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10 Amazingly Cheap Wedding Favors For Thrifty Brides

"Do Wedding Favors Need To Be Expensive?"

10 inexpensive wedding favors

If you're like many of today's brides then you'll be looking for ways to save money on your wedding, and finding cheap wedding favors is a great way to cut costs! You'll also love the inexpensive wedding gowns, and bridesmaid dresses from OuterInner too! For now though let's look at 10 really inexpensive wedding favors that would still put big smiles on your guests' faces!

"I Want To Save Money, But I Don't Wan't To Be Seen As Cheap!"

You're quite right. No bride wants her guests to walk away from a lovely day thinking that more could have been spent on wedding favors, so it's important to know which kinds of gifts are inexpensive, yet still very popular. Here's where we come in...

1. Candy Wedding Favors

Candies come in so many varieties, and when put into a small jar or bag are a colorful and sweet way to remember a nice wedding! Candies aren't expensive to begin with, but bought in bulk from a wholesaler they'd be even cheaper and perhaps you could mix and match some different flavors?

candy wedding favors

2. Picture Frames

Many couples have taken to giving their guests a picture frame containing a personalised picture of themselves. It's a lovely memento, and could be used to say 'thank you' by inserting that kind of picture. Picture frames can of course be obtained cheaply from most homeware stores.

picture frame wedding favors

3. Candles

Candles are an attractive, and if scented, pleasant-smelling gift that most guests would like in their home. You could choose special wedding styles, or buy them in bulk at a low price from somewhere like Ikea.

candles wedding favors

4. Home-made Jams

There are few wedding favors cheaper than home-made, and since you've put your own time and effort into making this lovely jam your guests will appreciate it all the more! Ideal for rustic weddings, or seasonal weddings when using fruit that's in season.

jam wedding favors

5. Make A Charitable Donation

If you have a charity that's particularly close to your heart then you could use your wedding favor budget to make a donation on behalf of yourselves and your guests. Each guest could then be given a donation certificate instead of a gift, or you could team this up with another small favor, such as candies.

charity donation wedding favors

6. Mini Spa Set Wedding Favors

Putting together a small gift basket of bath and spa products doesn't have to be expensive if you use miniature, hotel-sized, products. You'll also be able to choose from a selection and put together quite a personalized basket. If this is too 'spendy' for all of your guests, you could consider giving them only to your bridesmaids.

bath set wedding favors

7. Personalized Bookmarks

Another ultra budget option, if you're good on the computer you can design and print off your own personalized bookmarks celebrating your lovely day! I suggest adding a picture of yourselves, your wedding date, and perhaps a favorite poem or sonnet into a landscape column in your word document, printing it off as many times as needed at somewhere like Kinko's onto 8x11 card, and using this as your bookmark!

bookmark wedding favors

8. Tiny Plants

A lot of couples like to give their guests a small and cute plant, like a succulent, and this can also be used to stand up their place card on the table at the reception. As they take care of the plant at home it will remind them of your lovely wedding!

plants wedding favors

9. Home-made Cookies Or Cakes

If you fancy yourself as quite the baker, why not put your skills to work and make a big batch of yummy cookies or brownies? They're delicious, cheap, and fun. Once again, your guests will appreciate that they have been made by your own hands!

cookies wedding favors

10. Gift Bags

The great thing about many of these wedding favors is that they are cute, small, and inexpensive, so you could actually combine 2 or 3 into a 'goodie bag' and give these out. I like the idea of using burlap sacks, especially for spring, summer, or rustic weddings!

burlap gift bag wedding favors

 Which of these wedding favors would you like to give out at your wedding? Or did you have something else? Let us know in the comments please!