic shadow to the inside corner of your eyes. Finally, how about neon pink lips? Pow!

Halter Black Dresses For Dinner Or A Date

A halter dress has that touch of class that you'll enjoy if you're out at dinner, or on a date with that special someone!

Sleeveless Short Black Beading Little Black Dresses, Style Code: 01388, US$74.00

Sleeveless Short Black Beading Little Black Dresses, Style Code: 01388, US$74.00

Halter dresses will work well with makeup that will highlight your face as the halter covers your neckline. A dab of light, glittery, shadow at the inside corner of your eyes will again draw the eye. Greens, blues or even gun-metal gray on the rest of your eye will make your own eye color really pop. Lip gloss makes your lips kissable, but keep it light so as not to steal your eyes' thunder!

If you're like us then you love little black dresses, but what's your usual makeup style when you're wearing your favorite LBD? Tell us below...

10 Warm And Fashionable Clothing Tips For This Winter

10 Warm AND Fashionable Clothing Tips For This Winter

Christmas is coming and winter is well and truly upon us (in the Northern hemisphere) and temperatures are dropping! OuterInner.com has put together a list of 10 warm and fashionable clothing tips which will help keep you warm and looking good in winter, so read on if your winter wardrobe is chillier than a snowman's pocket and uglier than the grinch:  

1. Layer Up

onion pic
This is more a practical tip than fashion-related as no one likes feeling cold. If in doubt wear more layers than less as you can always take one off if needed, but you can't put more on once you're out and about. Wearing layers is great for staying warm as the layers trap some warm air between them and insulate you from the cold. Consider wearing a vest under your t-shirt and then an overcoat of some kind. The good news is that you can also wear your favorite summer clothes for longer if you're layering!  

2. Leggings Are A Versatile Must

leggings warm and fashionable clothing
Leggings are fun, warm and fashionable clothing during the winter. You have loads of options, including tights, thigh-highs, knee-highs and many choices of fabric. Not only are there many types, but there are also so many colors and this means that you can match your leggings to ANY outfit! If you want to get a look that's a bit different then try some patterned tights, perhaps a herringbone or fishnet, as these look a little unusual and can give you a unique look.  

3. Stick With Natural Materials.

Natural materials like cotton and wool are great for winter clothes as they are both warm and light. There are some fabulous kinds of wool available these days too such as angora or alpaca wool! These more modern wools are soft, light and not at all itchy, so try a nice sweater or scarf made of them this winter!
angora sweater A typical angora sweater...mmm, toasty.  

4. Go Wild With Prints

print top
A lot of winter clothing is rather bright and this gives you an excuse to try out some really funky prints! There are a lot of plaid, animal and floral prints about at the moment so take your pick!  

5. Indulge In Woolly Boots

woolly boots
Everyone knows brands like 'Uggs,' and these kind of boots are super warm and uber fashionable! They are quite expensive, but they'll last forever if you keep them clean and they're so chic that you can match them with jeans or skirts.  

6. Faux Fur Is Great For Formal Outfits

faux fur coat
If you're wearing formal dresses, say to an office Christmas party, then a faux-fur coat will be perfect this winter. We hate real fur of course, but there is some lovely faux-fur around now and you can wear it guilt-free!  

7. Infinity Scarves Are Brilliant!

infinity scarf
Have you heard of infinity scarves yet? They are like a circle with no annoying dangly ends that get trapped in the car door, dip in the sink and flap around in your face when it's windy. They're in right now and should be on your shopping list!  

8. Don't Overheat And Sweat!

sweating snowman
Many girls wrap up so warm that they're in fact too hot! Believe it or not this will make you colder! You can be too warm though, as if you get too warm you'll start sweating. If it's really cold out then this sweat will cause you to get cold as any moisture on your body will cool quickly (which is its whole point). Make sure that you're wearing some layers next time you're on a monster shopping trip so that if all the walking makes you start to sweat you can open or remove a layer and cool down just a little!  

9. Massive Winter Coats Are Deeply Unflattering

huge winter coat
Winter is a time for many to break out their huge, long winter coats. STOP! These will give you a really bad profile, hiding your own natural figure. A better idea is to choose a short winter coat and avoiding too much bulk in areas that already have some, such as your bust.  

10. Double Up With Leggings And Tights To Wear Skirts All Winter

winter outfit with skirt
There's no need to leave your skirts in the wardrobe gathering dust over winter. Just use this tip and stay warm! Put on a pair of tights, then put on a pair of leggings over them. Sounds crazy? Well, you'll feel like you're wearing pants, but will have the nice profile of tights that goes so well with skirts and long sweater skirts. Try it!   So are you ready for winter? Which clothes do you consider to be the ideal warm and fashionable clothing in winter? Do you have any tips that you always follow every winter that you can share? Let us know by leaving a comment below please!   Want to save 65% off the cost of any OuterInner.com occasions dresses? Join our amazing Holiday Group On Offer today! Check out this video:
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