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Finding Ideal Wedding Gowns For Your Shape With OuterInner.com


Perfect Wedding Gowns Fitting Cheat Sheet

find ideal wedding gowns for your shape

All brides need their wedding gowns to be a perfect fit on their special days! Enhancing your own comfort and getting amazing pictures are just two good reasons, as you won't look (or feel) your best in an ill-fitting, unflattering wedding dress! Keep reading to find out which gowns are going to fit your shape, and see some suggested styles from your bridal store, OuterInner.com.

Not All wedding Gowns Are Created Equal

The trick to finding your perfect wedding gown is to find one that has a great fit and that is flattering to your body shape. When ordering on line of course taking your measurements is crucial as your gown is made based on these, but certain body shapes will benefit from certain wedding dress styles, and it's these we're going to look at now.

Pear Shaped Brides

A pear will traditionally have a slim upper body with wider hips.

Dramatic Princess Sweetheart Court Train Taffeta Wedding Dress Style Code: 13733 $311Choose: A wedding gown with a skirt that gradually flares out from your waist to the floor, such as an A-line. This will take attention away from your hips and thighs.

Avoid: Very slinky dresses such as sheath, fishtail, and also tiered designs. No one wants to make their hips look bigger than before!

Key Style: Strapless A-line wedding gowns would be perfect for you.

Full-Figured Brides

These brides may also be described as 'plus size' and would usually have a full bust, waist, and bottom. A-line Straps Sweep Train Sleeveless Wedding Gowns Style Code: 05353 $178

Choose: Dresses with scooped necklines, and fabrics like satin or taffeta which provide structure, rather than anything too light and flowy.

Avoid: Don't look for dresses with extra bulk such as pleating, ruching, and fabrics with sheen, as these all serve to make a wedding dress look bigger, bolder, and bulkier. Key Styles: You have plenty of lovely options, such as A-line wedding gowns, those with full skirts (think princess) to balance out your silhouette, and empire waist wedding gowns (which are high and also balance your figure).  

Tall Brides

Tall brides will, of course, be quite willowy and slim as a rule (and tall!). Criss-Cross Trumpet Sweetheart Backless Wedding Dress Style Code: 13779 $257 Choose: Wedding gowns with simple silhouettes. Very slim brides may like a gown which enhances the waistline to give themselves a more feminine outline. Avoid: Too much decoration, as an excess of ruffles, tiers, rosettes, and other items can make your silhouette bulky and unwieldy. Key Styles: Mermaid wedding gowns are a good choice, as are short wedding dresses.    

Apple Shaped Brides

Apples will often have a bigger tummy or waist, being slimmer in other areas than their middles. Beautiful Elegant Exquisite Strapless Wedding Dress In Great Handwork Style Code: 13684 $182 Choose: A wedding dress with a corset top that flares out into an 'A' shape. Lace wedding gowns, and V-neckline wedding gowns are also welcome! This is because these tops will give support and draw the eye from your tummy. Avoid: Mermaid dresses, as these draw attention to the silhouette of a bride's body and may highlight your tummy. Key Styles: Empire, A-line, and ball gown wedding dresses.    

Petite Brides

Petite brides are smaller, and often fairly slim. Halter Sheath Cocktail Length Satin Wedding Dress Style Code: 13719 $159 Choose: High waistlines and a tailored fit are important for your gown. You will want to add to the illusion of height, and avoid anything that makes you 'wider.' Avoid: Puffy, voluminous skirts, as these will swamp you. Tea-length dresses will also make you look shorter, although short skirts will be fine. Key Styles: A-line, Empire, and sheath wedding gowns with simple silhouettes are a good choice.    

