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Homecoming Dresses: 5 Styles Heating Up In 2013


Let's Look At 2013's Hottest Homecoming Dresses

5 homecoming dresses for 2013

It's the time of year when we're getting ready for homecoming, and that means just one thing: Choosing one of the hottest homecoming dresses for ourselves so we can go and fire it up with our friends!

But which homecoming dress styles are hot in 2013? With so much choice we know you'll like a helping hand, so let's get involved and look at 5 of the must-wear homecoming dresses that you'll love this year!

1. Sequins!

Yes! Sequins and all things sparkly are IN this year! Here's a nice example:

Deep V Neck Sequin Bodice Backless Homecoming Dress

Style Code: 09517 $115

sequin homecoming dresses 09517

Click here if you'd like to see even more homecoming dresses with sequins.

2. Go Vintage.

With the 20's revival this year thanks to 'The Great Gatsby' movie, you could do worse than to choose a vintage-inspired dress like this 'flapper style' homecoming dress.

Empire Knee-length Ruffles Reds Cocktail Dresses

Style Code: 01680 $88

vintage homecoming dresses 01680

 3. Ruffles

Ruffled dresses are playful, full of texture, and look so chic. Love them?

Beading Belted Ruffles Homecoming Dress

Style Code: 10293 $129

ruffled homecoming dresses 10293Click here to see more homecoming dresses with ruffles.

4. Metallic Homecoming Dresses

Metallic dresses are good fun, and metallic colors are sure to make you stand out!

Asymmestric Shoulder Multi Color Homecoming Dress

Style Code: 09489 $99

metallic homecoming dresses 09489Click here to see more metallic homecoming dresses.

5. Get The Best Of Both Worlds With Hi-Lo Dresses

Hi-Lo dresses are gaining in popularity, and they're awesome as you get a cool long skirt, but still show off your legs like with a mini!

Beading Bust Spaghetti Straps Hi Lo Prom Dress

Style Code: 08668 $116

hi lo homecoming dresses 08668

Click here to see more hi-lo homecoming dresses.

Your Turn...

Which styles do you prefer? Let us know! Don't forget that you can still get a discount AND a free clutch on any homecoming dress bought from OuterInner.com until September 7th 2013!


Click here to get more homecoming dresses ideas.

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homecoming dresses banner

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Which clutches can I choose?

There are 10 styles of our great clutches for you to choose from to be your free gift! Choose the one you like and then add its style code when you're at checkout with your homecoming dress:

clutches to choose | homecoming dresses offer

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How do I get my FREE clutch?

All you need to do is add this code at checkout:

homecoming dresses coupon

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where to add your code to get a clutch

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Homecoming Dresses Trend Watch 2012: Sweetheart Neckline Homecoming Dresses

Sweetheart Neckline Homecoming Dresses Should Be On Your Radar!

By Adrian Leighton
We're so happy to see that sweetheart neckline homecoming dresses are popular in 2012, because we think it's such a versatile style that looks great on pretty much anyone! Some may think that a sweetheart neckline is better for larger busts, but it's actually great if you're a smaller busted girl too. Naturally if you have a larger bust then a sweetheart will help show off your assets, but actually it helps boost and also show off a smaller bust too whilst keeping you covered enough for there to be no problems with you filling out the dress or not! Here at OuterInner.com we have heaps of sweetheart neckline homecoming dresses that we think you'll love! The good news is that sweetheart necklines can be found on all kinds of dress types, so regardless of if you'd prefer something a little more demure, really eye-catching, or even with a long skirt, you'll find sweetheart necklines are plentiful.

Sweetheart Neckline Homecoming Dresses From OuterInner.com

So let's take a look at a few examples so you know what you're dealing with:
Mini Drop Waist Applique Homecoming Dress, Style Code: 09555, US$119.00 Mini Drop Waist Applique Sweetheart Neckline Homecoming Dresses, Style Code: 09555, US$119.00 This dress has both a cute sweetheart neckline AND a fashionable dropped waist too! Currently on sale at US$95.20!  
Asymmestrical Shoulder Beading Waist Tulle Homecoming Dress, Style Code: 08686, US$99.00 Asymmestrical Shoulder Beading Waist Tulle Homecoming Dress, Style Code: 08686, US$99.00 The bright yellow of this dress is so playful, and let's not forget its sparkly one shoulder which is a pretty touch. Also on sale at US$79.20!  
Sweetheart Backless Corset Bodice Homecoming Dress, Style Code: 09516, US$134.00 Sweetheart Backless Corset Bodice Homecoming Dress, Style Code: 09516, US$134.00 Fun sparkly bodice + frilly skirt = cute! On sale at US$120.60!  
Beading A-line Mini Sweetheart Sleeveless Chiffon Cocktail Dresses, Style Code: 05510, US$89.00 Beading A-line Mini Sweetheart Sleeveless Chiffon Cocktail Dresses, Style Code: 05510, US$89.00 This short dress has two different colors and beautiful ruffles on the bodice. What's not to like? Also on sale at just US$71.20!  
So, are sweetheart neckline homecoming dresses your thing, or do you prefer a different style? Which of these dresses do you like?

