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Trend Watch: Lace Cocktail Dresses

Gorgeous Lace Cocktail Dresses

brooklyn decker's lace cocktail dress
Looking at Brooklyn Decker's amazing lace cocktail dress that she was wearing at the SPIKE TV video game awards 2011 I was inspired and set out to find which lace cocktail dresses from OuterInner.com were similar, but no doubt much cheaper!  

Lace Cocktail Dresses Are Just Fabulous

As we move from 2011 into 2012 there's still time to look at some cocktail dresses which are so trendy right now and grab one in time for holiday season parties...lace cocktail dresses. When I talk about lace forget thoughts of old ladies; lace is really in right now! If it's good enough for Brooklyn, then it's good enough for you, so if you're ready to get some lace in your wardrobe then check out these beauties which are on offer right now from us at OuterInner :-D Click the pictures or link below for further information and prices:  
one shoulder A-line lace cocktail dresses Not only is this a one-shoulder dress which is such a cool look right now, but also features lace applique which is both striking and pretty. You can check out this lace cocktail dress right here, and best of all is it's price. A bargain at just $84!  
short lace cocktail dress This is a very pretty lace cocktail dress with lovely lace decoration at the neck, bust and hem. It's not so wild, but it's a very elegant party dress which would be great for work functions for example. Pick it up for just $99.  
sweetheart tiered lace cocktail dress A beautiful tiered lace cocktail dress which is cute and has a kind of glamorous 1920s' style. This party favorite is just $109!  
sleeveless lace cocktail dress If your legs are one of your best assets, or you're looking for a party dress that you can dance comfortably in then you'll love this sleeveless lace cocktail dress which features pretty lace applique on the bodice which is a pleasant change in color and texture from the rest of the dress. It could be yours for $89.  
strapless short lace cocktail dresses Fabulous A-line strapless lace cocktail dress with quite a lot of lace which gives it a pretty, girly look. Yours for $99.  
lace sheath cocktail dress Definitely a lace sheath cocktail dress with a touch of class. We love how the neckline is almost an illusion style thanks to the sheer lace there. Great value at $69.  
So if you're loving the style of these lace cocktail dresses then there's good news as there are even more waiting for you to discover if you click that link! Do you love lace? Do you have any lace cocktail dresses? Which one of these styles would you choose if you were going to buy one? Please let us know by leaving a comment below!   Want to save 65% off the price of your OuterInner dress? Now you can! Watch this video now to see how the OuterInner.com 'Holiday Group On Offer' works:
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