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How Easy Is It To Save Up To 60% With 'Group On 2012?' VERY!

How Do I Save With 'Group On 2012?'

By Adrian Leighton
Group On 2012
Did you know that right NOW you could be saving a lot on your order from OuterInner.com? We're running a fun group-buying scheme called Group On 2012 and it allows you to buy together with friends and everyone will save! You can save by following these easy steps:
  • What you need to do is get a special 'group on' code, share it with your friends and each person place an order for the item they want adding that code at checkout!
  • After 2 weeks (you have that time to place an order and get as many friends as possible to join in too) we'll refund your discount to each person who used the code and the discount is based on the total number of people who used the code and bought something!
Here's what you can save based on how many people join you:
Your savings rise with group on 2012 based on how many friends join you

Here's An Example Of How To Save

Group On 2012 is ideal for groups of people who want to buy something from OuterInner at the same time. Imagine a group of 3 bridesmaids, a very typical number. One of these girls could apply to get a group on code and share it with the other 2. Finally each girl places an order for their bridesmaid dress, adds the code and then pays via PayPal. Then we'll refund each of you to your Paypal account. By doing this they'll each have saved 25% OFF the cost of their bridesmaid dresses which isn't bad at all!  

"OK, I Want To Join Group On 2012! Can You Show Me How?"

Yes, we can show you!
  • You need to go to the main Group On 2012 page where you can get further info about this offer and get the all-important code!
    Click here to go to Group On 2012
  • On the page click this big button to get your code:
    click here to get your group on code
  • Then just enter your name and email address and we'll send you your code which you can then share with your friends:
    enter your details to receive your code
  • Now you're ready to shop and get a serious bargain, but don't forget to register as a customer first. Then find the dress or item you'd like to get a discount on and then add it to your shopping bag and go to checkout here:
    Here's how to go to checkout
  • Finally simply add your name and 'group on 2012' code in the special instruction box at checkout and then pay for your order with PayPal as normal:
    Add your name and group on code here
That's it, you'll now get a discount on your dress! Simple, right?

"So Basically I Get A Code, Share With Friends Who Also Want To Buy Something, We Each Add It At Checkout, And We'll All Get A Big Discount On Our Orders?"

Yes, it's as simple as that! If you've ever placed an order with OuterInner.com then this is the same except you just need to add your Group On code at checkout too so we can track how many people used it and work out your discounts!
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