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Beach Wedding Dresses: The Summer Bride’s Guide


Beach Wedding Dresses: What You Need To Know

beach wedding dresses guide

First of all, if you’re lucky enough to be having a beach wedding – congratulations, you’re going to have an amazing time! Secondly, do you have a good idea about which styles of dress make good beach wedding dresses? In this blog we’re going to look at beach weddings, some of the pitfalls you need to watch out for, and of course give you some great beach wedding dresses to think about!

Why Beach Weddings?

Really, the question has to be, “Why not?” It’s warm, you have the comforting feeling of sand between your toes, and everyone’s in that honeymoon spirit straight away. Not to mention some of the amazing locations you might wish to choose! Hawaii, Thailand, Bali, Greece, Jamaica…the list goes on.

sunset | beach wedding dresses

Every bride wants her wedding to be memorable, and if you can capture wonderful beach sunsets, in an incredibly picturesque setting, it promises to be an amazingly romantic time! Very different to a local church or registry office (unless you already live in a tropical place)! Beach weddings are also usually fairly informal, after all the nature of the event doesn’t lend itself to the stricter formality of a church wedding. This is great for brides like you who love mixing things up and trying new ideas. Instead of suits and formal dresses, your guests will be wearing beachwear, sun hats, sandals, or maybe even be barefoot. How relaxing and fun! It also means that you will be wearing a beach wedding dress that’s very different to traditional wedding dresses.

What To Be Careful About When Wearing Beach Wedding Dresses

The beach may be gorgeous and romantic, but it’s also wet, hot, and sandy. These three elements are not good friends of most wedding gowns. You may want to avoid wedding dresses with long skirts and trains. These are a magnet for sand and water, and you neither want your wedding dress to look dirty, nor become waterlogged and heavy! Beach wedding dresses avoid this, and we’ll come on to those later. You may also wish to pay attention to the sun. Everyone likes some sun, but weddings can be long days and you and your guests need to stay hydrated and covered to avoid sun-stroke. [caption id="attachment_6594" align="aligncenter" width="300"]beach wedding sun hat Sun hats for guests and yourself are a must. [/caption] To keep everyone comfortable consider hosting the wedding in the morning, or later on in the afternoon to avoid the hottest part of the day, and you could set up beautiful awnings like in this picture to provide some shade: [caption id="attachment_6589" align="aligncenter" width="300"]beach wedding dresses | awnings These awnings look great, and provide much-needed shade during your ceremony.[/caption] Needless to say, you should also take some cool boxes of water with you so everyone can grab a bottle if they’re thirsty and have a ready supply of sun-screen too.  

What Are Beach Wedding Dresses?

Beach wedding dresses are a lot simpler, informal, and easier to wear than elegant, highly decorated, and formal wedding gowns. However they’re no less special in their own ways! They tend to be quite light and drape, in a Grecian style. This is why sheath styles and high waistlines tend to be fairly common. Beach wedding dresses are great because:
  1. There are usually made from very light materials such as chiffon and organza. This makes them comfortable in the heat, and doesn’t attract much sand (even with longer skirts).
  2. They’re lighter in weight, meaning that brides feel more comfortable wearing them.
  3. Styles are typically informal, looking fresh, modern, and pretty.
  4. They’re less expensive than traditional wedding gowns as they take a lot less work and material to make, freeing you up money for the future!
Let’s look at some beach wedding dress styles now: Short dresses are convenient for the beach, and they are so comfortable!

Sweetheart Applique Tulle Skirt Knee-length Wedding Dress

Style Code: 08897 | $138

[caption id="attachment_6597" align="aligncenter" width="195"]Sweetheart Applique Tulle Skirt Knee-length Wedding Dress Style Code: 08897 | $138 This cute tulle and lace beach wedding dress is fun, modern, and stylish. The short skirt makes it free and easy to wear too![/caption]   Talking of Grecian, this beautiful gown drapes in such an elegant way and is very light.

Sweetheart Waistband Sheath Wedding Gown

Style Code: 08913 | $124

[caption id="attachment_6598" align="aligncenter" width="195"]Sweetheart Waistband Sheath Wedding Gown style 08913  $124 Clean lines, light chifon, and a comfy high waist make this sheath gown perfect for beach weddings.[/caption]  

If you are planning to venture down into the surf, then how about a two-in-one wedding gown like this? You can adjust the skirt from long to short in seconds! 

[Two In One Wedding Dress] Lace Slinky Dress With Tiered Tulle Overskirt

[caption id="attachment_6599" align="aligncenter" width="300"][Two In One Wedding Dress] Lace Slinky Dress With Tiered Tulle Overskirt Style Code: 10949 $195 It's two dresses in one, and just perfect for the beach as you have a long skirt to cover up if needed, and short dress for fun on the sand![/caption]In a hot place a shorter dress is a refreshing choice, and this style is so pretty you'll be looking forward to wearing it again and again! 

