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Bridesmaid Dresses: The Latest Colors For 2013 Spring Weddings

Bridesmaid Dresses: Color Your 2013 Spring Wedding From OuterInner

Color The Wedding: Custom color trends for bridesmaid dresses S/S 2013. Hello, everyone! I'm glad to tell you that now you can search the color trends of Spring Bridesmaid Dresses from Outerinner.com. Do you want to know what's the most popular and fashion-forward color of bridesmaid dresses? There is no doubt that people always choose color according to their wedding themes. And also, have you decided upon the color combination or color theme you are going to choose for your wedding? So you've arrived at the right place. Our designer would like to give you some style tips for picking up the right bridesmaid dresses from OuterInner. Here's a list of 6 color of your bridesmaid dresses as follows:  



purple a-line bridesmaid dress 08313

Taffeta Origami Bust Dress, Style Code: 08313,US$69.00.

This is a unique short purple bridesmaid dresses with origami bust. Tulip is actually known to stand for royalty, luxury, wisdom and ambition.What's more, purple is a beautiful and popular color for weddings of all seasons.

Check out the following picture of hot purple Outerinner wedding themes.





bridesmaids dresses orange and short 08348

Short Chiffon Dress with Draped Overskirt, Style Code: 08348, US$74.00.

I believe every girl will be full of joy and excitement when she wear orange bridesmaid dresses. It is a bright and lovely color for your wedding. As we all know, orange is one of the hottest wedding colors in Summer.

You can dig into on one of our Pinterest Board for your reference

dress for occasion wear





cheap pink bridesmaid dresses 10968

High Illusion Neck Flounce Modest Bridesmaid Dress, Style Code: 10968, US$84.00.

What a pretty girly pink color! The pink bridesmaid dress is so sweet and romantic whether in the bold shades or soft blushing tone. Not to mention that men incline to like to see women in "Pink".

I'll show you pink wedding themes, and now imagine that elegant pink ribbons, beautiful pink bouquets and blushing tone petals......Finally, you've got the idea

cheap pink bridesmaid dresses

Sky Blue

sky blue a-line chiffon bridesmaid dress with ruffle 11088

Pleated Empire Wrapped Full Length Bridesmaid Dress, Style Code: 11088, US$89.00.

Blue bridesmaid dresses are not only a traditional part of the wedding day, shades of blue can be used to create a cool and calming effect to the wedding theme.

Let' s see what a nature color for your beach wedding theme

bridesmaid dresses





cheap yellow bridesmaid dresses 08088

Ruffles Top Maxi Dress With Waist Rosette, Style Code: 08088, US$79.00.

  Yellow bridesmaid dresses look especially nice on tanned and dark skin. It is vivid and bright color for your spring or summer wedding.

Here's a collection of yellow wedding themes to give you some ideas

online special occasion dresses  


Tea Green


apple green bridesmaid dresses 01528

Sleeveless Greens Empire Floor-length Bridesmaid Dresses, Style Code: 01528, US$79.00 

There's no denying that green bridesmaid dresses will be in for spring season. If you are planing a spring wedding then you should go with the hot tea green color. Find dresses in the perfect style, with the perfect cut and length in a shade of green that is just what you envisioned. You want to look the best on your wedding day and you want your bridesmaids to be fabulous too.

Also, mint green is also one of the hottest color for spring wedding

different clothes for a formal occasions

  So the good news is that the above 6 bridesmaid dresses now have latest styles from OuterInner. Which color of bridesmaid dresses will you choose for your wedding? Better still, if you want to share with us what color combination you used in your wedding, you are welcome to tell us and comment below.

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Find another colors of bridesmaid dresses here: Purple A-line Bridesmaid Dresses & a line bridesmaid dresses canada

Mascara Masterclass: Tips To Get Fabulous Lashes Worthy Of Hollywood.

