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Don't Kill Your Hot Lingerie! Care For It Like A Pro!

Caring For Your Hot Lingerie

Here at OuterInner.com we're specialists in hot lingerie and we want your sexy lingerie to last you as long as possible! So let's look at the best ways to wash and keep clean your hot lingerie here.
cheap corsets and bustiers 07216 Caring for your hot lingerie like this corset isn't as easy as you might think!  

The Safest Wash Is Always A Hand Wash

Hot lingerie is made from a lot of different types of fabric and they all need to be washed in different ways. In general washing by hand and using a mild detergent is THE safest option, but for those of us using a washing machine it can be hard to know which wash cycle is needed.
washing machine To use a washing machine, or not to use a washing machine? That is the question.  
Most lingerie will have a care label that shows the best way to keep it clean, but it's important to know that even the best quality hot lingerie may not be able to stand up to the wear and tear of its 'recommended washing' over a long period of time. It's a well-known fact that many of the big lingerie brands want you to wear out your lingerie, so you'll buy more from them more often! Most lingerie is delicate in that it has lace, underwire, padding, silicon and other materials that hate harsh treatment or heat. Even designer label brands can also suffer from cheap stitching where the thread used will break over time as it becomes hardened from washing on too hard a cycle. Let's look at some of the common fabrics used to make hot lingerie and how to wash them:  

Cotton Hot Lingerie

sexy lingerie for cheap: 03542 Be careful not to shrink this cotton babydoll!  
It's hard to believe, but most people actually don't know how to wash common lingerie properly! Are you one of them? Everyone has experienced jeans or t-shirts that have seemed to shrink after washing, so we must also beware of this when it comes to cotton lingerie. Washing cotton is easy and worry-free as washing with detergent doesn't hold any danger of damage to the material. Hot water and drying is what you have to be careful of. Any lingerie that is 50% or more cotton could shrink if it's washed in hot water. Shrunk lingerie is neither hot nor sexy, it just looks sad. So we suggest a machine wash on a delicate cycle with lukewarm water and then hanging or laying out the lingerie to dry on a flat surface, but NOT in direct sunlight which will dry out the fabric and could cause shrinkage. You'll notice that a cotton item can be stiff after washing, but you can avoid this by using fabric softener.  

Synthetic Fabrics Hot Lingerie

synthetic bra A t shirt bra like this one is totally synthetic and as such needs to be treated carefully to avoid damage and dicoloring.  
Fabrics like rayon and polyester are very common these days. If you must machine wash them, then we suggest washing them on a delicate cycle with a very mild detergent or only softener instead of standard detergent as many common laundry detergents can be harsh and drain the color of your hot lingerie. A good thing about synthetic lingerie is that it dries quickly and easily. Most pieces will handle a quick spin on a low heat in the dryer. Another strength is that they won't often lose their shape or become damaged with drying. If you're in a hurry and don't have time to bother about sorting which clothes go together in the washing machine or do a hand wash, then synthetic hot lingerie is a good choice as it's very easy to care for.  

Silk Hot Lingerie

bra and panty sets Silk can be very hard to care for, so be careful not to machine wash and destroy your expensive silk lingerie!  
Silk is a common and sexy fabric for hot lingerie, but it can be hard to wash without damage. You can either choose to get it dry-cleaned (which we recommend) or be brave and hand wash it yourself! Here's how to hand wash silk: Use very mild detergent in lukewarm water to avoid damage to the silk. Let the lingerie soak, but don't scrub it. Later, once it's soaked for a while, you can rinse it off with more lukewarm water and then to dry you need to roll it inside a dry towel and then twist dry (this is because silk is so delicate it may damage it to rub it dry). Repeat, but use a fresh, dry towel. Finally, to complete the drying of your silk lingerie, go over it with a steam iron on medium heat while it is still slightly damp. Lay it out to cool and you'll find that it is dry and clean. Do NOT air dry silk, as it may go yellow or stain!   So, are you ready to care for hot lingerie like a pro? It's worth taking special care when washing lingerie and another tip if you're machine washing is to wash it in a lingerie bag which will stop it getting damaged by rough treatment while it's inside the machine. They only cost a few bucks, so remember to pick one up next time you're in the store.
lingerie washing bag Lingerie washing bag  

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