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Accessories For Brides: Tips To Look Your Best!

Accessories for Brides: Tips to Look Your Best!

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1 Overbuy Bras

Before you buy a bra, you might ask you: will you use a strapless wedding dress?, will you use that bra for your romantic honey moon?

To choose the correct bra you should consider feeling comfortable and at the same time looking fabulous! You need to choose a bra that give you the freedom to move, dance, jump!...Everything because you know you are going to experiment and do many things on your special day :-D

Below there is a good example of a bra that gather all these characteristics for greats accessories for brides:

Embroidery Padded Bra(US$42.99). Style Code: 09722. 

Accesories for Brides

 Bustiers Satin Sets White Sexy Lingeries. US$16.99. Style Code: 03169

Accesories for Brides

2 Be Prepared for Fittings

Remember: Make sure you take your bra, slimmer, stockings, and shoes to your dress fittings, all the accessories for brides; a body-support garment will give a slightly different shape than just sucking in your gut, and changing your "support" down the road will affect the way your dress fits.

3 Examine Your Undergarments

Try on your entire wedding ensemble to ensure you’ve made a good match. Can you tell that those control tops are cutting your torso in half? Likewise your thighs in those stockings? Is the outline of your garter belt or your pantyhose waistband embarrassingly obvious? Is your gown fabric so sheer that your under-the-dress essentials may as well be over the dress? If any of the above applies, rethink your options and consider other alternatives.

When talking about accessories for brides, everything should be perfect. You don't want to miss the following two options combining sexy and comfortable:

The Tulle Corset Back Lace Short Wedding Dress + the beautiful Lace White Sets Bridal Sexy Lingeries.

  Accessories for Brides

4. A Veil Do

Don't forget to check your look from behind. If showing off the back of your gown is important to you, you may want to opt for a very sheer veil of just one or two layers of tulle.


 5. Be Prepared

Don't forget the main reason why you are taking all these steps "The Wedding Dress". Remember that it should match with what you actually have under-wear, so be prepared and confident with what you are wearing. This is the time to shine and be totally comfortable.

Gorgeous Asymmetric Neckline Wedding Dress. Style Code: 08866. US$219.00

Gorgeous Asymmetric Neckline Wedding Dress. Style Code: 08866. US$219.00

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Valentine's Day Lingerie Sale From OuterInner.com: 20% OFF 'Til Feb 4

Give Your Man A sexy Surprise With Valentine's Day Lingerie

By Adrian Leighton

Sexy Valentine's Day Lingerie Sale
Is Valentine's day the most romantic time of the year? Depends what you make of it! If ever there was an occasion to heat things up at home it's this special day, which is why we've released a range of sexy Valentine's day lingerie that's sure to surprise the man in your life! The news gets better though, as we've reduced this lingerie by 20% until February 4th! Why this date? Our lingerie only takes around 10 days to reach your door from the date you order, so as long as you order between now and Feb 4th you can expect your goodies by the time it's Valentine's day! This means our usual low prices are even lower, and even though there's a shipping cost the discount will now help with that allowing you to save money over local lingerie stores!

What Kind Of Valentine's Day Lingerie Is On Offer?

