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Red Dresses: Finding Your Perfect Make-up


Matching Your Make-up With Red Dresses

makeup for red dresses

If you’re anything like me you love red dresses! Red’s a vibrant, seductive, and above all, fun color to wear! Thanks to its wide range of shades it’s also a versatile color that suits events from parties, right through to formal gatherings such as black tie events.

Finding ‘the’ dress is always the big decision, but you’re next question will be…”What make-up should I be wearing?” And it’s a good question, as red dresses tend to dominate your look thanks to their strong and bold color, so you need to be careful to choose make-up to match. Let’s look at some make-up options to go with red here:  

Matching Your Make-up To Red Dresses

We’re going to focus on your skin tone, its color, and the shade of red you’re going to wear. Follow these tips and you’ll look great!  


You should wear your regular foundation that you know already matches your skin, applying it evenly and not going too heavy (heavy foundation is generally a no-no). Too much foundation can clash with red, and because red’s already quite a bold color it’s best to let it stay in the driving seat when it comes to your look.  


The perfect option would be to find a lipstick color that is a perfect match for your red dress. An alternative, if you can’t find a match, would be to choose a different, darker hue of red. You can’t go wrong with matching red with red.

red lips to match red dresses

  Your third option is to ditch red lipstick and choose a nude color that complements your skin tone instead of the dress. Dark complexion: Go with a brown that’s a close match to your skin tone, and add some pep with a gloss that has a hint of orange or red. [caption id="attachment_6654" align="aligncenter" width="300"]nude brown lips for darker complexions Rihanna demonstrates an unusually calm brown nude lip here.[/caption] Olive or tanned complexion: Again match with a light brown, and go with a gold gloss. [caption id="attachment_6652" align="aligncenter" width="300"]nude lips for olive complexions J Lo shows how nude is done for olive complexions.[/caption]   Pale complexion: Choose a light pink or rose lipstick, as this will be subtle highlight for your skin tone and a nod towards the red dresses. [caption id="attachment_6653" align="aligncenter" width="220"]pink nude lips for pale complexions Taylor's known for her light complexion, and shows that pink is a great nude color.[/caption]  


Eyes are always fun, as you can try new things every single time! Given that we’re looking to complement our red dresses it’s best to keep within the range of reds, orange, browns, golds, bronzes, and other similar colors. This is because these tend to work really well alongside the red of your dresses. [caption id="attachment_6647" align="aligncenter" width="268"]red with orange eyeshadow This red eye-shadow with a hint of orange would suit red dresses very well![/caption] Nudes would also be fine, but if you’re attending a very dressy event then it may be a little sedate, and you should avoid conflicting colors like yellows, blues, greens, etc, as this is over-doing it and you risk looking like a kid who’s raided her mom’s makeup drawer!  


Once again, red is a recommended color for your nails. Either match them with the red of your dress, or go a shade or too darker (lighter would clash a bit). As ever a more neutral style like a nude, or French tip would also work well, as these nails would pretty much look great with any outfit regardless of color. Sparkly nails add that little extra bit of ‘fancy’ to your overall look, so they’d be my choice! [caption id="attachment_6655" align="aligncenter" width="300"]red glitter nails to match red dresses Gotta love red glitter![/caption]   In general you’re spoilt for choice when it comes to red shades of makeup to match with your red dresses. One thing you can leave out though is blusher, as you’ll be wearing enough red not to need to add extra blush to your face.  

Your Turn…

Do you like to wear red dresses? What kinds of red make-up would you wear? Let us know in the comments.   Learn more: Earth Tone Bridesmaid Dresses and Quality Evening Gowns.