Straps Empire Waist Knee-length Wedding Dress

Style Code: 08877 | $89

[caption id="attachment_6600" align="aligncenter" width="195"]Straps Empire Waist Knee-length Wedding Dress Style Code: 08877 $89 So pretty, and this beautiful dress is a keeper as it can be worn throughout your time abroad.[/caption]   Finally another sleek gown, but this one has a pretty floral one-shoulder for extra support and decoration!

Chiffon Floral Shoulder&Waist Ruffles Wedding Dress

Style Code: 08912 | $118

[caption id="attachment_6601" align="aligncenter" width="195"]Chiffon Floral Shoulder&Waist Ruffles Wedding Dress Style Code: 08912 $118 Another comfortable and loose gown, this chiffon style has pretty flower decorations too![/caption]

Your Turn…

Did or would you have a beach wedding? Which of the beach wedding dresses shown above do you prefer? Where would you like to get married if you had the choice?   PS. Don’t forget that you can get an extra 10% OFF your beach wedding dresses by becoming our fan on our facebook page’s OuterInner.com bride discount tab.  
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Beach Wedding Dresses: Tips And Ideas For The Bride

Beach Wedding Dresses: Tips And Ideas For The Bride

Romance and peace, these are the characteristics that beach wedding dresses gather.

So you've decided to take a big step - getting married. There are many places where you can make your dream come to reality and the most beautiful one according to that dream is the beach. You might be wondering about: what wedding dress is suitable for this scenario? How many beach wedding dresses should I check before making my decision?  What your bridesmaids dresses should look like? With or without shoes?

Don't panic! I have the right selection of beach wedding dresses for you! Just follow the steps and I'm sure that you'll find your dream OuterInner wedding gown.

Beach Wedding Dresses

Define your beach wedding venue personality: beach wedding dresses best selection 

One thing you should consider is the way you want your wedding venue will look like. It can be casual -like must of the beach wedding ceremonies- or very formal. This should be define before you get your beach wedding dress.

You have no idea about beach wedding dresses? Well, then take a look at the different styles below. :-)

Lace One Shoulder Short Wedding Dress with Back Sash. Style Code: 10955. US$109

Lace One Shoulder Short Wedding Dress with Back Sash. Style Code: 10955. US$109

This beautiful short wedding dress is ideal for walking on the beach. With a sheat silhouette and chiffon and lace fabric, it shows a combination of elegance and sophistication. It also has a one-shoulder neckline that can allow you to move your arms freely. This wedding dress is a "NEW IN" one, available at OuterInner's Collection.

If you feel like you don't want to show your legs but perhaps the back, take a look at the next beach wedding dress.

Lace Backless V Neck Wedding Gown. Style Code: 10294. US$309

Lace Backless V Neck Wedding Gown. Style Code: 10294. US$309

Stunning! The Lace Backless V Neck Wedding Gown can be summarized in this word. This beach wedding dress can make you feel the princess of place. The bust is in V neck and the lace detail give it a touch of delicacy and sex appeal. The back is the part where the wedding dress is highlighted as well as hips. Simply lovely :-)

Shirred Sweetheart Draping Formal Dress. Style Code: 10420. US$106

Shirred Sweetheart Draping Formal Dress. Style Code: 10420. US$106

No doubt this is a beautiful beach wedding dress. With a column silhouette style, the Shirred Sweetheart Formal Dress is unique. Made with chiffon fabric, it can give you the comfort and flexibility for walking or dancing. The sparkling stone applications on the waist and top of the dress give a touch of elegance and purity.

Style your bridesmaids

It's always exciting to see bride's beautiful dresses because it truly will reflect her style and is equally excited to see bridesmaids dresses. But you should be wondering this questions: will they all be wearing the same style of dress in the same color?, or maybe a style that will be perfect for them individually?, and how about each of the ladies wearing a dress that is totally different from each other!

There are many beautiful options according to what you like and the theme of the wedding venue. Bellow you will find different options specially for the beach wedding theme, let's take a peek at a few of my favorites! :-D

High Neckline Pleated Top Dress. Style Code: 08108. US$88

High Neckline Pleated Top Dress. Style Code: 08108. US$88

 Sleeveless Knee-length Strapless A-line Bridesmaid Dresses. Style Code: 05263. US$74

Sleeveless Knee-length Strapless A-line Bridesmaid Dresses. Style Code: 05263. US$74

A-line Chiffon Bridesmaid Dress With Ruffle Details. Style Code: 05701. US$84

A-line Chiffon Bridesmaid Dress With Ruffle Details. Style Code: 05701. US$84

 Still want to check more options for your wedding? Check more Wedding Dresses here!

