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Fabric Swatches: Choosing The Right Samples To Your Occasion Dresses

Fabric Swatches: Choosing The Right Samples To Your Occasion Dresses

Hello, OuterInner.com Fans! Our designers have added two new satin chiffon&light chiffon samples for our Fabric Swatches category. Here you will be find affordable prices to make it easy for you to shop just like at your local store.

Fabric Swatches


What do you think about the process to shop a dress on-line?

Most of people might take a look first at their measurements. In the previous blog called Formal Dresses Sizing Tips From OuterInner , we talked about customizing your dresses. Several advises were shown to give you an idea about the use of the standard size chart. After choosing the color and accessories, people might go directly to buy the dress. But what if you want to have more details about how your dress will look like? Fabric Swatches are a tool that help you to make easier when taking your decision when you are selecting a gown. These allow you to feel the texture, flow, weight among other characteristics that you might not be able to see or "feel" when you are purchasing a dress. By having the fabric swatches you will have a real idea about how your dress will look like when it's completely done. Fabrics variate according to different  occasion dresses  and selecting the correct fabric will benefit you  to make a good decision.  

Now, let's learn about our designer's tips for 8 samples of our fabric swatches

1. Satin Chffon Fabric Swatch For Bridesmaid Dresses


Fabric Swatches

The  satin chiffon fabric swatch is a new fabric and it has a high luster and great for evening gowns. 

 cheap turquoise bridesmaid dresses 08847Take a look at one of our hottest Satin Chiffon Style, you'll be elegant and charming all night  with this subtle beaded and diagonal tiered bridesmaid dress.


2. Light Chiffon Fabric Swatch For Prom Dress


Fabric Swatches

Light Chiffon Fabric Swatch, is very light, more sheer, and we can see through the luster of lining texture

latest formal dresses designs 11281

This front slit formal gown is  OuterInner latest formal dresses designs. And if you will have an up do hair style it will allow you to show your beautiful shoulders. You can also accessorize it with a pair of sparkling earrings or necklace that will go well with Light Chiffon dresses.

3.Chiffon Fabric Swatch For Wedding Gowns


Fabric Swatches

Extremely light weight,Soft, and Sheer. Chiffon Fabric Swatch is smoother and more lustrous than the similar fabric georgette.

 chiffon beach wedding dress 10419

Chiffon is one of the most popular choice for brides with a beach wedding themes.  The dress made by chiffon is feminine and gives the right kind of shape that most brides dream for their wedding venues.  Chiffon is popular because it is easy to carry and soft allowing you walk and dance freely. It's a great option not  just for wedding dresses but also for other formal dresses such as prom, party and homecoming dresses,etc.


4.Taffeta Fabric Swatch For Sweet 16 Dresses


Fabric Swatches

Taffeta Fabric Swatch is also known as a "chameleon" because it will change the color by the change of light. It is one of the most paper-like fabric and is thinner than other fabrics. This design is suitable for occasion dresses such as ball gown wedding gowns, sweet 16, Quinceanera dresses with pick-up, bubble or ruffles embellishment.

Sweet 16,Style Code:00364

Dress up yourself by this gorgeous Taffeta Sweet 16 Dress. Stunning, The strapless bodice boasts beautiful stones and beads around the neckline and is bedecked with ruffles details.

5. Elastic Silk-Like Satin Fabric Swatch & Elastic Woven Satin For Black Tie Event Dress


Fabric Swatches   Fabric Swatches

            Here I'd like to compare two fabrics which are perfect for black tie event. Both of them are bright, soft and give comfort. However, elastic silk-like satin fabric swatch is Softer and than elastic woven satin fabric swatch. And some bridesmaid dresses may be also made of elastic silk-like satin.

 Fabric Swatches

What type of dress for black tie event  do you prefer? Want to know more, click here:

Elastic Woven Black Tie Event Dresses & Elastic Silk-Like Black Tie Event Dresses


6. Organza Fabric Swatches For Homecoming Dresses


Fabric Swatches 03615

Organza Fabric Swatch is the thinnest, plain weave and sheer fabric and always matches other fabrics such as satin. It is used as laying for veils or overlays with pick-up embellishment to cover full skirt. When you choose your wedding  and evening dresses such as short prom or homecoming dresses, it is a good choice to choose high quality Organza materials.

short strapless homecoming dresses 08327

Chic and girly, you'll turn heads when you are dancing at the party! The frothy skirt is made up of layer upon layer of Organza, while the draped bodice is wrapped with a matching satin band. All highlighted with a beautifully beaded applique.


7. Satin Fabric Swatch For Ball Gowns Wedding Dresses


Fabric Swatches

A satin fabric swatch tends to have a high luster due to the high number of floats on the fabric. It is commonly used for delicate design with embellishments such as embroidery which is good for wearing wedding gowns or bridesmaid dresses to hold or attend the Church Wedding.

ball gown white wedding gowns 05939

The Satin Ball Gown White Wedding Gown is a unique design with pick-up embellishment.


Do you like our designers' tips for choosing the right Fabric Swatches to your special occasion dresses?  Apart from the above 8 samples, we still have tulle, silk and lace, you can browse through OuterInner.com to find your favorite styles. Which Fabric Swatches do you prefer? Would you like to customize your occasion dresses? Please leave your important comment below! :-)  

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Friday Update: More Savings, Fabric Swatches And FAQs

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Fabric Swatches

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These small fabric swatches are in fact one of our most popular items because they give you the chance to see how the colors look in person rather than on your screen. This helps you to make sure that you love the color before you take the plunge and buy your new dress! They're just $5.99, so grab yours today and make certain of the color you love when you're choosing your occasion dresses!  

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