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The December 'Weekend Win' - 5 FREE Christmas Gifts From OuterInner

The December 'Weekend Win,' 5 FREE Christmas gifts from OuterInner.com

Welcome to the 'Weekend Win' from OuterInner.com!
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Everyone loves a FREE gift and what better time to get something for nothing than at Christmas time? This December 2011 the team here at OuterInner.com are giving you the opportunity to win a great free gift every weekend until the end of December! We've got together some great prizes as a thank you for your continued support and to wish everyone a happy Christmas!

How Do I Win?

Every Friday this month we'll run the 'weekend win' giveaway competition ONLY ON OUR FACEBOOK PAGE where, when you post something to our facebook wall you'll be entered into the draw to win a free gift, so be sure to visit and enter every Friday to have a chance to win a FREE gift! Each Friday I will post that the 'WEEKEND WIN GIVEAWAY IS OPEN' on our wall and then you have a limited time to follow the instructions and leave some kind of post on our wall. You can only win a prize if you post on the wall, so look out for my post each Friday then you know it's time to enter! Read on to see the prizes and the instructions of what you need to post to win:  

5 Weekends, 5 Chances To Win On Facebook

There are 5 weekends this month and that's good news as it means there's 5 chances for you to win some of our sexy lingerie, shoes and occasions dresses for FREE! Let's see the giveaways right here:

Week 1 'Sexy Christmas Surprise' 2nd December 2011:

PRIZE: 2 lucky winners will each win 1 item for FREE from our Christmas sexy wear collection which should arrive in time for a sexy surprise on Christmas day! Your Christmas sexy wear and shipping will be free. HOW TO WIN: Let's start with an easy one. On Friday you need to go to our Christmas sexy wear category, find the item you'd like to win and post its link to our wall adding the words 'SEXY CHRISTMAS SURPRISE.' After 24 hours the competition will end and I will choose the winners at random, so if you want to be in with a chance to win remember to POST THAT LINK!!!!
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Week 2 'Winter Warmer' 9th December 2011:

PRIZE: 2 fortunate folks will each win 1 item for FREE from our sexy lingerie category and can set temperatures rising at home without turning up the heating this year! Your lingerie and shipping will be free. HOW TO WIN: On Friday check our sexy lingerie category, find the item you want to win then post its link to our wall adding the words 'WINTER WARMER.' After 24 hours the competition closes and then I'll choose the winners at random, so if you want to win then you must POST THE LINK ON OUR WALL!!!!
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Week 3 'Stocking Filler' 16th December 2011:

PRIZE: 1 happy winner will get 1 FREE pair of any of our shoes for their stocking this year! (please include shipping as normal) HOW TO WIN: This week we want to see your big Christmas smiles! :-D Our shoes are a great stocking filler, and to win we want you to post a picture of you holding your colourful Christmas stocking OR you wearing a Christmassy hat and the words 'STOCKING FILLER' to our wall. Once again, you've got 24 hours to post your picture and have a chance of winning the shoes! I will choose the winner at random from all of the entries. Remember, no picture = no shoes, but everyone's at least got a camera on their phone these days so get snapping!
week 3 example

Week 4 'Christmas Bonus!' 23rd December 2011:

PRIZE: It's Christmas week, so here's an extra gift from us :-D The 1 lucky winner this week will get a 'Buy 1 Get 1 Free Deal' on any standard size occasions dresses from our site! We'll send you a special unique code that you can enter at checkout when you order and we'll give you the cheaper of your two dresses for free! (Please arrange shipping as normal, excludes wedding dresses) HOW TO WIN: It IS Christmas this week after all, so what better way to win than share a picture of you and your Christmas tree on our wall along with the words 'CHRISTMAS BONUS.' You will have 24 hours from when I post that the competition is open on the friday to post your picture, then I will choose the winner out of all of the pictures; so look out to see if you've won on Saturday! If you don't have a tree at home, maybe get a picture of you in front of one at the mall, in the park etc? Remember to smile! ;-)
week 4 example

Week 5 'Better Than The January Sales' 30th December 2011:

PRIZE: We're nearly at the end of the month, so it's the BIG ONE! This week we give 1 very lucky winner a chance to win 1 FREE custom-sized occasions dress of their choice! Yes, that's right, totally FREE! We'll charge you nothing for this dress which should put a big smile on your face in January! (Please arrange shipping as normal, excludes wedding dresses) HOW TO WIN: You need your friends' help to win this one! Choose the occasions dress that you want to win for free, post its link on our wall along with the words BETTER THAN THE JANUARY SALES and then get your friends to LIKE your post. The person with the most 'likes' after 48hrs will win the free dress, so get your friends to visit & LIKE our page and then 'like' your post or you might not win! Opens Friday 30th, closes Sunday 1st Jan - so your friends have 2 days to LIKE your post before I count them up and announce the winner!
week 5 example
To win these gifts all you need to do is go to our FACEBOOK PAGE and join the competition on Friday every week during December 2011! To win you just need to post either a link or a picture -it's easy, so good luck, have fun and merry Christmas from everyone here at OuterInner.com!   If you are lucky enough to win a prize we will contact you by personal message on Facebook and arrange your prize with you, so look out for the message! If you have any questions about the 'weekend win' FREE Christmas gift giveaway then please ask me by posting your question on our facebook page's wall, or send your question to 'mkt@outerinner.com.' Thanks!
Don't forget to join the fun on facebook and twitter!  
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