Mascara Masterclass

Here at OuterInner.com we know that a dress doesn't make an outfit. that's why today we're going to look at one of the most important types of makeup that can really help to complete your look and complement any occasions dresses that you might be wearing. If you don't really use mascara yet, or not much, then this blog is a masterclass for you! If you are already a mascara pro, then hopefully you'll still pick up one or two tips along the way! We're going to look at the basic technique of applying mascara and some tips to help you get lashes that really pop:

How To Apply Mascara

There is a 3 step guide to applying perfect mascara everytime:
  1. Start by wriggling the mascara wand from side to side at the base of your eyelashes. This puts down a layer of mascara there which will actually make the lashes look longer and length is what you want!
  • Next you need to pull the wand forward and out of your lashes and again keep wriggling it from side to side as you do this. This wriggle motion will actually be useful as it separates your lashes and gives you that film-star look.
  • Finally, you need to remove any clumps and you do this by closing each eye and running the wand through the top of your lashes from base to tip.
  These steps will give you amazing red carpet lashes which are both long and defined.  

Mascara Tips

Ever wondered how the stars get those perfect lashes that just pop? These extra tips will help you recreate their star style:
  • Avoid clumps by wiping off excess mascara before applying, so if you see any gloopy bits then wipe them off!
  • Get the MOST defined lashes possible by using a lengthening mascara first and then adding a thickening mascara afterwards. This will take twice as long, but will look twice as good! Don't let the first layer dry before you add the second layer or you will suffer from clumps.
  • Instrument of torture or important accessory? It's the latter. Always use a lash curler. Some say before applying, some say after, but the main concensus seems to be that you just should either way!

Mascara 101 Video Tutorial

When it comes to applying makeup there's no better way to learn than actually being shown by someone. Luckily I've managed to dig up a great video on Youtube which shows you how and features many of these tips:
What are your favorite types of mascara? Do you have any tips that you'd like to share? Let us know in the comments below please!
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Battle The Festive Bulge With OuterInner's Tips To Avoid Putting On Weight This Holiday Season

checking weight image
You know the story, it happens every year! You've got so many parties to attend, late nights, the kids are off school and the threat of tasty, yet fattening festive treats around every corner! Christmas should be a lot of fun, but it can also spell doom for your waistline! Here at OuterInner.com we want you to enjoy wearing beautiful occasions dresses and not to worry about them not fitting or looking and feeling out-of-shape during the holiday period, so we've put together a list of 17 helpful tips that you can use to avoid the usual weight gain over Christmas, but still have a good time!  


1. Set A Goal And Stick To It

In life in general it's more difficult to make progress if we don't have some kind of goal. Just 'seeing how it goes' each day just doesn't cut it, so this holiday season try setting a weight loss or fitness goal for New Year's Eve and focus on that. The feeling of satisfaction when you can wear your stunning cocktail dress and really flaunt your figure will be well worth all of the times you pushed yourself to exercise or said no to the desert.

2. Make Time To Exercise

Of course you'll be busier than normal, so decide in advance when you can exercise. Even if you can't hit the gym or the pavement as often as usual anything is better than just letting it fly. You could also try sneaking a morning workout into your routine for instance if you're partying that night.

3. Adjust Your Workouts To 1 Hour 'Super Sessions'

Due to lack of time it can be easy to forget about the gym 'til January, but in fact if you change your workout to a 60 minute blitz where you focus on several muscle groups then you can fit a lot of good work into one session that would usually take a couple of visits. For example, you could focus on legs, shoulders and abs and then have 20 or 30 minutes of cardio. You might not do as much as in a usual gym session, but you will have a well-rounded workout and feel great for having fit in so much.

4. Keep Your Last Or Next Exercise Session In Mind

As you reach for another slice of cake or mince pie think to yourself, "Have I done enough exercise to eat this? Am I wasting my last exercise session?" This kind of thought will perhaps guilt you into not overdoing it!  