There really is a style of valentine's day lingerie for everyone! From slips, to corsets, and even to bras and panties. There are bargain lingerie picks for any taste and shape! Let's take a look at a few items to give you some ideas:   Babydoll Valentines Purples Chiffon Sexy Lingeries, Style Code: 03215, US$15.99 Reduced to US$12.79 Babydoll Valentines Purples Chiffon Sexy Lingeries, Style Code: 03215, US$15.99 How about a babydoll? After all, it's not what you're showing off, but what you're teasing him with! So while this top is sexy and supportive, it's also tantalising for your man!   Upper Torso Reds Satin Corsets Sexy Lingerie, Style Code: 07220, US$18.99 Reduced to: US$15.19 Upper Torso Reds Satin Corsets Sexy Lingerie, Style Code: 07220, US$18.99 Corsets are brilliant at supporting you and giving you a really killer hourglass silhouette. So they're not only empowering, but also super desirable! (You could even wear them over jeans if you're feeling adventurous!) ;-)   Set One Size Mesh Material Bicolor Teddies Clubwear/Dancewear, Style Code: 06954, US$12.99 Reduced to: US$10.39 Set One Size Mesh Material Bicolor Teddies Clubwear/Dancewear, Style Code: 06954, US$12.99 There's something about leopard print that just screams 'sexy!' You can easily overdo this jungle print, but not on a day like Valentine's day, so unleash your wild inner self with this teddy set!   See-Through Lace Soft Bra & Thong Set, Style Code: 10027, US$19.99 Reduced to: US$15.99 See-Through Lace Soft Bra & Thong Set, Style Code: 10027, US$19.99 This cute bra and thong set is in a hot pink and black pattern, and can be worn time and time again!   But remember, there are literally hundreds of styles on offer, and the only way you're going to see them all is by following this link to see all of our valentine's day lingerie! There's still time to get your lingerie in the post, so take a look before Feb 4th! It may also help you to see our sizing chart, so click this link to check that: OuterInner Size Guide . Are you going to wear lingerie this year at Valentine's day? Are there any styles not shown here that you'd prefer? Let us know please!

7 Winter Style Options To Keep You Looking Great Whatever The Weather!

The essential 7 Winter Style Options

By Adrian Leighton
winter style options
As the weather is getting cooler and wetter, it's time to start wearing your cold-weather, winter gear (if you're not already)! Here we're going to look at some of the winter trends you might like! :-) Let's layer up and check out these cool items:

1. Wellies

The ultimate wet-weather footwear, the rubber boot, or welly, can handle any amount of water and mud. 10 or 20 years ago they were only available in workmanlike colors such as green, or black, but now you can get them in all kinds of funky colors and patterns, which means that they're a legitimate style choice if looking good's also a priority! Don't forget to wear thick socks with these boots, as they're often not padded inside which can cause chilly toes, and chafing if you're on the move a lot.

2. Infinity Scarves

The ultimate snug accessory, an infinity scarf is both warm and stylish. The hardest problem you'll have is deciding what sort you'd prefer, because there are so many styles out there! We think infinity scarves like the one pictured are fun, and they suit almost every outfit and don't need to be adjusted and played around with like normal scarves! You can even pull it over your head as an emergency hood if necessary!

3. High-Necked Dresses

Black High Neck Lace Detailed Skinny Dress, Style Code: 08176, US$14.99
What do you wear when it's cold out, and your flimsy cocktail dress is leaving you feeling blue (with cold)? High necked dresses are a great party option, as they give a lot more coverage than other styles. Just wear some fun, patterned tights, and throw on your favorite boots or heels and you'll be good to go in the perfect winter party outfit!

4. Patterned Umbrellas

leopard print umbrella
Who says that umbrellas have got to be boring, functional, items? Even if leopard print isn't for you, there are tons of patterned and colored brollies out there that you can use to add spice to your outfit :-)

5. Leggings

Thicker than tights, leggings are your friend if you're wearing a dress this winter! Available in many colors, patterns, and styles, you can wear leggings under any length of skirt without them looking out of place, or even as a thermal layer beneath jeans for extra warmth!

6. Trench Coats

trench coat
The trench coat is a winter favorite that always looks great! It's warm, it's weather proof, and it looks so much better than other jackets such as puffer jackets! This kind of coat will also look perfect with your trusty jeans and boots.

7. Brightly Colored Handbags

Brightly Colored Handbags
Winter is traditionally all about dark and muted colors, but this doesn't mean that your outfit needs to be drab. If you are wearing dark colors, why not accessorize with a brightly colored handbag? It's a cheerful pop of color, that can take you from soggy to smiley in seconds. What are your cold and wet weather staples? Tell us the classic looks you rely on by leaving a comment below :-)

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win a free bra with outerinner.com

To celebrate the launch of our new range of bras we're giving 3 lucky customers the chance to win a bra of their choice by entering our easy facebook giveaway.

