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Why To Wear A Bridal Garter To Your Wedding

The Tradition Of The Bridal Garter

Are you getting married soon? If so then have you considered wearing a bridal garter?
bridal garter
A garter is an old-fashioned piece of lingerie which is a band that is worn around the thigh to hold up your stockings. The hold-ups that we take for granted today are actually a relatively new invention that came about in the 40s or 50s. Before this time stockings didn't have elastic, so they had to be held in place with a garter around the leg.  

So Why Wear One At Your Wedding?

You may not even be wearing stockings or tights under your wedding dress, but the garter is a nice little tradition that you can have some fun with. In the past male wedding attendees had to check that their friend, the groom, had got his bride into bed...creepy I know, but an easy way to do this was for the groom to give them an item of the bride's underwear which is clearly intimate. Since garters are small, they became favored as items that the groom would give to his friends.
male wedding guests remove bridal garter
Over time this practice changed and now the groom throws his bride's garter over his head towards his waiting male pals. It's a male version of the bouquet toss if you like, and the guy who's lucky enough to catch the garter will perhaps be the next to marry (although it's debatable if the fella would like actually like to)!   As I mentioned, garters are pretty old-fashioned and quaint traditions like this are dying out, so if you'd like to be part of a 600+ year old tradition then pick one up. The best thing is that if you get one that is Old, New, Borrowed or Blue then you can tick off one of your other traditions too!
blue garter
Many brides are choosing themed weddings these days, so if that's you then perhaps you can accessorize your garter with some small touches such as shells (if you're having a beach wedding), lucky horseshoes or leaves for an autumnal theme. So what do you think of this tradition? Are you ready to choose a garter to complement your wedding dress? Maybe you already wore a garter to your wedding? Let us know in the comments below!
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