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What Are Black Tie Weddings, And How Do I Host One?


All About Black Tie Weddings

[caption id="attachment_6427" align="aligncenter" width="300"]Beautiful black tie weddings This is the typical look of a wedding party from a black tie wedding. As you can see, the black tuxedos work so well against the lighter dresses of the girls.[/caption] If you’re looking to host a really glamorous and elegant wedding, then you could certainly try a trend that’s becoming more popular in recent years, “Black Tie Weddings.” If you’ve ever been to a black tie event you’ll know that they are formal as they take place in the evening, but what does that mean? For the boys the dress is strictly tuxedos, but for us girls the good thing is that we have the choice of wearing long and glamorous black tie gowns or very dressy cocktail dresses in any of a multitude of colors (except white of course!) and plenty of flattering accessories! Given the choice that you’ve got the choice of so many different black tie event dresses, this means that you can really have some fun putting together your outfit for a black tie wedding. What Should I Wear To Black Tie Weddings? The bride and female guests really are spoiled at this type of wedding, as it’s a rare chance to dress to the nines in glamorous, full-length evening gowns, and go crazy with beautiful accessories! Not sure what kind of dresses you can or should wear? Let’s look at some options:

Gorgeous Silk A-Line One-Shoulder Formal Dress with Lace & Beading

Style Code: 11118 / $169

[caption id="attachment_6435" align="aligncenter" width="195"]Gorgeous Silk A-Line One-Shoulder Formal Dress with Lace Beaded Style Code: 11118 Just $169 for a real silk dress? You bet![/caption]

Sleeveless Floor-length Chiffon A-line Black Tie Event Dress

Style Code: 00556 / $124

[caption id="attachment_6437" align="aligncenter" width="194"]Sleeveless Floor-length Chiffon A-line Black Tie Event Style Code: 00556 $124 Pretty, light, and stylish. This sweeping chiffon black tie dress is a great look for formal weddings in the summer time.[/caption]  

Halter Grays Taffeta Floor-length Black Tie Event Dress

Style Code: 00378 / $119

[caption id="attachment_6438" align="aligncenter" width="195"]Halter Grays Taffeta Floor-length Black Tie Event Style Code: 00378 $119 Taffeta black tie event dresses have sharp lines and lots of character. Metallic silver is a great color option for black tie weddings too.[/caption]  

Ruched V Neck Back Sash Cocktail Dress

Style Code: 10450 / $84

[caption id="attachment_6440" align="aligncenter" width="195"]Ruched V Neck Back Sash Cocktail Dress Style Code: 10450 $84 Even a dressy cocktail dress like this one is appropriate for black tie weddings, so you can truly take your pick of many styles![/caption] It doesn’t end with the dress though – you can really go to town with your makeup, and accessories. It’s best to get your hair and makeup done professionally before the wedding starts, as this will really complement your ‘red-carpet’ looks. As for accessories, think intricate beading, sparkly sequins, pearls, and bold metallic statement jewelry. The more bling, the better! [caption id="attachment_6433" align="aligncenter" width="300"]Sparkly black tie accessories Accessories like this clutch which have a lot of sparkle are perfect for black tie weddings.[/caption]   Black Tie Weddings Are Both Special And Fancy! [caption id="attachment_6441" align="aligncenter" width="166"]inspiration for black tie weddings Some of the colors and motifs you can expect at a black tie wedding.[/caption]

 When you think black tie weddings, you need to be thinking ‘classy.’ The details that you choose should be very formal, classy, and stylish. Every bride has different ideas about her wedding, but here are some ideas that are in keeping with the formal style you’re looking for which you could use to host a wonderful black tie wedding:

l   Roses, orchids, and lilies are perfect for an elegant evening reception.

rose wedding centrepiece

l   Try simple French food, beautifully plated, to add to the feeling of class.

haute cuisine for wedding

l   Champagne is the drink of choice, and waiters carrying around trays of champagne flutes for your guests will make everyone feel like they’re a star (sparkling wines can be used to get the same effect, but with a lower budget)!

tray of champagne

l   A black limo, complete with uniformed driver, will be the perfect exit for the newly-weds (a smaller sedan would also look good, and cost less).