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Friday Update: News, Special Festive Offers And FAQs

OuterInner News

Hello everyone! Here's this week's news from OuterInner.com! Everyone celebrated 'Thanksgiving' in the USA yesterday, so best wishes from all of us here and hope you had a lovely turkey day!
thanksgiving turkey

Pre-Holiday Sale: Occasions Dresses From Just $39!

pre-holiday sale banner
The holiday season is in full swing now and with that in mind we're keeping the promotions coming to save you money before Christmas. After all, why should being careful with money mean that you can't treat yourself or loved-ones to gorgeous new occasions dresses? This offer ends on the 30th of November, so you have about a week left to take a look and see which dresses you like in our pre-holiday sale! Check it today!  

Christmas Sexy Wear

Christmas sexy wear
This week we've launched our new Christmas sexy wear category, which is fun and sexy at the same time. If you're going to any Christmas parties and need a sexy costume or just want to have some festive fun with your guy at home then this category will make you smile. Take a look now :-)  

Don't Miss The 'Holiday Group On Offer'

holiday group on offer
Team up with your friends to get a crazy 65% off any occasions dresses from OuterInner! You have 2 options:
  1. To get the biggest savings, buy as a group! First get your group on code here and remember to give it to lots of friends, then everyone place their order using this code and pay with PayPal. Then we'll give you each a discount on the dresses that you order from between 25% to 65%!
  • It's also possible to get a smaller 15% discount if you get your code and then post it on our facebook page wall along with the words 'holiday group on offer' and then place your order using it. OK, it's a smaller discount, but we're giving you 15% off for doing nothing more than posting your code on our wall! Easy!
  Here's the Group On Page, so go here to read more about this exciting offer and get your all-important group on code! Just click the button to get your code and follow the instruction, it's easy! Team up and go for the 65%!

Look Out For The 'Clearance Sale' Coming Soon

Keep an eye on the sale section of the site, as at the beginning of December we're doing a clearance sale which will include many of our quick delivery dresses. These are some of our more expensive dresses and most beautiful dresses, so if you've had your eye on one, but were put off by the price then this sale will be for you!  

Questions We've Been Asked This Week

I am having trouble placing orders on your website! I have tried many times, but it didn't go through. What can I do? Please help. Please call or email us to let us know the exact problem, you can copy and paste the webpage where there is a window popping up describing the technical problem that you have encountered, and send this in the email to us. Our IT department will help to identify the problem and try to solve it. If still it cannot be solved, our customer support staff will help you place the order using our internal account. Please have all your information written down in the email about the products that you plan to order and your personal contact information, such as delivery address and phone number. Our staff can always help you to place an order if you're unsure about anything!   If I order a standard sized dress, but I have a plus sized bust, and all my other measurements fit in the standard size, would the dress still fit me well? If you have a plus size bust, no matter if you are ordering a standard sized dress or custom sized dress, you need to provide the detailed measurements of your bust, for example, your cup size, upper bust circumference, full bust circumference and lower bust circumference. Then we will check and feed back to you if any changes are needed. At most we will adjust the size of your dress to make sure that it fits.   Is it possible for delivery to the Netherlands be paid COD (Cash On Delivery)? No, we do not allow delivery to be paid COD, ie., paying after you have received the parcel, whether it is to the Netherlands or any country. All the goods price and parcel charges need to be paid right after you have placed the order, as we cannot start to process your order until then. Plus, we have a special agreement with Express Delivery companies on price terms, therefore we're able to offer you a specially discounted price, which is generally considerably cheaper than you paying it by yourself. Do you have any questions for us? If so leave them as a comment and we'll try to help!
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