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Get Selena Gomez's Style With A Tulle Party Dress

Get Selena Gomez's Style With Tulle Party Dresses

Watching the MTV Europe Music Awards recently I was quite taken with Selena Gomez's beautiful ivory-colored tulle dress. I think that one of the really great properties of tulle fabric is its texture and ability to create volume when ruffled. Selena's dress is pretty special, including a lot of embroidery and long sleeves as well as an unusual collar:
selena gomes tulle dress
It also has to be said that her hair and peep-toe heels are an amazing complement to the outfit as well:
selena gomes tulle dress back
We're sure Selena's 'Marchesa' dress cost a LOT, but the good news is that you can get this fun tulle style right here at OuterInner.com without re-mortgaging the house! We have a lot of tulle dresses, so let's take a look at some that will let you grab Selena's style for yourself!  

Tulle Occasions Dresses From OuterInner

First of all let's track down some short tulle dresses which are likely to be most similar to Selena's dress. You'll notice that there are tulle dresses of many styles, but one thing that most of them have in common is that their skirt is fairly 'full' or 'poofy,' just like in Selena Gomez's dress above where you can see that the skirt is subtly flared out with a layer or two of tulle ruffles. Take this white tulle homecoming dress for instance. OK, it's strapless, but it still has that fun, princessy skirt that's so characteristic of the style you're going for and the white color (others are available) is quite eye-catching indeed!
tulle homecoming dress
Don't forget that you also need some peep-toe heels to get the look, and we've got just the pair for you! these silver, rhinestone stilettos would go perfectly with the white dress:
peep-toe stiletto heels
Finally you'll need to just playfully sweep your hair to one side having parted it and given it some curl, but you'll need to do that yourself we're afraid! LOL :-D So there you go, you too can get Selena Gomez's style, but we can offer you our idea of her outfit at under $200!   Do you love Selena's style? Are Tulle dresses your thing? How would you copy her style? Let us know by leaving a comment please!
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