black wedding limo

l   An ornately decorated black & white wedding cake would look unique, and in fitting with your formal occasion.

black and white wedding cake

l   Have your guests walk into the reception on a red carpet and take special shots of them arriving like at an awards ceremony.

red carpet for wedding guests

l   Having a band of DJ? Try a black & white checked Dance floor instead of the traditional plain one.

black and white checked dance floor

l   How about a string quartet for some calm and pleasant ambiance during dinner?

wedding string quartet

  What Should The Bride Wear?

black tie wedding bride and groom

This is quite a formal wedding, therefore for the wedding gown it’s important for the bride to really make an entrance and look memorable. Our suggestion is a very elegant and timeless style, perhaps a ball gown like these ones:

typical ball gown wedding dresses

Click here to see even more gorgeous ball gown wedding dresses.   Don’t forget that crystals or diamonds, as well as pearls, are the perfect wedding jewelry for the formal bride, as these can really accentuate her look. Since this is an evening wedding, look to maximise your sparkle from the lights, as this will guarantee all eyes on you! [caption id="attachment_6453" align="aligncenter" width="250"]Crystal-and-Pearl-Wedding-Jewelry Click this picture to see lots of low cost crystal and pearl wedding jewelry to go with your formal wedding outfit.[/caption]   A black & white wedding bouquet is also a daring and great-looking flower choice.

black and white wedding bouquet 

Your Turn…

How do you feel about really classy formal black tie weddings? Have you been to one? Is it something you’d like to try? Tell us by leaving a comment.
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Red Carpet Dresses: The Best Of The 85th Academy Awards Trends

Who Was Best Dressed for 85th Academy Awards?

85th Academy Awards Trends_The Best Red Carpet DressesThe world’s favorite stars impressed at the Oscars 2103, pulling out all stops when it came to their red carpet dresses! As always, there were some hits and some misses in the eyes of fashion critics, but ultimately a select few will go down in fashion history.

So which actresses and fashion trends were hits and which were misses Sunday night at the 85th Academy Awards? Let's take a look at the best red carpet dresses of this big event!

Best Dressed Stars & Their Red Carpet Dresses

Naomi Watts

Sparkles dominated the red carpet at the Oscars, with stars like Naomi Watts in a gunmetal grey sequined Giorgio Armani dress.This girl was one of the best dressed sparkling inside and out, offering some shine to the otherwise dull red carpet. Below, you can see one of the red carpet dresses from OuterInner that clearly very similar to Naomi's dress for the Academy Award.

Sheath One Shoulder Sweep/ Brush Train(US$149). Style Code: 05668

Sheath One Shoulder Sweep/ Brush Train(US$149). Style Code: 05668

Daniel Day-Lewis and Rebecca

This British-born actor became the first person to win Best Actor THREE times and was recognized as one of the best dressed. His outfit was a good choice for this special night and also from his wife. Her dress is elegant and proper for her age and body. Here we have our OuterInner version of the dress which looks more comfortable and beautiful.

Trumpet/ Mermaid illusion Off-the-shoulder Floor-length Black Tie Event(US$125). Style code:01125

Trumpet/ Mermaid illusion Off-the-shoulder Floor-length Black Tie Event(US$125). Style code:01125

Kelly Osbourne

Kelly Osbourne didn't let a bum ankle keep her from her fashion police duties at the 85th annual Academy Awards, and she looked great doing it. The Black A-Line One-Shoulder dress from OuterInner is a good one to represent her red carpet dress.

Black A-Line One-Shoulder Beading Floor-Length(US$349). Style Code: 10767

Kelly Osbourne Wears Beaded Black Dress for the Oscars

Kerry Washington

After a stunningly stylish promo tour for "Django Unchained", Kerry Washington hit it out of the park at both the Golden Globes and at the SAG Awards. She was also wearing one of the best red carpet dresses of the night. We're in love with this dress and guess what? We also have it in OuterInner. Let's take a look!

Trumpet/ Mermaid Sleeveless Floor-length Sweetheart Evening Wear(US$99). Style Code: 04998

Trumpet/ Mermaid Sleeveless Floor-length Sweetheart Evening Wear. Style Code: 04998. US$99

And last but not least...