5. Avoid Overdoing It On Company Christmas Party Food

If you've got a company Christmas party coming up then there's a good chance that the food there has been produced by a catering company. Although no doubt it will be tasty, this mass-produced food is seldom wholesome; so restrain yourself and perhaps eat some fruit or drink lots of water beforehand in order to reign in your hunger.

6. Keep Your Portions Small

Always choose a smaller desert plate when eating at parties and also choose small 'samples' of food instead of huge portions. In this way you can try and enjoy the different foods without getting tremendously full.

7. Eat More Vegetables

Load up on veg if it's available, then you won't want so much less healthy food. Veg is healthy and filling, so snaffle the salad and say yes to carrots and broccoli!

8. Enlist Your Friends To Help You Stay On Track

If you let your friends know that you're trying to stay healthy then they'll be supportive. When you go to their parties then they'll know to provide some healthier options, or you can ask if you can bring something suitable (and that you know is healthy) and you can eat more of this dish safe in the knowledge that it's good for your waistline.

9. Stay Hydrated

Keep drinking water as you'll be amazed as to how it can help you feel full and also less tired. Aim to be drinking about 2 liters per day (that's about 8 regular glasses) and if you feel a little peckish some water will help stave off the feeling of hunger.

10. Try New Lighter Recipes

If you're cooking for yourself, your family or a dinner party then try some new, healthy recipes. Just because food is healthy doesn't mean that it's not going to be popular or tasty. So add a twist to party food by swapping some unhealthy treats like cake for fruit instead.

11. Plans Your Meals

If you know that you've got a huge meal coming up where you're probably going to overeat, then try to eat less before hand. So cut down on unhealthy meals before the meal, choosing salad instead, and maybe minimize the impact of the calories by working out the same day.

12. Keep Your Larder Stocked With Healthy Food

During Christmas it's really important to keep plenty of healthy foods around yourself at home. If you have fruit and veg to hand then you're more likely to eat them. Focus on eating your 3 to 5 servings of vegetables each day.

13. Eat Before Going To Parties

Never, NEVER starve yourself before going to a party so you'll have "room" for plenty of great food. If you do you'll be so hungry that you will easily eat more than an entire day's worth of calories, which is a disaster for your waistline. Instead, eat some healthy food beforehand so you're full before you arrive. Then you'll be able to turn down a lot of those tempting party treats.

14. Be Picky

During the holidays foods that you'd usually avoid suddenly become more appealing, because many of us just think, "Oh, I'll treat myself!" But in order to stay on track you need to be picky. By all means eat a little of the festive treats that you miss throughout the year, such as some Christmas cake, but turn down all of the candies and chocolates that you can get all year round.

15. Don't Give Up If You Suffer A Lapse

If you have given in to temptation and had a real blow out it's OK! But just because you have let it slide once doesn't mean that you have to go on an all-out eating binge! Just focus on the gains that you can still make and then start eating well again from then. In fact, it's healthy to sometimes treat yourself, BUT you must know when it's time to stop and behave again!  

Extra healthy Tips

16. Cut Back On The Booze

Alcohol is doubly bad, as it's not only fattening, but also causes you to feel hungry and store fat. By all means have a few drinks, but remember that a glass of wine or beer is like eating bread!

17. Wear Tight Clothes To A Party

If you're wearing a tight dress then it will be a constant reminder not to eat too much when you're at the party. Mentally this works, as no one likes feeling like they're going to bust out of their dress!   So that's it for our big list of healthy tips to stay in shape this holiday, we hope that they help and you make it to the other side and emerge into January looking trim and feeling great! There must be more good advice out there though, so if you have a tip please share it as a comment below! Is there something you do every Christmas which is guaranteed to help you stay trim? Are you ready to save up to a HUGE 65% on all occasions dresses? It's easy! You need to take part in our Holiday Group On Offer where you get a code, share it with your friends and then we give a discount to all of the people who used the code when they bought a dress from us!
holiday group on offer banner
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How To Save Up To 65% With OuterInner.com's Holiday Group On Offer

Holiday Group On Offer Is Here!

