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OuterInner Scam Avoidance: Avoid Losing Money When Buying Dresses

OuterInner Scam Avoidance: Don't Lose Out When Buying Your Dress On Line

OuterInner Scam Avoidance

This is an OuterInner scam avoidance announcement! We've recently heard of an internet scam that may affect you ~ where some disreputable folks set up a dresses website, copy other companies' dresses and pictures, take your money and then leave you with nothing, or at best a very poorly-made piece of junk that you'd never like to wear!

How This Scam Works

It's simple to set up a copy of a website and a checkout to take honest people's money these days. So when shopping for dresses on line you may think you're at your favorite store, where in fact you're shopping on a devious scam site! Some take orders, copying other reputable stores' dresses, and promising a much lower price. But these dresses never come out as nicely as the one you'd like, because these stores don't care about quality, getting positive reviews, or having a long-term relationship with their customers! These stores tend to disappear after just a few months, as their sole purpose is to take your money, let you think you're waiting for your dress to be delivered, and then simply disappear! At best you may get a very shoddy, trashy dress for your troubles. So how do you follow the OuterInner scam avoidance principles and stay safe when buying your dresses?

Using OuterInner Scam Avoidance To Spot A Reputable Store

Part of the OuterInner scam avoidance is to be aware of ways to know you're ordering quality dresses and not being scammed. Let's go through some of them:
  1. If a price looks too good to be true, then it probably is. Most reputable on line stores have low prices in comparison to local stores as we don't have the overheads of rent, staff costs, utility bills etc and can pass these savings on to customers. But there's a limit. If a company is offering to copy dresses at crazy prices then it's better to steer clear!
  2. Always read the 'about' section, look for facebook pages, and get a feel for a store before paying any money. Is the English very poor? No facebook page? These are warning signs that a store may be a fake. If in doubt, send them an email! If you receive a reply promptly, and in English, then this is a good sign. Take a look at the OuterInner.com about page for a good example.
  3. Check on line reviews about the company. On line reviews are hard to fake, as they're written independently of the company. If the company generally has good feedback then this adds to their trust. Read some of OuterInner's reviews here. If you're an OuterInner customer, you can review us yourself! outerinner reviews on reseller ratings
  4. Is the store secure? Real stores pay a lot of money each year for security protecting YOUR details and payments, that's why you can trust them! Look for this symbol: outerinner scam avoidance security for on line dresses storesOuterInner.com are very secure, for instance, and you can see our verisign security rating here: https://trustsealinfo.verisign.com/splash?form_file=fdf/splash.fdf&dn=www.outerinner.com&lang=en outerinner security
  5. Has the store got a physical shop you can visit? A surefire way of knowing if an on line dress store is legitimate is to check if they have any 'real' shops that you can visit. According to OuterInner scam avoidance advice, scam stores will only be basic web sites, as these are simple to set up. Scammers will not take the time, effort, and cost to open a shop in a city somewhere. OuterInner.com already have 'OuterInner Dress Boutique New Zealand' in Auckland, and more stores on the way soon in Australia, the UK, and other countries! outerinner dress boutique new zealand
  6. Do stores show any evidence of their true quality? If all you can see is a catalog of dresses, but no sign of any 'real' pictures of dresses where you can see them for real, then this is a warning sign. For instance, OuterInner.com recently had these pictures taken in the UK of one of our popular wedding gowns for the purpose of showing its detail better:  
[Two In One Wedding Dress] Lace Slinky Dress With Tiered Tulle Overskirt Style Code: 10949 $225Your Money, Your Risk... So think twice before entering your payment details, as there are a lot of scammers out there ready to steal your money! You can't get to them if something goes wrong. If you have any questions about OuterInner scam avoidance, worries, or doubts about dresses please contact us here at OuterInner.com! We'll help you in plain English and are here to put your concerns away. Call: (USA) 1-813-358-3228 (order Inquiries) and (USA) 1 -813-358-4646 (General Inquiries) Email: INQUIRY@OUTERINNER.COM Message on facebook: OuterInner Club Facebook Page