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Body Conscious? Don't Miss The Benefits Of Hot Lingerie!

Hot Lingerie Can Play Down Your Problem Areas And Enhance Your Strengths!

Very few of us have a 'perfect' figure, but if you thought that hot lingerie is only for women with a model's figure then think again. We all know that hot lingerie can add some spice to things in the bedroom, or just empower you, leaving you feeling sexy and feminine, but did you know that it can in fact help you to hide your weaker features? Here at OuterInner.com we are proud to not only offer thousands of fabulous occasions dresses, but also a massive range of hot lingerie that you can use to look and feel great. Let's look at some common problem areas and issues that women face and the types of hot lingerie that you can wear to 'cure' them:

Hot Lingerie, A Sexy Helper

First of all it's important to realise, especially if you're not a regular wearer, that wearing hot lingerie isn't something that 'other women do.' Just because you haven't tried it doesn't mean that it won't suit you, or that your partner won't like it. This is especially true in the case of women who have been avoiding it because they thought they didn't have the right shape to pull off wearing it. Most men, even those who haven't expressed an interest in lingerie before, LOVE lingerie, so try and put those nerves behind you and give it a try. Now let's check out the problems and the answers. You'll see an explanation then an example of the type of hot lingerie we're suggesting, so if you want to learn more about this style click on the blue link or the picture that you see :-)

Chunky Thighs

If you're insecure about your thighs then a pair of fishnet tights like these shown below (Style Code:03607) will be perfect. They cover your thighs despite having a very large weave and this helps to draw the eye away from any imperfections. You can leave them on while you're having fun, so there's no reason to feel insecure about your thighs anymore.
sexy lingerie hot lingerie 03607

Wobbly Tummy

If your tummy is a little thick then turn to a teddy as these will hug your torso and in fact will make it look longer and therefore slimmer. Choose dark colors for an extra slimming effect as darks are always slimming.
sexy lingerie cheap online 06915


You don't need big boobs to enjoy wearing lingerie or turn on guys. Many bras these days are uplifting and will give you a boost and some shape with their inserts (often known as chicken fillets), so look out for those. You can also try a chemise which will give you a lot of coverage whilst still allowing your guy to see enough to get him interested. This should distract from your chest, regardless of its size.
sexy lingerie for homecomings 03996

Large Chest

Big boobs can be a double-edged sword. On the one hand many guys love them, but on the other they can droop and require some support. If you're worried about this then you should definitely wear a bustier as they not only give you shape around the torso, but are ideal for big busts as they give you an uplift and make the most of your natural assets.
cheap bustiers and corsets 03167

Short Legs

The trick here is to draw the eye away from them and give them some coverage. Any lingerie that covers a certain area that you're less confident in will always give you a boost. Try tights, especially dark colors, as they'll help your legs seem slimmer and longer. For an extra sexy look try keeping on your tights and stilletos when you're in the bedroom!
mesh tights

Unhappy With Your Weight

If you feel that you're overweight and that no hot lingerie will fit or suit you then a corset could be for you. Corsets are great as they shape your body, sucking in your upper torso and giving you an hourglass figure and they'll also give your boobs a boost too. Many, like the one pictured, have an integrated skirt which can hide a multitude of sines. You could also team yours up with some fishnets and then you'll look the bomb and feel comfortable about your body and legs.
corset back short dresses 03867
There is almost no issue that can't be solved with the right hot lingerie, so if you experiment and have some fun eventually you'll find the styles that are perfect for you and can feel sexy, confident and good looking. Don't underestimate the affect on your partner too, as he'll be so impressed by your new look that he certainly wouldn't focus on any areas that you'd rather he didn't! So today I'm asking you to step out of your comfort zone, give it a try and you never know, you might never want to go back to only bare skin ever again! What's your favorite hot lingerie? Let us know by leaving a comment please! Don't miss out on our BRAVO Christmas And New Year Offer where you can get a tasty 30% off the cost of your items if you enter the code 'bravo' at checkout from now 'til the end of December 2011. There are also a variety of other offers on specific categories as part of this offer too, so take a look today as you'll be likely to find a real bargain! :-)
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How To Choose Hot Lingerie That Looks And Feels Great