Did you ever wish that it were possible to get occasions dresses even cheaper at OuterInner.com? As you know we try to keep prices as low as possible, but we understand that money is tight these days and with Christmas approaching everyone is hunting for ways to save even more money. Well, we have great news for you! Holiday Group On Offer is now here!
holiday group on offer banner

BIG Savings

Basically Holiday Group On Offer is our 'group-buying' scheme which allows you to save even more money on ANY OuterInner.com dresses by buying them as a 'team' with your friends, colleagues and family. It doesn't matter if you want to order one wedding dress or four bridesmaid dresses; you can still save with group on! When we say BIG savings we mean it, as we're giving you the opportunity to save up to 65% off the cost of ANY dress. The savings are in steps though, so even if you don't know loads of people who want to buy a dress then you can still get a decent saving:
savings image
As you can see, even if you and just one other person order a dress each using the same holiday group on offer code then you'll both receive a 25% discount which isn't bad at all! :-D  

How Do I Join Holiday Group On Offer?

It's easy! To join this offer you and your friends need to use the same code when buying a dress AND pay with PayPal.
how to group on
Let's look at how it all works: Your 'Holiday Group On Offer Code' is very important, as it's how we work out your discount.
  • Each group or team needs to use the SAME code, as then we will know how many people ordered with it and can work out your discount. DON'T get individual codes. Speak to your friends and then one person get the code and give to everyone else.
  • Discounts are based upon the number of people that used one code, not the total number of dresses that were ordered.
  • Group on codes are valid for 2 weeks from the day that the code was requested. This gives you time to pass the code around to your friends and for everyone to place an order.
  After the 2 weeks are up then we will not accept more people's orders using this code and will count up the number of people who used that code to work out your group's discount and then start refunding them based up on this number.  
  • Orders placed WITHOUT a group on code will be charged the regular price, so don't forget to add the code at checkout.

OK, Where Do I Get My Holiday Group On Offer Code?

You can get your code right here on the Group On page:
group on code button location
Then shop as normal and when you find a dress that you'd like to order and get a discount on go to the checkout as usual, BUT before you click 'place my order' please remember to add your group on code and your name in the special instructions box as below:
info to enter for group on

Why Do I Have To Pay With PayPal?

We ask everyone to pay with PayPal as we refund your discount here. That's because it's fast and easy for you to get your money back and it's impossible for us to refund you directly to your bank account. If you don't have a PayPal account they're free and easy to set up, so join today and visit PayPal here. It's good, as you can connect any credit card or bank account to it that is convenient to you. First pay for your dress, then after the group on period is over and we can work out how much each person from your group will get as a refund we'll refund the discount amount to your PayPal account. For instance, if you paid $100 for your dress, then after 2 weeks enough people used your group on code to get a 25% discount, we will refund $25 to your PayPal account. We will start refunding discounts on orders after the 2 week period is over, so please stand by to receive your discount (usually takes a week or so) and we publish the finished refunds and recipients' names in a special group on refund page in our help centre under 'special offers.' So you can check here if your discount has been refunded yet.  

I Want To Join Holiday Group On Offer On Facebook, Can I?

Yes, if you don't want to do the above then you can still enter the holiday group on offer and get a decent 15% discount by posting your group on code and name on our Facebook page's wall and then placing your order with it. We'll have seen that you posted it on the wall and so can check against orders placed and make sure we can give you your discount.
group on on facebook

Wait! I Have More Questions About The Holiday Group On Offer!

Don't worry, we have a very detailed Group On FAQ section, where we explain everything about this offer!
ready? image
So are you ready to save? Go and get your group on code and start giving it to your friends! If you need any help then please leave a comment below, or feel free to ask us at 'inquiry@outerinner.com' or speak to us on our facebook page. What are you waiting for, let's shop! ;-)
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