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Real OuterInner Customer Reviews: Heidi Fife's Wedding Dress & Bridesmaid Dresses

Heidi Fife's Wedding Dress And Bridesmaid Dresses

Heidi and her bridesmaids in their OuterInner.com dresses
Our bride Heidi from Barrie in Canada ordered both her wedding dress and bridesmaid dresses from OuterInner.com, so for that we owe her many thanks and are delighted that she chose us to supply her dresses! Let's hear her story first:

Heidi's Thoughts About Her Dresses And Experience With OuterInner.com

The dresses arrived when Outerinner said they would and I was so happy to find that my dress fit perfectly, but I bought the style that tied in the back so I had room to loosen or tighten as needed. I could also pull in certain areas if you know what I mean :) My daughter's bridesmaid dress I custom ordered and it fit nicely, but was a little loose on the bust. If I'd had more time I would have taken it in a little to give the dress a more fitted look on her, but it looked fine though as it wasn't loose enough to fall down. My maid of honour's dress was a set size based on the measurements given on the website, but we weren't so lucky with this one. Upon arrival the dress was too small and we tried measuring it to see and it seemed smaller then the size it should have been (not sure if Outerinner measure inside or outside). I contacted them right away and they gave me a free replacement immediately and I just had to pay the shipping which unfortunately was $33. My biggest concern though was that the wedding was only 3 weeks away, but they told me they could get the replacement dress to me 4 days before we headed south for my wedding! I kept the faith, but it was a real nail biter! So we ordered a larger size so that if we had to take it in a little we had a friend on standby to do that. Thankfully her dress came in a day earlier then Outerinner had said it would and it fit PERFECTLY! If anything it was slightly tight, but it did up fine and looked great on her so that's all I cared about! The dresses were good material, especially for the beach wedding, my only suggestion is to order early so that if you need to modify or have an issue with the dresses, you'll have time to react to it. I am very happy with the dresses I ordered and how they turned out, especially for the price I paid, so thanks Outerinner!
As you can see in general things went well, but as soon as we found out there was a problem with Heidi's MOH dress we acted immediately to put it right as time was short and we didn't want to leave her hanging. I have to say thank you to Heidi for bearing with us! Thankfully size errors are pretty rare, but in this case we encountered one and were keen to put it right immediately!  

Let's Look At Heidi's Wedding & Bridesmaid Dresses

We love Heidi's pictures of her beach wedding, doesn't it look like a fantastic day? She and her bridesmaids, one of whom is her daughter, all wore OuterInner.com dresses and we think they look fantastic! Let's take a look at the pictures now:
A view of Heidi in her wedding dress on the beach with her husband
Heidi looking amazing in her wedding dress
a closer view of the wedding dress
Heidi and her bridesmaids together
  What do you think of Heidi's choice of dresses? Do you like the use of 'indigo' on the sash of the bridesmaid dresses?  

If you love these dresses and want to see even more of our bridesmaid dresses and wedding dresses then follow those links to see many, many more!


How Do I Get The Same Bridesmaid Dresses And Wedding Dress?

It's easy to get these dresses if you like! Below we're going to get more information and if you want to buy one of these dresses then simply click its picture to go to the product page!
Chiffon Wedding Dress with Asymmetric Straps Style Code: 05926 US$94.00 We think that this is the perfect beach wedding dress! This beautiful column dress starts with a cute sweetheart neckline with vertical wrinkles. Followed is the raised empire waist, a great option if you are looking for a timeless and classic gown for your special day. The skirt flares down from the waist down to your feet and extends at the back, forming an amazing illusion train which no one could resist. The asymmetrically detachable shoulder straps are artistically connected with one side of the neckline by floral embellishment. The lace up back, also known as corset back, allows you to tie up or loosen the dress according to your body shape. A panel is inserted to cover the skin between the laces. This gorgeous dress is best recommended for beach wedding as the light-weighted chiffon fabric tends to flow with the wind, making you feel like a real princess standing by the sea: Chiffon Wedding Dress with Asymmetric Straps Style Code: 05926 US$94.00  
A-Line Strapless Cocktail Dress With Sash Style Code: 01017 US$39.90 Introducing this lovely A-Line Strapless Cocktail Dress With Sash. This strapless cocktail dress is absolutely beautiful and is tailored in lovely, light chiffon that's comfy and cool. The strapless neckline is great for bigger busts and showing off shoulders. Ideal for parties, prom, homecoming or even bridesmaids, this is a versatile dress that also features gorgeous ruffles on the bust and a splash of color is provided by the sash: A-Line Strapless Cocktail Dress With Sash Style Code: 01017 US$39.90  

If you love these dresses and want to see even more of our bridesmaid dresses and wedding dresses then follow those links to see many, many more!

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