Every Girl Can Feel Sexy With Hot Lingerie

Underwear...what an unspiring word. Get up, put on your underwear, leave the house. Yawn. However, if I was to say, "Put on hot lingerie," then you'd have atotally different feeling! And why can't you treat yourself to the great feeling that comes from wearing hot lingerie? It doesn't matter if you're a stay-at-home mom, or a businesswoman. Not only does it feel great and look great, many girls just feel sexier knowing that they're in it! I know that there still might be the right occasion for the humble granny panty, but in fact if you know which hot lingerie is most suitable for you then you may find yourself wearing it more and more and having a little smile knowing that you've got your own sexy secret on that day. So today, let's look at OuterInner.com's guide to choosing hot lingerie that both looks and feels great:
granny panty hot lingerie  
Granny panty or something a little more 'interesting?'

Which Hot Lingerie Should You Be Aiming For?

Hot lingerie can be worn to help you feel good, or spice things up in the bedroom. No matter whether you want to stay covered, go for something that's see-through (sheer) or even do some role-play, there is always some suitable lingerie. But you shouldn't just choose the first hot lingerie that seems to jump out at you. Different women's body shape and features have different needs, so we're going to guide you through them. I think the best way to choose hot lingerie for yourself is to first be well aware of your own body...if you have any of these features then we've got some suggestions for you:

Big Bum Or Hips

If you've got curves you don't like here then don't be down, there are ways to feel confident! If you're curvy and have bigger boobs then they should definitely be your focal point! You need to try to avoid very tight, figure-hugging items that will accentuate your bum and hips, so a long loose gown, babydoll or chemise would be ideal and you can still get a sheer one for extra spice! This feature describes a pear shape, and since the majority of women are pears then this tip is especially important.
Lace gown
This gown would be great for covering wider hips and bums whilst showing off your bust


If like many girls you've got a little belly coming it's fine! Just remember to choose something that's a bit loose in the waist or perhaps wear brightly colored or decorated bran and panties to draw the eye from your tummy.
chiffon babydoll
This babydoll is cute and covers your tummy

Small Boobs

If your chest is a bit smaller than average you should draw the eye towards other features such as your legs or bum! Perhaps a garter belt and stockings will do a great job of taking the focus away from your chest.
lace garter belt
A hot lingerie classic, choose a lace garter belt set like this to draw the focus downwards away from your boobs

Big Boobs

If you've got big boobs then you may sometimes suffer with some sag if they're unsupported, so in this case just be sure to choose a halter or underwired bra or cups in order to give you support and a good shape. A bustier or corset, can not only give you support, but also an hourglass shape.
satin bustier
A bustier like this supports your boobs AND gives you a great shape

Lacking Confidence In Your Body

If you feel uncomfortable with the idea of showing off a lot of skin and think that therefore maybe hot lingerie isn't for you I understand, however if you can cover up a little then it is actually sometimes even sexier than letting it all hang out! As men are sometimes more excited about what they can't see than what they can! In this case, consider a long gown.
satin gown
You will feel confident and sexy in a gown and your man will be desparate to see what's underneath


If you're perhaps a little bigger than you'd like in certain areas then you can create a slimmer look by choosing some of the following:
    • If you want your body to have a slimmer silhouette then you choose a body stockingwhich will suck in some curves and give you a better shape
      mesh body stocking
      A body stocking like this will slim your frame down and looks super hot
  • If your legs are a little chunky then try wearing black tights to slim them. There isn't a man alive who isn't crazy about the sight of a girl in tights!
black mesh tights
Wearing tights like this will always make legs look slimmer

"OK, Where Can I See OuterInner's Full Range Of Hot Lingerie?"

Now you're ready to try something new and spice up your wardrobe, go and check out our range of hot lingerie here. Remember, 'underwear' is boring and uninspiring. Lingerie is the way forward, and you don't need to go crazy to look sexy as we have seen with some of the more demure choices such as chemises.   How do you feel about hot lingerie? Do you only wear it in the bedroom, or do you think it has a place under everyday clothes? What's your favourite hot lingerie? Let us know in the comments below!
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