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OuterInner.com Take A Close Look At Brit Awards 2012 Dress Trends

OuterInner.com's Favorite Brit Awards 2012 Dresses

Brit Awards 2012
Yesterday we saw the Brit awards in London which, if you aren't familiar with it, is like a British version of the Grammys. The great thing for us is that we get to see some of the world's biggest female stars wearing beautiful dresses! Let's see which trends our icons were showing off and if you like them:  

Red Carpet Style

I've been through the coverage of last night and picked out a few of my favorite dresses that I hope you'll like too. So let's take a look:  


adele brits 2012
We have to start with the British success story of the last couple of years, Adele. Here she's wearing her usual black dress and despite being a plus size, the Empire style she's chosen is ideal for her shape. You can see that she's chosen sheer sleeves which are perfect for bigger girls, and a belted waistline to give her silhouette more definition. Trendwatch:
  • Sheer necklines are certainly on trend these days.
  • Plus sizes will benefit from a belt which defines your waistline.

Lana Del Ray

Lana Del Ray Brits 2012
American star Lana Del Ray looks brilliant in her classic, red Vivienne Westwood gown. This is a really fashionable look, as we're seeing a lot of red dresses these days and it's also a hot mermaid style with train. I especially like the drop sleeves and notched neckline, it's just perfect. Trendwatch:
  • Red is a HUGE color choice for 2012.
  • Mermaid gowns are one of the more popular picks right now.
  • Trains are traditional, but are actually blowing up right now as you can see.


Rihanna Brits 2012
Rihanna inevitably looked excellent in a typically revealing Givenchy gown. This sweeping metallic gown displays long leg slits and is a beautiful halter number. Trendwatch:
  • Metallic tones are one of the hottest color choices you can get right now.
  • Leg slits are also great if you dare.
  • Halter necklines seem perpetually to be in fashion these days, so a dress like this is perfect for fashionistas.

Holly Willoughby

Holly Willoughby Brits 2012
British TV presenter Holly Willoughby may not be a world star, but I chose her as she really shows how it's done for moms. She's a working mom of 2, but she shows that you can still look glamorous even after having kids. I like how she shows off strengths in her simple black, v-neckline, knee-length dress which is ideal for her natural hourglass figure and big boobs. Trendwatch:
  • Another mermaid silhouette which is ideal for the curvaceous amongst us.
  • V necklines are excellent if you have a larger bust.

Florence Welch

Florence Welch Brits 2012
I'm certainly not a fan or her music, although I seem to be in the minority; however I AM a big fan of her incredibly stylish Alexander McQueen dress which is characterised by its mullet shape, very long train and lacy decoration. Despite being quite pale of complexion, the nude shade really suits her. Trendwatch:
  • Nude colors are big these days and suit most women.
  • Lace is a very hot look and has been since the royal wedding last year.
  • Mullet dresses are unusual and chic right now.
  • We see sheer sleeves here, so another instance of sheer accents.

Kylie Minogue

Kylie Minogue Brits 2012
The mercurial Australian, Kylie, looks fantastic as ever in her cheerful, ruched YSL dress which is complete with a daring leg slit. Kylie is actually very tiny, just over 5', but you'll see how she cleverly uses a dress with vertical ruching to make herself seem taller. Trendwatch:
  • Yet another metallic colored dress.
  • Bright colors are also big this year, so you can also try a very bright color like this electric blue.
  • We see a leg slit being used to good effect again.

Jessie J

Jessie J Brits 2012
Trendy British singer always chooses daring and revealing dresses. This sheer, scarlet gown is really cool as it's not only a very hot color, but also has a lot of lace applique which is also a popular look right now. Trendwatch:
  • Scarlet color is a shade of red which is really hot this year.
  • Lace dresses continue to be a chic choice.
  • Sheer accents such as sleevs and illusion necklines (maybe not as far as this dress though!) are very now.
    So which of these dresses do you like? Would you choose any of these trends for your next dress? Let us know by leaving a comment please. Love these dresses? You can find more like this by clicking here to check out our Occasions Dresses category where you can find all of the trends we've seen at the Brits this year and many more!
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