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Friday Update: 2013 New Released Quick Delivery Dresses

OuterInner.com 2013 New Released Styles

This week we’ve launched a large number of newest and trendiest Quick Delivery Dresses, and you'll see gorgeous floral styles, pink dresses and colorful dresses as they’re good-looking which we think are perfect for new season and other more special events like prom party or black tie event. If you pay close attention to our weekly update, you'll find what you're looking for in OuterInner.com. New 2013 quick delivery dresses just released Are you excited with our new fashion style? And prom season is approaching, would you like to pick them up early? If so, take at a look at our stunning and unique quick delivery dresses.

New In This Week We Have Quick Delivery Dresses 

As your occassion dresses specialists, OuterInner.com has published lots of fabulous and the hottest prom dresses, black tie event dresses and night out dresses this year. Now it's time to further keep focus on our new styles. Here are some new unique quick delivery dresses styles for your reference:

1. Omber Blue Halter Backless Beading Waist Prom Dress,Style Code: 11016, US$ 450.00

Omber Blue A-Line Prom Dress

Want to be a pure and fresh girl at prom party? This omber unique design is a good choice for your special event in Spring .

2. Omber Tencel One Shoulder Zigzag Beading Prom Dress,Style Code: 11011, US$ 368.00

 Omber Tencel One Shoulder Beading Prom Dress

How glamorous! The color combination of this prom dress is stunning. If you love brown color, this design is definitely fit for you.

3. All Over Beading A-Line One Shoulder Prom Dress, Style Code: 11014, US$ 350.00

Beading A-Line One-Shoulder Prom Dress

It's amazing!!! Black color never goes out of fashion and makes you more slinky and sexy all the night.

4. Illusion Beaded Neck Overskirted Prom Dress, Style Code: 11002, US$349.00


What about this girly and feminine quick delivery dresses design? It's so lightweight and absolutely elegant.

5. A-Line Bateau V-Neck Back Floor-Length Evening Wear, Style Code: 11028, US$ 299.00

 A-Line Bateau Floor-Length Evening Wear

This blue long prom dress is flattering on almost any skin color and a bit different than all the other prom dresses.

6. Beading A-line Jewel Ankle-length Quick Delivery, Style Code: 03629, US$159.00


This design will make you look just like a beautiful princess. The beading and waist corsage details add just the right amount of eye-catching. 

All of the above dresses are quick delivery dresses and these are a great option because it only takes around 10 days for the dress to arrive with you after you place your order! So, which are your favorite dresses? Do you love one of these 2013 new released styles? What color would you prefer for your prom dresses? Please  tell us which you prefer and comment below! :-)

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Weekly Fab Five 2013 Prom Dresses #2

Fabulous Five 2013 Prom Dresses

By Adrian Leighton

weekly fab five 2013 prom dresses #2

Let's take another look at 5 of our hottest new 2013 prom dresses! We'll be featuring five styles a week, so look out for more between now and prom! After all, it's never too early to start planning your outfit! ;-)

1. Shirred Sweetheart Draping Formal Dress, Style Code: 10420, US$106.00

Shirred Sweetheart Draping Formal Dress, Style Code: 10420, US$106.00

Who ever said prom dresses couldn't be white? Forget those haters who mention the word 'bride,' because they're just jealous that all eyes are on you!

2. Pleated Thigh Gathered Bubble Hem Prom Dress, Style Code: 08643, US$118.00

Pleated Thigh Gathered Bubble Hem Prom Dress, Style Code: 08643, US$118.00

Channel the 80s with this modern classic design, a retro, but very cool bubble hem dress!

3. Side Draping Beading Halter Prom Dress, Style Code: 08636, US$116.00

Side Draping Beading Halter 2013 Prom Dresses, Style Code: 08636, US$116.00

A halter neckline offers great support, elegant looks, and this dress has a stylish draped skirt and sparkly accents to really pep up the look!

4. Silk Georgette Sheath Off -the-shoulder Dress, Style Code: 10520, US$154.00

Silk Georgette Sheath Off -the-shoulder Dress, Style Code: 10520, US$154.00

This silk off-the-shoulder number oozes class, and look how the neckline is made of lace! How lovely!

5. One Shoulder Beading Reds Sleeveless Black Tie Event, Style Code: 00472, US$119.00

One Shoulder Beading Reds Sleeveless Black Tie Event, Style Code: 00472, US$119.00

The one-shoulder style is a strong look, and red and black work really well together as a color scheme too!

