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How NOT To Be A Bridezilla! 7 Step Guide To A Happier Wedding!

Keep Friends & Family Onside And Enjoy Your Wedding! Here's How To Avoid Becoming A Bridezilla!

how not to be a bridezilla

Weddings can be really stressful! You're juggling a million-and-one things, and under so much pressure for the day to go so well. It's no wonder that many brides flip, turning into a bridezilla! But before you give your long-suffering friends and family another verbal bashing, sit back, grab a cup of coffee, and read these tips on how to stay calm and get through the run-up to your wedding unscathed...

1. Relax

relax This sounds obvious, but sometimes a bridezilla won't follow this advice! However it's important to remember that your wedding is just 1 day in the rest of your married life. Of course we want our weddings to go perfectly, and it will take a lot of planning, but keep in mind that you are in control of the planning. Make time for yourself, and relax with a nice dinner, or hot bath. If you've had a bad day don't worry, tomorrow is a new one!

2. Take advice

Group of Women with Hands Stacked to Signfy Teamwork A bridezilla will often be a dictator, taking no one's advice on board. You will have some strict ideas about how your perfect wedding should be, and that's fine. But do take advice from those around you, even if you don't agree, as they're only trying to help! In the case of older relatives or friends, they have likely been there and done it, so in fact their advice may be worthwhile indeed!

3. Don't overload your bridesmaids

bridesmaids Your girls will doubtless be delighted to be asked to be a bridesmaid, and most especially love wearing their bridesmaid dresses on your day. Being a bridesmaid means taking on different tasks as part of the planning as well, but remember that these are friends who also have their own lives and worries. By all means give them some tasks to look after, but don't be a bridezilla and take them for granted as 'slave labor!'

4. Don't burn through all of your parents' savings

Burning-money If your parents are kind enough to be paying for some or all of your wedding then be conscious that their funds (probably) aren't limitless. You can have an amazing wedding without bankrupting the folks. Just consider scaling back on some of the elements of the day, food, drinks, decoration, venue. A bridezilla won't be thinking, " Do I need this?" Before they place each order. Mom and dad will thank you for it, and your relationship will be better!

5. Be accepting of guests' appearances in your pictures

wed pic Bridezillas can sometimes be tempted to say that people should make changes to their appearances (such as losing weight, grooming, and hairstyles) to fit in with how they think their wedding pictures should look, but that could be hurtful. It's better to concentrate on yourself, and be glad that you'll look most radiant in your pictures in your beautiful wedding gown!

6. Don't try to control what your guests wear

no entry A bridezilla will place restrictions on clothing and colors that their guests can wear to the wedding. Most guests will know what is appropriate, so by placing demands on them you run the risk of rubbing people up the wrong way, especially if they have bought an outfit especially that doesn't fit into your criteria.

7. Make time for your husband-to-be

sad man A bridezilla will forget to make time for her man, getting so wrapped up in wedding planning that she doesn't spend enough quality time with him. He has feelings too, and most guys will be very supportive of you, but they still like to spend some time not thinking about weddings! How about planning a surprise weekend away, or going out for a nice dinner where there is no mention of weddings at all?