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We Love Corsets!

Let's look at why corsets are great!

Why would you wear corsets? They're old-fashioned, right? Wrong! Corsets have been one of the most popular lingerie pieces for centuries now, and it's not hard to see why! Here's what you've been missing, because corsets:
  1. Hold in your waist giving you a killer silhouette
  2. Offer support to your bust and tummy, especially good for strapless dresses
  3. Drive men wild!
If those reasons aren't enough, then consider how empowered you'll feel when wearing something so drop dead gorgeous that makes you feel more secure and sexy than ever before! After all, corsets look sexy, but they also cover you up quite a lot, leaving a lot to the imagination, and avoiding any awkward feeling you might have if you're too exposed!

Check out this OuterInner corset style!

This is a really lovely black and red satin corset...a classic color combination! Reds Satin Sets Corsets Sexy Lingeries, Style Code: 04273, US$16.99

Reds Satin Sets Corsets Sexy Lingeries Style Code: 04273 US$16.99Reds Satin Sets Corsets Sexy Lingeries Style Code: 04273 US$16.99Reds Satin Sets Corsets Sexy Lingeries Style Code: 04273 US$16.99

So do you love corsets too? Tell us by leaving a comment!

Why Corsets Are Your Recession-Busting Lingerie!

Just Why Are Corsets Gaining So Much Popularity?

beautiful Red Lace Boned Corsets, Style Code: 08744, US$18.99
Did you know that corsets are undergoing a renaissance of sorts? Apparently they're flying off the shelves, which probably hasn't happened since the 19th century! Many people are saying that this could be due to the financial problems being experienced around the world, but what does a recession have to do with corsets?

One Squeeze Leads To Another

Satin Black Upper Torso Corsets Sexy Lingerie, Style Code: 07295, US$18.99
So while we are all squeezed for cash we're opting to go for corsets when shopping for sexy lingerie, but why is this? There are two clear reasons:
  • Corsets are a bigger garment and are therefore seen as better value for money than skimpier lingerie.
  • We are spending more sexy nights in rather than going for expensive nights out, and so corsets are seen as perfect lingerie for helping you look good for your partner thanks to their shaping qualities.

Get Star Style With Corsets!

Lady Gaga loves corsets
If you've seen any celebs recently you'll see that they're embracing corsets, so why not give them a go yourself if you never have before? The good things about corsets are:
  • They will suck in your waist giving you a sexy and natural hourglass figure.
  • They can be worn under normal clothing like regular lingerie, or on their own, such as with jeans.
  So why not join this trend and try a corset? You'll save money, give yourself an amazing figure and look like a star! What's not to like?!
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