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Mother Of The Bride Dresses: 5 Popular Color Tips For Your Wedding

Mother Of The Bride Dresses: 5 Hottest Color Tips For Your Wedding

mother of the bride dresses Hello, everyone! We're excited to present to you our best selling mother of the bride dresses, and if you are looking for beautiful, elegant and fashionable dresses for your beloved mother, you're at the right place to visit and find a really beautiful, quality dress for her!

Style Tips For Mom

The mother of the bride may not be the star of a wedding, however she's still a VIP and it's also a once in a lifetime occasion to feel so proud for her. So finding mother of the bride dresses that are comfortable, but elegant is vitally important. As with most weddings, photos will be taken all the time, so proper color mother of the bride dresses which coordinate with your wedding colors will help her to look her most charming at the wedding reception. Comfort is also an issue, and most moms will want a dress that's roomy, may have sleeves, but doesn't look 'old.' Gowns that accentuate her waist without tightly hugging hips and tums are welcome, as are nice shawls or bolero jackets that look stylish, but provide coverage for her arms and shoulders. Now, we'd like to show you 5 popular colors for mother of the bride dresses at your wedding:


Diagonal Tiered Dress With Portrait Jacket Mother Of The Bride Dresses,Style Code:06440,US$159.00. pretty mother of the bride dresses 06440  This stunning red mother of the bride dresses with jackets is made of satin with diagonal tiered skirt. An exquisite bow tie jackets will make you look more beautiful for the event of your daughters' wedding. ankle strap closed toe dress shoes 09086 Choose a white& champagne color pump like this to really go nicely with this red dress.


Floor-length Trumpet/ Mermaid Strapless Sleeveless Mother's Dresses, Style Code: 05108, US$124.00. wedding mother of the bride dresses 05108 Amazing! The iridescent taffeta fabric will shine in two different colors! Looking lighter under the spotlights at the reception, but looking darker outdoors during the day. What a mysterious and charming metallic color!  And also, you'll love the bolero& shawl which is also offered at outerinner.com. Check below: famous dresses with boleros 06789


A-line Floor-length Coat/ Jacket Strapless Mother's Dresses, Style Code: 02472, US$149.00. mother of the bride dresses with jackets 02472 This style is enjoyed by many mothers of the bride, and blue always has an elegant and sophisticated air to it. Look at the embroidered beading & lace details, how can you say "no" to this gorgeous mother of the bride dress? Also, if you'd like a coat/jacket with this dress, please check out the blue bolero& shawls at outerinner.com.


Asymmetrical Chiffon Appliqué Sleeveless Evening Wear, Style Code: 01711, $119

champagne mother of the bride dress 01711 This champagne colored mother of the bride dress has all of the glamour of a regular evening gown, and it's light enough to be noticeable, but not clash with the bride. The pretty off the shoulder look is flattering too!


Ankle-length Coat/ Jacket A-line V-neck Mother's Dresses, Style Code: 01838, US$169.00. mother of the bride dresses with jackets There are so many glamorous purple mother of the bride dresses to choose from, but when it comes to a strapless one, people always like to select a jacket which will can be taken off if it gets warmer, or more importantly worn if it gets chilly. As the mother of the bride deciding on dresses, the easiest thing to do is consult with the bride-to-be, and invite her to accompany you on your shopping trip for some mom and daughter (or daughter-in-law) bonding! So, do you like our style tips for choosing from amongst the 5 popular colors of mother of the bride dresses? Which color do you like most? Tell us... Check more formal dresses to mother's dresses here: Mother of the Bride Dresses from the Dressesshop-OuterInner.com Find more dresses for the bride-to-be: Lace Aline Wedding Dress Join our club at OuterInner Fan Facebook Page and  get latest contest or style tips by following the OuterInner Pinterest page. Click below to go straight there! Outerinner Facebook Outerinner Pinterest