Hourglass-Shaped Brides

Ahh, lucky girl, as you have full hips and bust, with a slim waist! Beautiful Organza & Satin & Tulle Ball Gown Sweetheart Basque Waistline Wedding Dress Style Code: 13658 $217 Choose: A-line skirts and dresses with a fancy belt, as this will define your waist even more and complement the shape of a rounder bottom and wider hips. Avoid: Any big decorations at the waistline, as these will serve to hide your defined waist and make your entire silhouette seem over-bulky. Key Styles: Many options will suit you, especially mermaid dresses, bustier tops, fairy-tale style princess wedding gowns, and sheath dresses.  

Your Turn...

Which of these wedding gowns suits you? Do you have any suggestions for specific styles that suit your body shape?

How To Get Perfect Color Dresses From OuterInner.com (Tutorial)

How To Choose The Right Color Dresses When Shopping On Line

get perfect color dresses when shopping on line

So you're interested in buying dresses on line. Good choice, you're going to save a lot of money! however there are sometimes a few questions about shopping on line, as it's not the same as walking into a store and choosing your dress off the rack! In this blog we're going to explain how to select your color and make sure that the dress you order is the color you've been expecting.

"How Do I Know Which Colors Dresses From OuterInner.com Come In?"

Good question! In our store you can usually see a picture of a dress, like this: d_1   The dress here is shown in purple, but in fact that is NOT  the only color available. Most OuterInner.com dresses come in many colors (with the exception of quick delivery dresses which are sold as seen). So to see which colors are available in the dress you like you need to check the color options box which can be found just to the right of the dress: d_2   This will display the colors available for this dress. Some have more choices, and some less, for instance certain wedding gowns which only have a small choice of different color options.

"I Think I Know Which Color I Like, But I'd Like To See It Before Ordering."

You can do so! You'll want to order the correct fabric swatch in the color you like. These swatches cost very little (just $5.99) and can be shipped to you quickly. By seeing the color you like in the fabric your dress will be made from you'll be able to get a very good idea of how the dress will look when you receive it.

"What If I Need A Color That You Don't Seem To Have?"

Don't worry, OuterInner.com is a bespoke dress store, and if you can show us which color you have in mind we will try to source it in the fabric your dress is made from. In general we won't charge extra for this service! :) If you have any special requests please contact us any time by emailing: INQUIRY@OUTERINNER.COM. For a full list of the colors that we offer in the different commonly used fabrics, please check our color chart by clicking here. PS. Until November 15th 2013 we're running a special offer on bridesmaid dresses!

bridesmaid dresses sale Nov 2013

All bridesmaid dresses are 10% OFF, but this increases for bridal parties who are buying their dresses together as a group order. When ordering more than one as a bridal party the discount increases!  5+ pcs extra 12% Off, 4pcs 8% off, 3pcs extra 5% off, 2pcs extra 3% off.  Order together and pay less! 

Friday Roundup: Vintage Wedding Dresses, Real Pics And More

OuterInner News

Friday is upon us, so here's this week's news from OuterInner.com

Vintage Wedding Dresses

I want to talk about vintage wedding dresses this week. What's your idea of a vintage wedding dress? Of course they could be old, pre-worn or hand-me-down dresses which would make them truly 'vintage,' but in fact it's possible to get new vintage wedding dresses that simply have an older style. A typical idea of a vintage wedding dress is that they are in ivory or perhaps white. They're also often considered to be quite detailed with lace and applique. In fact, only the most wealthy brides in the past would have been able to have a decorated dress, so in fact 'typical' vintage wedding dresses are actually pretty plain. A veil is one of the most standard vintage items which is sadly becoming less and less typical, so if you're serious about getting that vintage style then one is a must. If you love vintage style then we have a selection of vintage wedding dresses that you can check. I've selected a few vintage wedding dresses from our catalogue for you to check here, but bear in mind that for the best 'vintage' look you should probably choose ivory colour dresses:
vintage wedding dresses with sleeves 05930
This is a charming dress, heavily decorated with beautiful lace sleeves and train.  
vintage wedding dresses online
This dress really reminds me of a Russian princess. Gorgeous bodice.  
vintage wedding dresses cheap
My idea of a plainer, more traditional, vintage dress.   You'll also need to choose a veil as well. I think that cathedral veils like these would be ideal:
3 layer cathedral wedding veil
3 layer cathedral wedding veil with beading detail  
1 layer cathedral wedding veil
1 layer cathedral wedding veil with lace   What do you think of when someone says 'vintage wedding dresses?'  