Amanda Seyfried

Amanda Seyfried, the star of Les Miserables, said that her dress was a bit to tight. "I can't sit down," she said. "I feel like my organs are being pushed out of my body slowly." Yikes.

Jewel Sweep/ Brush Train Sheath Black Tie Event(US$134). Style Code: 01230

Jewel Sweep/ Brush Train Sheath Black Tie Event. Style Code: 01230. US$134
However, there's no denying that Amanda looked really beautiful in the gown - designed lilac organa gown, which included silver dragonfly embroidery by Alexander McQueen.
"They've been working on this for months," Amanda reveals. "I feel super lucky."

"They came to me with the design, and I thought it was super amazing and fun," continues the 27-year-old star.

We suppose fashion comes at a price, meaning we can't all have comfortable organs, but you don't need to suffer for fashion at Outerinner.com. As you know, we tailor - made the dresses and they are just the right fit for you. Don't get frustrated or feel uncomfortable with a dress. Get one with your measurements! Don't you think is the best option?

Check more red carpet dresses here!


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Black Tie Event Dresses: Wear The Oscars 2013 For Less

By Adrian Leighton

Oscars 2013 Red Carpet Style Black Tie Event Dresses For Less From OuterInner.com

Oscars 2013 Red Carpet Style Black Tie Event Dresses
Did you enjoy the Oscars this year? As usual OuterInner.com loves seeing all of the black tie event dresses that our favorite stars were wearing! Why? There are 2 reasons:
    1. You can get some great ideas about which current trends are hot or are going to be soon.
    2. You can use these ideas to then go on and find a similar style cheaper elsewhere and boost your own closet!
This is because Hollywood stars have a team of stylists who have their finger on the pulse, and so whilst you may not be able to afford the designer price-tag (thousands of dollars), you can follow their lead to make sure that when you do go shopping that you're choosing black tie event dresses that are bang on trend. This video from ABC news recaps some of the best moments from the Oscars this year, and yes, you can even catch a glimpse of some of those all=important dresses here too:

Some Black Tie Event Dresses From OuterInner That Have Star Style For Less!

We've picked out a few of our favorites and been through our won dresses to show you that it's possible to get star style for less at OuterInner! So following let's see 5 hot celebrities and see if we can find a similar style for you:
anne hathaway style metallic square neck column dress (style:06644, $124)

Anne Hathway walked away with an Oscar, and she was wearing a Prada column gown which was not very well received. I've chosen a metallic square neck column dress (style:06644, $124), but it has a lower neckline which looks a little younger.

samantha barks style Black V-neck Floor-length Sleeveless Black Tie Event Dresses, Style Code: 01515, $119

Samantha Barks sizzled in this low cut V-neck LBD and was a performer on the night. You can get a very similar dress by choosing this Black V-neck Floor-length Sleeveless Black Tie Event Dress (Style: 01515, $119).

maria menounos style Sweep/ Brush Train Taffeta Sleeveless Trumpet/ Mermaid Black Tie Event Dresses, Style Code: 00280, $104

Maria Menounos chose a bright and fun Romona Keveza mermaid gown, and we've chosen an equally slinky and pink Brush Train Taffeta Sleeveless Mermaid Black Tie Event Dress (Style: 00280, $104).  

Jane Fonda style Reds A-line Sweetheart Floor-length Satin Mother's Dresses, Style Code: 06047, $129

Jane Fonda showed that age is nothing but a number in this stylish and eye-catching yellow Versace dress. If this style is for you then choose this A-line Sweetheart Floor-length Satin Mother's Dress (Style: 06047, $129).

jessica chastain style Chapel Train Satin Blues Trumpet/ Mermaid Black Tie Event, Style Code: 02216, $109

I hated Jessica Chastain's BAFTA's dress, but she looks much better here in this sleek Armani gown. Sometimes simple designs are better, so you can get a fairly close match with this satin mermaid black tie event dress (Style: 02216, $109) which is similarly understated. If you love the Oscars style then click here to see our Oscars style gallery as ALL of the best dresses are here! OuterInner also has a range of celebrity style dresses that are based on some of your favorite red carpet styles, but at a much lower cost. So be sure to look at those too! Tell us, which of these dresses do YOU like?