Homecoming Dresses Trend Watch 2012: Beaded Dresses

Check Out Beaded Homecoming Dresses In 2012

By Adrian Leighton
jessica alba in beaded dress
It's OuterInner.com's mission to make sure that you look amazing at homecoming this year! That's why we're trying to feature some of the hottest styles of homecoming dresses that you can get in 2012 so you'll look 100% on trend! You need to feel sure that you'll turn up to your homecoming party looking amazing, because it would be a pity if you miss this chance to look so awesome in front of your friends! Beaded dresses are super hot on the red carpet this year as you can see in the picture above where Jessica Alba is wearing a pretty beaded dress. But can you re-create this look as a homecoming dress? Let's take a look at some:

If You Love Beaded Homecoming Dresses Then We've Got You Covered

The beauty of beaded homecoming dresses is that there are so many different styles. Some are completely covered in sparkly beads, but others simply have a portion of beaded decoration. This is good, because it gives you a huge range of dresses to choose from which will guarantee you to look unique! How do you feel about these dresses:
Spaghetti Straps Beading Top Party Dress, Style Code: 08662, US$94.00
Spaghetti Straps Beading Top Homecoming Dresses, Style Code: 08662, US$94.00 This pretty homecoming dress has a flirty, light-weight skirt and sparkly beaded bodice.  
Beading Sleeveless Halter Champagnes Cocktail Dresses, Style Code: 00498, US$104.00
Beading Sleeveless Halter Champagnes Cocktail Dresses, Style Code: 00498, US$104.00 This black dress really shows off the impressive patterns of sparkle along its neckline and skirt.  
Sheath Tulle Blues Beading Cocktail Dresses, Style Code: 00524, US$109.00
Sheath Tulle Blues Beading Cocktail Dresses, Style Code: 00524, US$109.00 This dress is really big on sparkle! The beading spans the bust and continues on down the body, really calling attention to your figure.   So as we can see, adding some sparkly beading can amp up a dress to 11 on the wow scale! What do you think of these dresses? Would you go for a beaded dress for homecoming?

If you love beaded homecoming dresses and you want to see even more then click here: http://bit.ly/homecd

Real OuterInner Customer Reviews: Reesa Colman's Daughter's Homecoming Dress

Real Customer Reviews: Reesa Colman's Daughter's Homecoming Dress

The homecoming season is upon us and we've heard from Reesa Colman, from Allen, Texas, who bought her daughter a homecoming dress that she bought for her daughter's homecoming. We have to say that she looked wonderful, so thanks so much for sending in your message and the pictures! :-) Here's her daughter below looking just gorgeous, and if you love this homecoming dress as well just click on the picture below to see further information or follow this link http://bit.ly/rmu8Dc
homecoming dress

The Need For A Unique Homecoming Dress

We were very pleased that Reesa thought that the dress was unique and we understand that at homecoming there's nothing worse than turning up in the same dress as someone else...the horror! That's why we are improving our styles and range of homecoming dresses every year. This particular dress is quite unique as its layered skirt gives it a lot of body and is in subtly different colored taffeta with a lovely sheen to it. This dress was in 'as pic' color and Reesa asked us to add sleeves to it, as you can see. Here's what Reesa had to say:
Thank you so much OuterInner for the beautiful homecoming dress! It was very unique from the other dresses worn by other girls at the homecoming dance....my daughter stood out!! The workmanship was very nice. In fact I was impressed by it! I was also very pleased with the customer service I received...I worried a lot, but every question was answered and the work was done in advance of what was promised. THANK YOU!!
Well thank you very much Reesa, it's nice to hear this! But there are another 2 pictures and I have to say that your daughter and her date look so lovely and we're sure they had a great time at homecoming!
homecoming dress Reesa's daughter looking beautiful with her date who's a dashing young man  
homecoming dress A closer shot of the happy couple. Notice how the color of the dress complements her hair and eyes so well.  
If you love this dress and would like it for your next party then click on the picture below for more details:
homecoming dress
What do you think of this homecoming dress? What kind of dress did you wear to homecoming? Was it unique? Do you have an OuterInner dress story to share with us? please leave us a comment below!
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