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Friday Roundup: Fashion, Fun And News From OuterInner

OuterInner News

Hello from Hong Kong this friday! Let's take a look at news from OuterInner.com this week.  

New Product Descriptions And Pictures

You could be forgiven for wondering why this is news, but keep your eyes peeled for new product descriptions and pictures in the coming months. Our better, more detailed pictures will give you views of our beautiful formal dresses that you won't believe and make that decision of which one to buy even easier! Here's a video of our photo shoot:
And here you can see our model, July, in action wearing one of our cocktail dresses:
cocktail dress
We're also adding more in-depth descriptions to the dresses to try to better explain what each dress is and its most important features. For instance, this homecoming dress has already been updated, but look out for more coming soon.
homecoming dress with product description

Halloween Sexy Costume Giveaway On Facebook

devil sexy costume
We all know that Halloween is coming soon, and I've mentioned our range of sexy adult costumes before. These costumes are anything but scary and in fact you could wear them in the bedroom to give your guy a surprise or out to your Halloween party (depending on the costume AND how brave you are)! But did you know that starting TODAY OCTOBER 14th we're running a giveaway on our facebook page where you can win your choice of our sexy adult costumes for FREE and delivered to your door by us for FREE!? Basically you need to 'like' our page, post the link of the costume you'd like to win on the wall there along with the words 'HALLOWEEN GIVEAWAY' and then get your friends to go to our page and like your post. Your post should look like this:
facebook post example
Please read the blog post explaining this and remember that the the competition ends on the 21st! Good luck!  

Questions We've Been Asked This Week

Are you a legitimate company? Are you a scam? Can I trust you? I know that there are loads of scammy sites in China and you're right to be cautious as we certainly wouldn't like you to waste your money! Here are some reasons to consider shopping with us: 1) We will not charge you directly. We work with PayPal, a third party payment provider, to deal with payment issues. Your money will be transferred safely and securely through PayPal to us. You can set up a PayPal account on their official website www.paypal.com and connect your bank account or credit card account with PayPal. In the unlikely event that something goes wrong with your order or you are not satisfied with our products and services, you can lodge a complaint through PayPal to request a refund. They will examine the case and usually rule in favour of the customer and not the vendor. That said, we don't think you would have to go as far as to involve PayPal to solve a case like this, as we will always take the initiative to try our best to help you come up with a favorable solution.   2) Please LIKE our Facebook page (Outerinner Club) and check out what other customers think of us and the interactions between customers and our great marketing people.   3) Keep up to date with our blog for our weekly news and updates. Not only can you find tips for selecting the right dress for your event, but you'll also get a better insight into our business operations and can ask any questions you like. 4) OuterInner.com is verified by GEOTrust, one of the largest and most trusted global providers of digital certificate solutions for businesses. You can click on the E-certification on the bottom right of our website homepage for more details. Basically what this means is that your private information is scrambled and can't be stolen by hackers and scammers, so you can buy in confidence that your data won't be stolen and money will be safe.
GEOtrust certificate on homepage of outerinner.com
  5) As you can see, our website is professionally designed with good typefaces, attractive photos and easy navigation for visitors to use the site. We regularly update our website to maintain performance and to ensure your privacy when doing shopping with us online.   If you're still unsure, then my advice is to try us out by first placing just a small order on a relatively cheap item such as a pair of our cute shoes and then you see if we're a good fit for you :-)   Do you have any questions for us? If so leave them as a comment and we'll try to help!
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