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Spring Wedding Dresses And Color Newbie's Guide

By Adrian Leighton

Spring Wedding Dresses And Colors 101

spring wedding dresses and color 101
So you're planning a Spring wedding, but you don't know where to start? Jump on board for OuterInner.com's Spring wedding dresses and color 101 where we're going to look at dress styles, themes, colors, and some of the other most important elements of any good Spring wedding!

I'm A Spring Bride. What Do I Need To Know?

Spring's a great season to be getting married! We think of new beginnings, fresh surroundings, and green, vibrant, life! All elements we'd like to have associated with our wedding. In order to take advantage of the season though, there are a few tips that could help you to take your wedding to the next level. Let's take a look here, starting with spring wedding dresses:

Spring Wedding Dresses

The weather can still be changeable in Spring...unless you're lucky enough to live in Cali, or Australia! So a long skirt is going to be appropriate, but lighter weight Spring wedding dresses, such as one made from chiffon, will be more comfortable; and if it does get chilly later you can throw a shawl over your shoulders. A good style would be something like this strapless sweetheart chiffon dress. It's elegant, but not too heavy and over-decorated:   Strapless Wrapped Wedding Dress with Applique & Ruche Detail, Style Code: 10421, US$109 ~ Reduced to: US$92.65 Strapless Wrapped Wedding Dress with Applique & Ruche Detail, Style Code: 10421, US$109   In general our destination wedding dresses are lighter and more comfortable, but remember that you may wish to add a shawl if temperatures drop in an evening.

Spring Wedding Flowers

It's Spring so you can add a lot more green into your flowers and center-pieces than in other seasons. A suggestion would be something like this simple white and green bouquet:
green and white wedding bouquet
The main thing though is to look at a lot of options until you find some styles that you particularly love, but you can bear in mind that the following flower types are very suitable for Spring time:
spring flower types
You can see a whole bunch of 50 wedding bouquetsin this blog here too :-)

Spring Wedding Colors

As I mentioned, Spring is a time for greens and fresh colors, but as you can see below, you may wish to integrate some pinks, rustic elements like wood, and floral prints too!
spring wedding colors
These aren't the only colors though, and a great place to find more inspiration is by looking up wedding color ideas on Pinterest!

Spring Bridesmaid Dresses

If you're preparing your bridesmaid dresses then we suggest that you order color swatches first. These will help you to know that the fabric and color that you're thinking of getting is totally right for the wedding colors you've chosen. I think that these violet bridesmaid dresses are a nice Spring color, but you could also go for nudes, greens, yellows, and light pinks too! Which do you like?
bridesmaid dresses for spring

Spring Wedding Beauty

Now you're getting more familiar with Spring colors you can carry over the pallet to your makeup too! Let's imagine that you're choosing pink as one of your Spring colors. This subtle pink makeup would work really well, because Spring isn't about the bold, dramatic colors of Fall or Winter. Rather it's about subtle, fresh colors, so you don't want your makeup to overshadow them, or look too garish.
pink bridal makeup
Other colors to consider would be light blues, browns, and even greens :-)

Spring Center-Pieces And Wedding Style

We're thinking natural, right? So let's go to town with rustic! A few ideas are below in this earthy, rustic, collage:
spring wedding ideas
Are you planning a Spring wedding? Let us know, and tell us about your spring wedding dresses, colors, and themes too ;-)