So which of our fabuous five 2013 prom dresses do you like? tell us by commenting below please...

We'll be back with more 2013 prom dresses next week, but in the meantime why not follow us on Pinterest? Here you'll see the latest styles, contests, and offers ;-) See you soon!

The Top 12 Trends You MUST Consider For 2012 Prom Dresses (Part 2)

The Twelve 2012 Prom Dresses trends You Need To Know About! (Part 2)

2012 prom dresses trends
As prom season approaches you might be thinking, "How am I going to get a prom dress that looks both unique and amazing on me?" Every girl has different tastes and body shape, but keep reading for the second part of OuterInner.com's guide to the 12 most important trends you need to know about for 2012 prom dresses and you'll be ready to go out there and find your perfect prom dress!  

Why Should I Go For New 2012 Prom Dresses?

We already established in part 1 of the top 2012 prom dresses trends blog that older 'tried and tested' styles are fine, but not original and could lead to you rolling up in the same or similar prom dress to another girl! We want you to avoid this horror and so that's why we're looking at all of the latest, most original trends for 2012 prom dresses that will have you looking fashionable and amazing in all of your pictures, rather than looking the same as everyone else!
all eyes on you

Key 2012 Prom Dresses Trends For You To Target

Let's look in detail at the last 6 trends you can target and I'll give an example from OuterInner.com's selection of 2012 prom dresses so you can actually see the trends in action!
2012 prom dresses trends to target
Click on the picture of any dress to go to the site and get further information, such as color options:
  • Metallic Prom Dresses: Metallic tones are a really important trend for 2012 prom dresses. You should definitely consider irridescent taffeta, which is a fabric which looks metallic and can even change color as you shift under the lights!
  Metallics are blowing up on the catwalk right now, so grab a piece of the action to look quite different to the other girls!
metallic 2012 prom dresses
I love this metallic prom dress and its layered skirt. Doesn't it remind you of Madonna's dress that she wore recently at the Grammy's too?  
  • Sweetheart Prom Dresses: A sweetheart neckline is certainly not new for 2012 prom dresses, however sweetheart prom dresses are a trend that continues to be strong. Girls just love that strapless, flirty look!
sweetheart brush train princess 2012 Prom Dresses
This is a real stunner! Ideal for any girl who really appreciates what it's like to look like a princess, the pretty brush train just tops off the whole thing!  
  • Leg Slit Prom Dresses: Another look which has been getting increasingly popular on the red carpet this year, leg slit prom dresses tantalise by showing off a little thigh, but look very classy at the same time! The great thing about this style of prom dress is that it's not quite as conventional as some, so by choosing it you're going to look quite striking compared to the other girls!
Floor-length A-line Sweetheart Leg Slit Prom Dress
The prom dress above may be black, but it's anything but invisible! Not only does it feature an epic leg slit, but it's also liberally decorated with beautiful, sparkling beading.  
  • Tiered Prom Dresses: These attractive skirts look quite cool and different, so if you like tiered prom dresses then you'll be in for a lot of fun with a dress like this!
Sleeveless Empire Tiered Prom Dress
As you can see, the above prom dress has a pretty tiered skirt which has volume, yet is very light too! It's a short dress too which is unusual for prom dresses and another trend to watch, so get on your dancing shoes, because you're going to be a lot more mobile than the girls in their long dresses!  
  • Orange Prom Dresses: Did you know that orange is Pantone's color of the year for 2012? We've seen a lot of celebrities wearing orange and also accessorizing with orange nails and lips, so why not get in with this popular trend and go with ornage prom dresses this year?
Oranges Sleeveless Satin Beading Prom Dress
I think this orange prom dress above is brilliant! Not only is the color so cool, but it also features a leg slit for extra impact!  
  • Hi-Lo Prom Dresses: The important thing to remember when choosing your prom dress is to find one that's individual and quite original. This is why our final trend is hi-lo prom dresses. These interesting prom dresses have a rather unique skirt which is both, you guessed it, high and low! They're definitely going to get you noticed!
Sheath Hi-Lo 2012 Prom dresses
This is a very glamorous prom dress that is characterised by its very noticeable hi-lo skirt that shows off your legs, but is still quite demure! It also has lovely beading as some extra decoration.   So there you have the final 6 of our important 2012 prom dresses trends. Which do you prefer? Do you like any of these trends? Let us know how you're feeling about them by leaving a comment please! Don't forget to check out part 1 of the top 2012 prom dresses trends blog so you don't miss out on any of the looks that could take you from wallflower to party queen during this year's prom!  
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