Questions We've Been Asked This Week

I have selected Bank Transfer and provided my Debit Master Card information to you through my Outerinner account on your website, but it still says my Order Status is Pending? Why didn't you take the payment from my bank and start making my dress? You have selected Bank Transfer and provided your bank account information to us, but it does not necessarily mean that you have actually made the payment nor that the transaction has gone through. You need to either go to your local bank or log onto your bank account on the official website of the bank to authorise them to make the payment to us (we give you our bank details when you order, so just give your bank this). For your security we are never entitled to ask your bank to transfer your money into our account. So please remember always to arrange the payment with your bank by yourself. Can l use my Visa Mastercard to pay for my order? Yes, you can but not directly. Instead, attach this credit card to a PayPal account and then when you pay with PayPal you will be using this card. Don't worry, it doesn't cost more and in fact will give you even more security! Are you a legitimate company? Of course I'm going to say yes, but the best way for you to feel more secure when deciding whether to shop with us is to ask some questions to our real customers on our facebook page https://www.facebook.com/pages/OuterInner-Club/109387699134746. You can also send your questions to 'inquiry@outerinner.com' and when we reply you'll see that we DO try to help as much as we can. All we ask is that you give us a chance, and if we don't repay your confidence then you have every right not to shop with us again!  

Write A Review Of OuterInner.com

Don't forget that we would love you to post a short review about your shopping experience with us on the net! Mimi Beyer from Texas did on the 15th of September, and we've already given her a $20 voucher to spend on her next purchase! There are 3 ways you can write your review:
  1. Go to Reseller Ratings and leave your review in our section: http://www.resellerratings.com/store/OuterInner
  • You can send us a picture or few pictures of yourself in your outerinner dress along with a short description about what you thought of the dress itself and the shopping experience with us and we will publish this on-site to spread the good news.
  You may need to register on those websites above, but it only takes a moment or two and is FREE. After you post your review please send us the link (where the review is) and we will email your voucher to you :-D Thanks everyone, we look forward to hearing from you soon and if you have any questions please get in touch with us. *(Voucher valid for 6 months, so you have plenty of time to use it. We will email it to you, so remember to give us your email address.)  

Fabulous Custom Wedding Dress

I hate to say no, but if you asked me, "Can I buy this wedding dress?" I'm afraid I'd have to refuse you! A customer came to us with her ideas about her dream wedding dress, some pictures and we were able to make it for her! Here it is in all its glory in our studio (I grabbed a couple of pics of it while we were checking its quality). What do you think of it?
Custom wedding dress front  
Custom wedding dress back  
Don't worry though, if you have a similar idea and would like us to help your dreams come true then please email us at 'inquiry@outerinner.com' and just ask. We'll be able to give you a yes or no and a price as soon as we can speak with our dressmaker!  

Real Customer Picture

I'll be sure to show these to you as and when our customers kindly send them to us. First up is Paige Mclachlan from Kununurra, Western Australia. She is probably one of our most distant customers, as she lives an amazing 1,000 km (850 miles) from any big town or city! Here she is in her champagne coloured ball gown, and if you like it too, it's right here: http://www.outerinner.com/embroidery-strapless-taffeta-a-line-black-tie-event-pd-00046-5.html?k=00046
dresses for a black tie event
If you have any lovely pictures of yourself in your OuterInner dress then please send them in! I'll make you famous here in the blog and we might even give you a voucher ;-)   Do you have any questions for us? If so leave them as a comment and we'll try to help!
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